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The best VPN types that working in China

If you are in China, you may noticed that since last month, the Great Fire Wall did a mass block of private VPN services, L2TP/ipsec VPN is no longer working in China, PPTP VPN setup on new servers will work for 1-2 days, then it will not work. the GFW will also disturb the OpenVPN and SSTP VPN port, if your provider do not change their port, it will not work. the fire wall block OpenVPN and SSTP port constantly. so, basically you can not use OpenVPN or SSTP VPN if your provider constantly change their port or use random port.

The normal VPN seems all die in China, however, there are still a few working in China. such as Cisco ipsec and SSH Tunnel service

Cisco ipsec VPN service works on Windows (need software), IOS and OSX (build-in dialer), Android(build-in dialer) and Linux (need software). this VPN service is very good for Apple devices.

SSH Tunnel is a Socks Proxy service, using this service, you can use both your local network and VPN network at the same time. eg. you setup SSH tunnel service on your Firefox browser, then all your Firefox browser traffic will go through the VPN network. the other browser in your devices like Chrome or IE will still go through the local network. SSH Tunnel service works on ALL platform, however, IOS and Android user need jail break and root privilege to use SSH Tunnel service. and you also need some Linux stills to establish SSH tunnel connection on your IOS and Android

There are not many VPN provider offer Cisco ipsec and SSH tunnel service, i did some research and find julyrush.com have a great plan for China users, just check these guys out and don’t forget to come back to leave your VPN reviews