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SuperVPN  offers your both PPTP and OpenVPN service in over 50 countries, the highlight of this VPN company is they allow P2P traffic such as torrent.

SuperVPN has 3 VPN packages, price from $8-$15 per month. each package has unlimited traffic and unrestricted speed, and of course all package has money back guarantee

You can get free VPN account from SuperVPN, see details here : http://www.supervpn.net/free-vpn.html

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Customer Reviews

45 Reviews to “SuperVPN”
  1. Asmir says:

    This is rare VPN provider which give you option for free vpn account. I am using them more then 3 months and everything works perfect. The best thing is with PPTP you are free to use more then 10 servers in almost every part of the world.
    Also their support is perfect, five starts! They have great blog about all setup instructions and on email they respond very fast.
    Anyway for this kind of money this is a dream.

  2. Steven Giang says:

    Ok,Super VPN is almost the first who give free account VPN for America and Germany(maybe more servers will come soon). They allow you to acess some USA and Germany website which was blocked in your country! Super VPN has very fast server and connection! No one spy you and you are anonymous when you use Super VPN! They also have different VPN for Iphone,torrent and others stuff! They respond me in time for the email and with a nice guide :)!
    Check it out!

  3. sentome11 says:

    i’ve used this vpn service for about a month and feel it really good.can easily access to about 10 servers located in many countries.
    their support is nice,too.solved every question I asked via email and it’s fast.
    it’s worthy.

  4. Ian says:

    Great VPN provider.They support P2P, torrent downloading, Hulu, ABC, BBC with UK server, Iphone, Ipad.I tried them with everything and works charming.Only VPN provider which provide you 16 servers for 8$!!!

  5. Sritrusta Sukaridhoto says:

    I can use this VPN provider from Japan with easy installation. Because in Japan is prohibited to use P2P, torrent and than kind of services.

    I used this with my iPhone and Mac

    Great and ???


  6. Cristian Emanuelli says:

    I love this VPN provider! Super VPN Service is the best way to surf the net!
    The service is always on and i’ve never had any problem and the customer care is quite good! Enjoy Super VPN Service!

  7. dwi brianto says:

    You are paranoid about security of your Internet connection which has not always been protectionist from hackers – hackers or maybe you want to fool your friends by forging the IP Address your computer on the internet?

    For those of you who need an anonymous Internet connection and want to hide your identity on the Internet using the Super VPN Service.

  8. Joseph McClellan says:

    I’ve tried several VPN Services. This one by far is the most stable. If you’re looking for a VPN and you’re tired of frequent disconnects, give this one a try. You won’t be disappointed. Ecspecially happy with preformance with my Ubuntu Desktop. No Disconnects!

    Support is prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. Five stars definiteley would give Six if had the choice.

  9. Gianguido Sorà says:

    I am really really satisfied from this service, Super VNP.
    Fast, well supported and not so much expensive. I recommend it.

  10. ChrisDeemian says:

    I have been looking for vpn services out there, and have tried a lot which totally dissatisfied me. SuperVPN is the first that offers everything I am looking for and actually keeps the promises made (it has happened multiple times before that I signed up for a VPN claiming to be ‘stable’ and ‘excellent’ only to be disappointed later on).
    With unlimited bandwidth, specialized packages, multiple servers and reasonable prices this VPN service is definitely the one to go for.

  11. dan says:

    well i have to say SuperVPN is really fast, my speed reached more than 1mbps with a very low ping. fast browsing and easy to connect. they even have support who never gets tired of replying to my questions..

    Good Service

  12. Craig Mcgee says:

    SuperVPN seems a great service from the experience I have had so far. the website is accessible to me, being visually impaired not all websites are accessible. the support is also great, and very friendly. they give out free VPN accounts too if you follow them on twitter!!

  13. Damon Bruccoleri says:

    I am impressed by how fast it is. When I go to broadband speed test I consistently get speeds near my actual isp speed.

  14. Mohinder Singh says:

    Dear all i this this provider is best in this world. this company provide free vpn connection for your pc. i am loving it.

  15. Mochamad ali mulyana says:

    Awesome, This PVN from SuperVPN is wonderful, there was good service.. thanks

  16. Taanssain says:

    I am simply astonished with http://www.supervpn.net. The service they provide is also very smooth. 24/7 support facility is great. Thanks a lot SuperVpn.

  17. Every time I read a really great post I go ahead and do a few things:1.Show it to my close friends.2.save it in all of the best bookmarking sites.3.Be sure to come back to the website where I came accross the post.After reading this article I am seriously concidering going ahead and doing all three!

  18. Leo says:

    I am getting very suspicious everybody gives them all 5 stars? Really!? No Service is that good, and I tried several over last few years from expensive ones to cheap ones. Heck even the corporate ones used by my office isn’t that great and they are truly expensive!

    I have a few questions, one I don’t see the privacy statement. What they do to protect us? Do they keep activity logs, sessions logs etc. How long do they keep those? What happens if MPAA/RIAA subpoena them, if they have logs will they hand over?

    Lastly I checked their “About Us” page http://www.supervpn.net/about-us.html

    “Super VPN was founded in 2010 by an enthusiastic team of IT professionals which already provide successfully web hosting services since 2002.”
    “Our company provides IT security and VPN Services almost 3 years”

    If the company is founded in 2010 how can the same company provide VPN services for nearly 3 years?

  19. Tonya says:

    A word of warning, a friend of my a month ago subscribed to their service, seems their configs has only a single server listed despite having several servers listed during sign up.

    Plenty of comments have been giving them full stars I wonder if their padding the reviews.

  20. seek3r says:

    I just purchased superVPN’s torrent service package and so far the connection speeds are great and the ping and is average. I wouldnt recommend for gaming or HD video streaming but for torrents i would highly recommend it. I will write a second review after my first month of usage is up to give everyone a idea of the stability.

  21. ittinop says:

    This site is a scam.
    Only one server provided with no service at all.
    That only server does not even work!

    Their site asks people to rate them high to get free vpn service.
    Can’t believe I just wasted $10 on this….

  22. Jasper says:

    This was my first VPN ever.

    It worked, normaly i ger 1600kb/s with this VPN i get 1400kb/s. I can live with that.

    Connection dropped once in a while. I can live with that.

    When i ordered the VPN service for 1 month, there was NEVER, EVER a notice that this service is recurring each month. I only ordered it for just 1 month.

    They also set-up things strange, you do business with two companies, one for billing and the other one for tech support.

    I wanted to get my money back from the second month (which i never ordered, which i never wanted)

    I eventually got it back after THREE WEEKS of emailing the both companies.

    You want my advice? Look for another company with normal customer support and better product presentation so you can see what you get yourself into.

  23. James says:

    Paid for the one month package, was charged and never received any details on the service. The customer support is a farce and they don’t inform you the service is recurring.

    So far it is the worst vpn service I have ever used, every other VPN service keeps you informed and you are setup and ready to go within 5-10 minutes of ordering.

    Based on my experience so far…I would suggest staying well clear of them.

  24. Jim says:

    Its been 3 weeks and despite asking for a refund I’m yet to actually receive a single response. Basically their customer support will reply to you within a reasonable timeframe if you say want to upgrade your account. But if you want a refund they will just ignore you.


  25. yyk8321 says:

    Speed is OK for me, but not stable.
    Still charged you after you dont use the service anymore, communication through email is just play with you with some official answers. For myself, this SuperVPN is just a SUPER SCAM.

  26. oscahie says:

    Also reporting my experience here: the service was terrible, extremely slow and with disconnections happening every 5 minutes. I requested a refund after 24 hours and they were quick to cancel the account but the money? one month after they haven’t even bothered replying… obviously those 8$ were wasted.

    SuperVPN is a SCAM – avoid at all cost!

  27. Ethan says:

    My experience with SuperVPN has not been good. The server is very unreliable und at times quite slow. Within the last two months, the server has gone down twice for several days. Response from support is slow and at times not very helpful. Their subscription policy borders fraud. I only wanted to test for a month, but when you sign up for a month, the company will keep charging you until cancel. There might have been a note about this, but it was surely kept small and un-noticeable. Glad that this is the last month I have to deal with this.

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  29. Wayne says:

    Poor Service, Scam Billing, Poor Support, Unstable Connection, Slow Speed.

    Need I say more? Stay away!

  30. Novak says:

    I was using http://www.supervpn.net/ for few months and I canceled because I didn’t need it any more. They answered on all my questions, changed my server to another when I asked. If you want to order for just one month you should say so and inform them on time to cancel your account and if you don’t do that it is logic that they think you want to use their service next month, next month… and charge you that. It is all in correct and timely information about thing you want. No Vpn service provider provides services on a monthly basis, only them, and people try to abuse that, I suggest.

  31. Mr Seaton says:

    I researched appropriate VPN service and I found Super VPN http://www.supervpn.net/ and I must admit I am very satisfied! Their services are highly effective and affordable!

  32. yjulius says:

    Last month I purchased SuperVPN service because I wanted to use their Singapore and Malaysia server, but when I got my account details and tried to connect to those servers, it turned out that they are no longer available, and yet they still put it on their website. I asked the sales to cancel my account and for a refund (which I haven’t received yet up to now). They canceled my account, but 2 days ago (24 Sept 2011) I got an email telling me that a purchase had been made for an extension of my SuperVPN account. I tried to contact their sales / support but still no answer. So this is leading to a credit card scam, and I advise other people not to use their service.

  33. gb6049 says:

    Tried the 30 day free trial and did not get very good results here in my part of Germany. Cancelled the service, got the cancellation email on 28 June and now after an extra $32 has been charged to my card with no response to the 16 emails sent, I had my bank cancell the card. Avoid this company.

  34. John says:

    Totally agree with gb6049. I paid a yearly fee to these guys and now they wont refund my money despite saying they will. AVOID AT ALL COSTS…..!!!!!

  35. Travis says:

    Early on the speed of the sever was very very good, but I happened to live in Canada which is very close to their us servers. Strong 2048-bit encryption at the $10 plan.

    However i didn’t need the service anymore and wanted to cancel. I sent them several emails stating that i wanted to cancel. I even got one back from them stating that they cancelled. 4 months later i was still being charged. I have to cancel my credit card to stop the charges. their site has been down for weeks, its back live now, but i just don’t trust them anymore.

    They take incredibly long to address an email. Eventually they will, but it will be several days waiting to hear from them.

    Because of this, i cannot recommend them.

  36. Rasmus says:

    The vpn speed and stability was good.
    But when i cancled, or rather tried to cancel, nothing happened. They told me they were going to cancle my subscription. One month later they still charged me. Then they promised me a full refund and another cancelation. Nothing have yet happened. I had to cancel my credit card to not get charged again.
    Unacceptable service, can only tell you to stay away!!

  37. Jack Terry says:


    All five star reviews should be removed as they have been bribed with a free vpn account. VPN does not work. Charges are recurring. Account cannot be cancelled. No refunds. Customer services lie. Have contacted fraud office.


  38. Pablo says:

    swreg.org = Scammer
    supervpn.net = scammer

    These guys take your money and give you nothing in return, its mad how this is allowed to still go on. Why dont paypal or credit card companies refuse to pay these fraudsters?

  39. Darren says:

    This guy, no doubt working from his bedroom is a scammer.

    no matter what time of day you contact them, customer support is there to help, his name is Ian, always available 24 hours a day! Right.

    Like many others, i had to cancel my card, even though the account was cancelled, as it continues (and still does or tries to) to be debitted.

    Avoid at all costs, for those of you that have suffered and want to go legal on him, feel free to send all signed for potal correspondance to the address where is domain is registered. which is

    Administrative Contact
    Registration Private
    Domains By Proxy, LLC
    (480) 624-2599 Phone
    (480) 624-2598 Fax
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States

  40. Ian says:

    What a waste of money – no support no vpn no nothing and not 1 response, please remove this scammer from this site so more people don’t get caught.

    I went off to SafeSrv.net as a friend recommended, truly awesome support and speeds, i wonder why they are not listed here ?

  41. Jeremy says:


    I purchased a non-recurring one month of subscription while I was travelling overseas. The actual service was ok, but I found some of the other providers were much better and more stable.

    However, they kept on charging me for six more months and would not respond to my emails and would not cancel nor refund the payments they took.

    After threatening to notify the credit card provider, their payment processor, swreg.org, refunded one month of payments but was not willing to refund any more.


  42. Barb Mason says:

    Thankyou to all who commented here for the safety of others and sorry for those who have lost out on this scammer.

    No wonder they demand you tout their reliability, speed etc BEFORE you even get the free account. Nice scam hey? You can’t write a 100% honest review on something you haven’t got or yet fully tested.

    Take the advice of the ones who have been burned, and save your money for someone else who is worth it. Or alternatively buy a service and don’t bother with free ones.
    If you live in the USA, Hotspot Shield is good for a free service, but it does have adverts as it is part of the deal. If you live in Australia, forget it, its way too slow and will cut your speeds to about 10% of what you would normally have.

    Cheers and thanks to all.

  43. Jason says:

    Only used for slightly over 3 month but paid for a year! Do not know what game the admin is playing I paid for full service but only able to access 1 server. After several emails they approved my usage on all servers. Then had speed issues which I notify them about without getting any response. After that I suddenly lost access to my subscription. Received email claim acct was close due to fraud on my part WTF! Can’t claim since its over such a long time since made payment. Shitty service! BUYERS BE WARN!

  44. Laurindo Nunes says:

    They are very unprofessional and not reliable. Free proxy’s probably work but be careful with payed subscriptions because most likely you won’t receive what you payed for neither will they refund you.


    – Signed up for Bosnia-and-Herzegovina-Dedicated-IP-VPN monthly plan and payed $30 for the 1st month.

    – after 21 days they couldn’t deliver the product or send me a refund –> so basically they scammed me for $30.

    Between the subscription/payment we exchanged a few emails:

    1. One week after the payment, they still had not deliver the product/app, so I asked if they had any idea on how much time it could take for them to send it.
    They told me they could not give me the exact time frame since that depends on the hosting company.

    2. After 16 days since the payment, still no product, so I asked for a refund. They did not send it and neither care to reply to the email.

    3. After 19 days since the payment, I told them that if they would not send me a refund during the next 48 hours I would have to give my feedback about their service. They did not send it or reply so here I’m sharing my experience with superVPN. Subscribe at your own risk.

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