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The problem: Maybe you know that surfing, mailing and chatting can easily be intercepted especially in your local neighbourhood.

Tracking down your traffic in hotel networks, hotspots, corporate and home LAN, regional and national networks is easy in many cases.

Our solution: encrypted VPN tunnel from your computer to a Swiss computer centre in Zurich and entering the Internet from there. This way your traffic will safely tunnel all wireless and wired networks using encrypted VPN and you’ll surf the Internet from Switzerland.

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Customer Reviews

15 Reviews to “SwissVPN”
  1. SwissVPNUser says:

    Works fine.

  2. Guser says:

    instant access. supports openvpn too

  3. SwissVPNuser2 says:

    works well and good price

  4. Shadess says:

    Works well, not very fast though.

  5. Please with service says:

    Great service & price. You wont get OpenVPN for this price of just $5 which is the same price for the standard service they offer, you get both for the price of one!

    Also for $2 you can have the packet filtering firewall for your connection which is very secure with no leaks.

    Speed is respectable with my top download speed being no more than 5 mb/s but the connection does go to 10 mb/s depending on your distance from the line.

    Its run by Monzoon networks which are a proper company and not some cowboy firm like some of these VPNs popping up and they obey by the laws and hence dont spy on your data and obide by data protection laws with the Swiss having strong ones as it happens.

    I rate these very highly because of the service and useing it now as I type this. For $5 a month, $7 with the firewall you cant go wrong .. from a legit company thats secure and with good support aswell!

  6. het says:

    I don’t know do they store my logs or not. But, my speed is – 6mbps in, 2mbps out.

  7. Swuser says:

    Generally very good. Easy to set up. OpenVPN support. Only issues is that I’m only getting 3.5M of throughput on a 7M line. They don’t support UDP-based OpenVPN which may improve throughput. Great value.

  8. trott says:

    I would suggest you to think twice before you send your money to these guys.
    I’ve subscribed for them in less than two hours from the time of writing this comment.
    I was using another VPN provider and put my French email while signing up for the service (I love my email address ending in .fr).
    I am living in Bulgaria and my VISA is registered in Bulgaria.
    My first payment was rejected because I had insufficient money to pay for two months of VPN service. Well, I paid for one month.

    In less than an hour I got disconnected and my user login information has been rejected. I mailed back SwissVPN customer support and they told me that my money had been refund because of « discrepancy between the information you have entered and your registered card details ».
    I mailed them back with a copy of my VISA Electron and my EU ID card. In a few minutes I had another reply that it was a mistake and they flagged my payment because of « French mailaddress, purchase in Luxembourg, usage in Bulgaria, first purchase attempt denied, second with lower amount passed ».

    Be aware while sending your money to these guys, as they will probably not trust you and flag your account if you subscribe using email address hosted in France, while being connected from VPN server based in Luxembourg.

  9. Mark says:

    Very good!

    Fast, good support, easy to setup. From email inquiry to answer some questions to being setup took less than half a day.

    I like the fact they are part of a telco, not just a reseller.

    Very pleased.

  10. Teddy says:

    In my opinion SwissVPN has best quality / price ratio.
    6 CHF (less than 5 euros).
    All traffic is included, and they don’t ask you nothing: no data and no mail.
    My speed are: 6 Mbit in download, so it’s good (my adsl is 7 mbit at max).

    Very good service.

  11. Ace says:

    After a complicated multi-step installation of SwissVPN and openVPN, Vuze doesn’t work, and customer service is rude and unhelpful. “Matthias” told me Vuze worked fine for them, so they would not take responsibility for it not working; no help offered at all. $5 and two hours of restarting and tinkering gone.

  12. Megumi Terui says:

    I’m more than pleased with Swissvpn service!
    I live in a country in which there is official control of the internet, so to me, having a VPN is basic to stay in touch with my family and friends back at home through social media, and also to stay informed on what’s going with the news.
    As a foreigner here, I can’t apply for a credit card, so it was vital for me that I could pay through Paypal. Their payment process is easy, fast, immediately activated, and since you don’t subscribe your Paypal account doesn’t need to be tied to any credit card.
    Oh, and did I mention their FAST service? That’s the main reason I am writing this review, because I am really satisfied with their costumer service, which has always managed to reply quickly to any of my questions and to adapt as to any challenges the government of the country I reside poses them, while I see some of my friends suffering with their VPNs being constantly blocked!

  13. Chuck says:

    This service is awesome. I would highly recommend it. I live in the US and the speed is great. The price is a good value. Trust me you will not regret it.

  14. mr dc says:

    Brilliant service from swiss VPN.
    Throughput 6.5mbps on a 7mb
    ADSL line with firewall.

  15. Johny B says:

    I have used SwissVPN for over 3 years, using OSX with Viscosity and Tunnelblick over OpenVPN.

    Couple years ago I had no problems, except speed. I have 25/50 Mbit line, yet I was getting ~300 KBps down on torrents. Without VPN I would max out at 5MBps.

    For the past year I would get my connection dropped every 15-30 minutes.

    Using other VPN protocols like L2TP or PPTP my downloads would throttle immediately and connection would go dead.

    Once my contract expired, I switched to another VPN and it has been a breath of fresh AIR. No more disconnects, almost a full line speed, did I say no more disconnects?

    Not going back to SwissVPN.

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