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The fastest VPN server for China user

Many people in China use private VPN services, and the fact is China doesn’t have enough bandwidth connecting to other countries. so that is the reason why you feel slow when you connected to VPN servers outside of China, even the VPN server has enough bandwidth.

According to my experience , if you are in China, South Korea server is your best choice, but there are not many provider offer Korea VPN service, i recommend julyrush.com’s Korea VPN service, i used it in China, it is very fast, faster than any US and Japan VPN server i ever use.

If your provider doesn’t have Korea server, then, Japan and US are your another choice. basically , Japan server is faster than the West US server, but consider that Japan bandwidth is much expensive than US bandwidth, so your provider couldn’t have much Japan bandwidth, their server may be very busy and you don’t get fast speed.

International bandwidth in HongKong are even expensive than Japan, so although the server is fast, i don’t think you can have much bandwidth, you can not expect watch Youtube via HK server.

EU VPN servers are not good for China use too, because the distance is there, you can try Netherland or Germany if you have to use EU servers.

Choosing a good private VPN service provider is not a easy job, i suggest you first read the reviews of each specific VPN provider before you make any purcahse