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StrongVPN is the best and biggest VPN provider in the industry , it is a established VPN company, based in the US, have staffs in the US,White Russia and UK, which let them can provide REAL 24×7 Quality Support . if you are not familiar with networking things, you really need choose a provider that has excellent customer support.

StrongVPN has the fastest VPN server in the world , their service compatible to any applications , and they do not limit anything, they allow P2P traffic such as torrent traffic

Each package will include:

  • Access to all 456 servers in 22 countries (including such rare locations as Russia, Hong Kong and many other);
  • Access to all connection protocols available: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, Open VPN, IPSec;
  • Simultaneous connections;
  • Unlimited bandwidth, traffic volume, amount of switches;
  • Zero logkeeping.


StrongVPN Highlights

  • American based company, established 1995
  • 24×7 Quality Support (Support Desk / Live Help / Skype / Phones)
  • Quality Network ensures your vpn service will be fast wherever you are in the world
  • You can trust us! Don’t buy a VPN account from a company that is not established.
  • 99% service up time
  • Complete anonymity
  • High speed connection
  • No bandwidth limitation 1 Gbit/s Connection
  • 24x7x365 Live Help, Skype, Help Desk, and Phone Support by quality technicians

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Customer Reviews

105 Reviews to “StrongVPN”
  1. Nicholas W. says:

    I think that StrongVPN (regular) for mac OS X 10.5.X is an amazing VPN client. WHEN CONNECTED to the vpn service I usually lose only about 10% of speed. Example: I ran my comcast speedtest, without the Strong VPN connected (www.speakeasy.net/speedtest) My speed results were as follows: 25,543 kbps down, and 9,823 kbps upload. After using Strong VPN and running the same test on the same server, my results were: download… 22,003 kbps, and upload was 8,192 kbps. I love this service!

  2. Michael Asmontan says:

    I have to say, I was skeptical on getting a VPN because a fear of loss of speed. But strongvpn really only drops my connection slightly, and it’s worth it to get back my American Google. Thumbs Up!

  3. Zach M says:

    I just began using StrongVPN and I can already view all the sites I need in order for me to work from these foreign countries, I think the $25 setup fee is a bit high for us customers that need the VPN 2 months, then not for a month, then need for 1 month on and off etc etc but as the service itself, it seems nothing but awesome quality for me so far. Thanks

  4. Brian H. says:

    Awesome! I definitely am not an IT professional…so I didn’t even know such a service existed. My needs are simple. I am military deployed overseas and I need to access some online language learning “Videos on Demand.” Unfortunately, streaming was restricted because I had a non-US IP address. A friend recommended Anonymizer.com but that didn’t work for me. The IP that Anonymizer generated was still not U.S. With the good help of Google search and a productive online chat with Strong VPN service rep, it became clear that giving the service a shot was the right way to go. I haven’t been disappointed!

  5. Brian H. says:

    i’m sorry i forget rating,absolutely 5 star.

  6. GB says:

    I just signed up but the order process was very pleasant. I was able to inquire regarding the order status via skype right away and Phil and Alik were extremely helpful. It’s a good start so far. Thanks!

  7. JACQUELINE says:

    Because my husband and I both use your VPN I initially had trouble getting mine to work. Derrick spent a long time on a Saturday evening trying different things until it was fixed. I appreciate the personal attention and quick response from both him and Phil. Thanks!

  8. JACQUELINE says:

    rating added

  9. andrea says:

    strong VPN is a reliable VPN provider,i use them for nearly 2 years.

  10. Alex Smith says:

    I am a businessman and travel a lot. I have my internet to be always fast. I need to be very competent in my job. Strong VPN provides me always high-quality internet when I speak through Skype with my colleges. I travel with my family and I am very happy when my son learns German and French by watching online education movies. He can do it everywhere by fast VPN connection. It is much better than he spends his time by doing nothing. VPN is always with my notebook and it provides sending a huge amount of data to my clients.

  11. Kenn says:

    I travel back and forth between China. My laptop was hacked on the hotel wifi connection and my website were accessed and viruses were put on it. In order to seek a more secure way of doing business I checked out several VPN services. I signed up with strongVPN because they had the chat support. Which I like. I have had a good experience with them. The connection has been fast and stable. I have even been able to stream movies on Netflix account. I would recommend them.

  12. Neil says:

    Very consistent and reliable.
    Decent support – if not a little over-zealous at times, especially with the billing if you’re late.

    Speeds can be an absolute crawl.
    I was only getting about 1Mbit (120KB/s) down speed for months and months until I realised that I could move to a different, closer server.
    This might follow with other VPNs too, so don’t necessarily accept the default server that they set you up with if there’s a choice.
    I now get around 10Mbit (1200KB/s) downstream from a UK server.

    They’re not the cheapest, but they are professional and reliable.

  13. Nicolas says:

    This VPN is clearly the better VPN service I ever used.

    All good.

  14. Nicolas says:

    I’ve been using this service for 2 months now mainly to use hulu.com while living in Europe.

    The setup is very easy using Windows 7 tools and the speed is very good. Only problem the connection can’t stand more than 10 minutes. Barely 2 minutes when using lot of bandwidth such as video streaming.

    For other use than video streaming the service is great with great support.

  15. RHD says:

    These guys used to be pretty good … several months ago. Then they started doing all sorts of promotions, and the quality level went down. Drops, unable to login, slow speeds, teeeeeerible customer service. Really, really bad. They’ve gone downhill fast. I have not had even one moderately decent customer service encounter. I’ve had live techs just log off in the middle of an IM conversation (usually about how their service wasn’t working again, they’d check, then log off … I suspect after they realized they couldn’t do anything to fix it). Not one of my customer service ticket has been actually answered. Can’t login? Too bad for you. They’ll close the tickets, they just won’t fix anything. Do not expect ANY degree of customer service whatsoever if you pick this outfit. Without exaggeration, this may be the worse service I’ve ever seen, and I’ve dealt with some shady outfits. If I could give zero stars, I would. If you don’t mind catch-as-catch-can bandwidth, and paying a lot for it, go ahead. But if you expect video streaming or anything reliable, look elsewhere.

    Yes, I know, their web site looks good, very slick. They obviously paid for a good webmaster. Unfortunately, they didn’t dedicate money for their actual vpn service. All front end, no back end. You’ll see. It’s a shame, really.

  16. Ayt says:

    Great service,i’m happy with them

  17. Michael Asoke says:

    I’m in Guangzhou, China and the speeds are fantastic. I was with freedur for a while but had problems with their software. I tried to contact their support but no one replied. I decided to go with Strong since I was able to reach their live support and have my account up tested instantly. They also installed it for me remotely.

    The ability to switch locations could come in handy as well, I like the fact that I’m able to choose.

  18. ArbitRabbit says:

    I have been with them for the past 3 days and there are fourthings that you imediately notice:

    1. The service is designed well. Everything is pretty much automated so you don’t need to wait for tech support to make changes.

    2. However, the server switches are limited and you DO need to switch servers from time to time, so that is a big deal

    3. Additionally, the speed you get is terrible. I get 4mbps speed on a 20mbps connection and that too not consistently, which means that streaming video buffers and stutters. And this is when I am in UK and the UK-US link is very good (I can get c. 18mbps from US usenet servers). I can only imagine that this would be a lot lower for people in other parts of the world.

    4. And lastly the tech support experience is terrible, the worst one I have ever had. I have had issues with my connection which I had to resolve myself as the tech support was unable to help at all. Also, their stock reply to speed issues is that they don’t limit the bandwidth, however the simple concept that if the link doesn’t have enough bandwidth and they put too many people on the same server, the users won’t get enough bandwidth even if there is no limiting seems to escape them.

    So overall, not very happy with the service and will make use of their free cancellation within 7 days offer.

  19. Mike Kelly says:

    If Strong VPN is supposed to be the holy grail of VPN services, I would hate to think what you get from the lower ranked providers. Streaming is out of the question…I am in Germany and CANNOT get above .50 – 1.0 Mbps, the only advise I get from them is to change servers. I have changed servers (gone through every one they have in the States) and have gotten much worse, but no better than the speed mentioned. Strong VPN may be good for viewing individual web pages or online banking…if the page will load which it may not.
    Who would have thought, another American company that is long on promises but woefully inadequate in terms of infrastructure and support. My advice, if you’re looking for TV, get a slingbox (awesome performance). If you need a true VPN, spend the money and have someone set it up in the U.S.

  20. vincent d says:

    I am living i China and I could not access facebook,Youtube and other foreigner website. I am know free to use it… I set up the VPn on our 2 iphone ad Macbook within 15min… support is allays helpful and available for you. it s just a GREAT PRODUCT! Thks

  21. thesaint707 says:

    I am wondering what all of you use a VPN service for! Obviously it is not for privacy or anonymity and it is just looking for someplace to access facebook or the link. This being the case you could find a much cheaper alternative.

    Looking at their site http://www.strongvpn.com/acceptable.shtml one can notice the privacy (lack of) policy where they blatantly say they will ‘rat you out’ without notice. Here is the exact wording for those not inclined to read their policy “BOC may disclose information, including but not limited to, information concerning a client, a transmission made using our network, or a web site, in order to comply with a court order, subpoena, summons, discovery request, warrant, statute, regulation, or USA governmental request. BOC assumes no obligation to inform the client that client information has been provided and in some cases may be prohibited by law from giving such notice. Finally, BOC may disclose client information or information transmitted over its network where necessary to protect BOC and others from harm, or where such disclosure is necessary to the proper operation of the system.”

    This means if someone asks for it with a discovery request in a U.S. civil lawsuit, someone from any law enforcement agency “requests” it or StrongVPN decides it is “necessary” to protect their own best interests they will provide info without even telling you. That is a true mark of privacy like putting on a faulty bulletproof vest.

    Second it relies on PPTP which has been repeatedly exposed as insecure and riddled with security flaws. Please don’t take my word for it, check out this article http://tinyurl.com/ya59gsn .

    I am hopeful this spreads some light on what to look for in a vpn.


  22. tam says:


    1,Don’t do bad things,always
    2,Use SSL VPN like OpenVPN,many provider have OpenVPN service,the only problem is the price of OpenVPN service is a little bit higher than PPTP VPN service

  23. Anonymous says:

    @thesaint707: I agree with everything you stated about StrongVPN, but not with what you said about PPTP. Yes, it was indeed having some flaws in the beginning when it was created but they were fixed soon thereafter long back.
    Please provide *only* a single proof where a user has been exposed due to the use of PPTP protocol. Let me tell you one thing, this protocol which is an industry standard now would have been deprecated long long back, if only it was insecure.

    I hope that I cleared some facts for everyone.

  24. Jane says:

    I think this service is very useful, i love that i can connect to youtube, facebook, and other websites that for some reason are blocked here in China. So i’m very happy with the service, and the support. I didn’t give 5 stars to the support because sometimes is little hard to get in touch with them, but once i do, the service is very very good.

  25. Meng Li says:

    their price is a little bit high,but you do get what you pay for,i have tried many VPN providers,StrongVPN is the best,i’m in China rightnow,the speed is great.i think this is just what i want,so,i give them 5/5

  26. Jack says:

    i ordered their service 5 days ago,everything works fine to date,support is quick and great,recommend StrongVPN

  27. Liu Kang says:

    in China,you can’t visit Facebook & Youtube & Twitter which are very good website,so that’s why i need a VPN provider,i used a few VPN service,most of them are one-person-shop,i choose these small provider because their service is really cheap,but just as the previous review (by Meng Li) says you get what you pay for,in most cases “cheap service = crap service”

    if you don’t wanna contact the support guy very often,just choose StrongVPN,DON’T CHOOSE SMALL PROVIDER,because you don’t like when you wanna visit some pages badly but you VPN says “can not connect to the server”,you immediately fire an E-mail to the support guy,they get back to you in the next DAY!!!

    choose a bigger VPN provider will just let your internet life in China become easier and happier

  28. I love my StrongVPN account and have been working with StrongVPN to develop a router with built in client support using dd-wrt. We’ve got it done and it’s working flawlessly! I’m on my wireless laptop writing this “from England”, though I’m really in my living room in USA. The router is all setup with routing and firewall configured. All you do is put in your server/client IP, username and password and the router connects and gives that feed to your home/business in wireless and to the 4 wired Gigabit ports. You can add a wireless bridge to feed this stream to your media center. Pretty kewl!

  29. Stanley says:

    great service,i use StrongVPN to play WOW,my college block WOW ,so i can’t play without VPN.
    recommend this VPN for those need who want play WOW in college

  30. Jack L says:

    great service and support,I got absolutely no complaints about this service. The VPN is reliable and fast. Streaming video and P2P are both ok.

    recommend it

  31. Sam Boy says:

    I’ve been using their service for several weeks, and have been very happy. The speed is great for HD streaming from Hulu,.

    the the most important is their VPN connection has never dropped or failed to connect

  32. john says:

    This is the best VPN provider in the world.this is an established VPN company,i trust big company other than small one-man-shop

    i use their service for streaming videos in China ,the speed is great,i located in SuZhou,can watch HD episodes in Hulu,no problem

    highly recommend this provider

  33. Jun Li says:

    Signed up 15 days ago and could not be happier about their service,support is very good.i can easily contact their CS guy on skype,speed is also very good,i have a 4M ADSL with China Unicom,when using StrongVPN,i can get a 220kb/s download speed which is faster than other VPN service i used.

    and to me,the most important thing is,StrongVPN support P2P traffic that means i can use their service for torrent download

  34. Joe says:

    overall StrongVPN is a good company.i think the only peoblem is they charge for switches ,you only have 8 free switches per month within the first 2 week.

    speed is good for me,support is great.

  35. Not Scam says:

    This is good, no complaints, fast support. What more can you ask for?

  36. Su says:

    signed up 10 days ago,i use this service for video streamming,i’m located in UAE,speed is fast enough for streamming HD videos on Hulu if you choose the right server,some server slow,some fast.they offer 8 free switches ,you could test which server is the best for you.

    i have no complaints about their support,really fast and helpful

  37. Viki says:

    Simply the best VPN provider

    Fast speed,great support,PPTP and OpenVPN include ,price is OK

    i recommend this provider

  38. Adam says:

    After read several reviews here,i ordered a 3 city special PPTP plan on StrongVPN 3 days ago.

    This is a good company and know exactly what they are doing. i contacted their sales guys on their homepage live chat box just in seconds,asked a few pre-sale questions,such as P2P traffic and free switches,they allow P2P traffic and have 5 free switches per month in my plan.they do charge for extra switches,because they need to prevent too many connection in one server,to be frank, i’m not satisfied with this answer .

    The US server is fast,i mean their San Francisco server , i’m located in South Korea,but their London server is not that good for me.

    Overall they are good,worth the money.

  39. evilboy says:

    Been with StrongVPN for 2 weeks now and am really happy with their service so far. UK server can be a bit slow for me at times but the US server is really fast.

    One thing to highlight is their excellent and prompt support. I contacted them for setup help on skype and they responded pretty much immediately and stayed with until the problem was resolved.


  40. Candy Show says:

    Great service

    i don’t know why the Chinese Gov. block facebook,i came to China 3 weeks ago as an exchange student,feel very disconnect with my friends.i tried everything to connect but no luck.after i use VPN service,i finally can access facebook and connect with my friends.the speed is fast in Beijing.and support is also great,i got their tech guys in seconds.

    One thing you need care about is that if you are exchange students and you are living in the student dormitory,YOU CAN NOT ACCESS THESE BLOCKED WEBSITES EVEN YOU ARE USING VPN,because they did something on the router,you can’t avoid this if you are using campus boardband.hmmm,the solution is go to the cyber cafe or somewhere has Wifi connections and use VPN.

    i’m reconsidering this travel to China,goodluck to you guys

  41. Chri Kendy says:

    We all know that Comcast = SPY,they are pro on invading customer privacies,i love my privacies, that’s why i use StrongVPN,it also secure my Wi-Fi connection

    Fast speed and fast support plus easy setup. Can even use connection via a router.

    Great service!

  42. Constitution 101 says:

    Speed is awesome! Support is pretty good also. BEWARE! They retain logs of your surfing habits. When asked why they said they don’t reveal what they do w/ that info. U GOTTA B KIDDING ME! The good services delete their server logs every 48hrs or so. What the hell are they doing w/that info? I’m not saying they’re a bad service, but considering the type of people who want this service it’s a little weird they won’t disclose what they’re doing w/your surfing info…

  43. KDS says:

    All i need is a fast VPN service,i don’t care other things,StrongVPN’s speed is awesome,this is just what i want

    If you wanna a fast VPN,go with StrongVPN

  44. Louis says:

    Fast speed,great support,price is ok

    overall a good company

  45. Roger says:

    In general somehow Ok, but their payment options and privacy policy (logging) does not realy have something to do with privacy.

    Sorry guys but I realy dont understand the rating here! StrongVPN logs and their payment are not privacy friendly either!

  46. free cat says:

    Service is good,i use StrongVPN to unblock websites like facebook and youtube in China,it work like a charm ,but due to the crap local broadband( like 1.5MB ),it is difficult to streaming HD videos in Youtube and Hulu .

  47. Ray G says:

    Compare to the previous provider i had,StrongVPN’s service is really good.

    Easy to install and simple to use,fast speed and have the 24/7 support they promised

    i give them 5/5

  48. Steve B H says:

    Easy to install, fast support, fair price, good special offers, high stability, speed strongly relies on strength of your connection in the country you are using it

    Overall great service,i’ll give them 4/5

  49. bingo2110 says:

    ive used a couple of vpn providers (torrentfreedom)= crap and (swissvpn) = ok had some good speeds down but connection couldnt handle to many things going on at the same time!! since switching to strongvpn i seen a total change in my connection my upload speed has increased and so has my download speed i will be signing up for another couple of accounts for my other pcs !!!! oh and its really easy to set up!!

  50. john says:

    The service is fast and has lots of servers, but you better hope you don’t get a DMCA complaint as they will suspend your account with only 1. You will not even be given a chance to defend yourself before they suspend your account. Forget getting 3 strikes, just one person complains and signs their name promising they are telling the truth and Strong vpn takes their word over their customers, really? I voted with my feet and went to IPREADATOR for vpn service, not nearly as solid as I am in US and they are in Sweden but they have some of the strongest privacy laws in the world.

  51. onino says:

    I’m from Canada and I use the USA server, I am linked in the San Francisco Server when I connect. All I can say is its like browsing without a VPN I dont notice any speed decrease. When I download my TV shows in usenet I get the same speeds when I use my local connection directly. there are some hiccups sometimes but its pretty rare. easy setup and excellent support. all in all this is a perfect service

  52. Yang Zheng says:

    Overall this company is ok,just ok,not great

    I just don’t get it why they charge you for the switchings,one server will not always fast .

    Speed is ok,maybe i’m with a crap ISP (China telecom), support is fast ,i get quick respond in live chat,but useless.

  53. Ray bb says:

    StrongVPN provide most relialbe VPN service in the world,their connection speed and customer support are outstanding.95% of the time I am satisfied.the 5% i think it is my ISP (China telecom) ‘s fault.

  54. PhliB says:

    I’ve been using StrongVPN in Beijing, China for almost a year now and it’s been great.. so great that I rarely even think about it.. just turn it on and go. It’s worked continuously since I’ve been here (including times when local authorities were clamping down on proxy technology). Speed has been great – I can use Skype without turning it off, as well as video streaming (youtube, comedy central, etc.). I can also control where I connect to (i.e. I can make sure I connect into the U.S. to watch U.S. based videos).

    The one time I’ve had a configuration question, I came to their live support staff and quickly figured everything out.

    All in all – I’ve been very happy with the service.

  55. Frank Boomer says:

    I have been using this service in France and in China and it has been really excellent. I had a few minor issues with connecting to the service in US, but this was solved in about half an hour by the technician.

    Great service!

  56. Pete says:

    I tried StrongVpn but I was unable to achieve a fast speed on my 30 mbit connection from japan. I tried connecting to BBC Iplayer using pptp but everytime after a minute or so the connection dropped.
    Having said this, their customer support is incredible. You can speak to them instantly and they are very helpful. Whats more, I was given a full refund.

  57. Bo L says:

    Great company and service

    High speed connecting ,never break down . It’s very easy to connect either under Windows or Mac. and with a lot of options and with many different countries service. The support service it’s wonderful and very quick!

    Highly recommend

  58. Christina H says:

    I just wanna say i love StrongVPN. Without it, I will be very disconnect with many of my friends, as you know, as someone who is living in China now, Facebook, Twitters, Youtube even IMDB.com are all blocked for reasons you know why.
    StrongVPN is easy to access, I am satisfied with its speed and compatibility. Already recommended several of my friends in China..

  59. Dave W says:

    Not sure I would recommend this service. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now. It seems to force me to switch servers. Just after a switch, I get very good speed. But a few days later it slows to a crawl, not enough bandwidth to watch Hulu videos at low quality.

    Running their speedtest to their servers revealed I could get 8Mb/s, whereas through the VPN link it was only 0.4Mb/s.
    I asked technical support about this, they said this was normal.
    So I must keep swapping servers, and since the number of swaps are limited, I have to put up with periods of being unable to stream videos.

  60. John P says:

    Good plan. Easy setup. Good Support. Speed is enough for hulu HD. P2P speeds are much faster than without VPN. A satisfied customer. Using from Asia.

  61. Wu Ping says:

    This VPN works great to me here in China, price is ok, for $55 a year, you can not find any better deals on the internet. speed is good, i get 100kb/s under my 2M ADSL, i will recommend this VPN for unblock websites in China.


  62. Justin J says:

    this is the best VPN service i have ever use. best support team in the industry provides REAL 24×7 support,speed is good for me, the most important is, it’s stable, i have been using their service for a none stop 7 days, that’s 168 hours, no disconnection.

    highly recommend

  63. Sahir says:

    StrongVPN’ service is incredible. Setup was extremely easy,works really good on Mac OSX 10.6,StrongVpn is just the perfect tool you’ll need in China. A definite 5 star for it’s service and products

  64. Chad T. says:

    StrongVPN has great customer service, fast servers and a reliable connection,so far i have been happy with the preformance of the vpn service and StronVPN provided a good step-by-step guide to getting connected

    Will recommend to my friends

  65. Manso C says:

    Very fast speed, Reconnections are a bit slow requiring a 60-90 seconds wait between reconnection attempts,Support is excellent, live support there 24/7 to sort any problems out. Best VPN i’ve used.

  66. William .K .C says:

    Loading websites very fast, but can not stream Hulu videos very well. for Youtube, it is good for low quality, not good for HD videos. don’t know who i should blame, the crap China Telecom BB or StrongVPN server,i don’t know, just don’t work for me.

    Works on my PC,Mac and iphone no problem.support team is good, very fast respond.

  67. Alex E says:

    Pros –
    -PPTP service works flawlessly for country restricted browsing/watching videos (standard def) on hulu, youtube, netflix.
    -Customer Support staff are very knowledgeable and helpful, very impressive contact options (Skyping/Calling you upon request, in-site chat, remote desktop connection for setup assistance)
    -PPTP service was a breeze to set up

    -On the expensive side for VPN/No 1 month option
    -Open VPN was NOT easy to set up, and was UNBEARABLY slow and unreliable
    -Severe reduction in speed with PPTP as well, but was still more than fast enough

    While initially not impressed at all as I tried hopelessly to set up my Open VPN, things began to turn around as when I asked for help, they were immediately able to take control of my computer, and set it up for me. (For some reason, the things I was downloading were missing files…) Anyways, it turned out that it was all for naught, because loading google.com from the UK took almost a full 30 seconds. It wouldn’t even load speedtest.net for me to get a reading. So I tried PPTP. PPTP took me all of 5 minutes to set up once I changed servers, and initially came off as being very fast. The SpeedTest was a little disappointing – my standard 45/1.5 without VPN had been reduced to 3.7/1.2 – but even 3.7 was sufficient to watch TV shows I hadn’t seen in months on Hulu without very much lag. While this is the first VPN service I’ve tried, I have to say it works beautifully over PPTP, and would recommend it to anyone who wants a VPN simply to access restricted sites. If you think security is an issue, there are literally thousands of FREE High Security Proxy IPs in dozens of countries where western governments have no jurisdiction, and you shouldn’t be paying for VPN anyways

  68. Sylvain N. says:

    Online support is top notch and second to none. Unfortunately, there are things they do not mention on their website, such as their software is NOT compatible with BitDefender, and possibly some other Firewall protection. The person whom I chatted online with was honest enough to say that it was not the first time they had trouble with BitDefender’s awesome firewall, and that they were trying to find a solution to it. Wished I had known before I had actually paid for their services, though. In the end, they reimbursed me, so it’s all good.

    Overall, guessing from the reviews, they offer awesome service, but before you buy, make sure to mention to them what Firewall you use.

  69. Bebugo says:

    StrongVPN is the best personal vpn service provider ever. easy to setup,fast speed,exellent support,free trial,no disconnections. what more can I ask for?

    And for the price, i don’t $7 per month is expensive in this business, not metion if you order the whole year, you get unbeatable $4.8 per month deal.

    This is a established company, not some one-man-shop, there is a team behind StrongVPN, you should trust them.

  70. Howard. D says:

    Compatibility : works on all my devices ,PC(with NOD32),MAC,IPHONE,ANDROID

    Speed : sometime fast,sometime slow, when i say fast that means i can stream Hulu HD videos

    Support : excellent

    Overall : worth the money

  71. Paul Carter says:

    I have used Strong VPN for over one year now and they are very very good. Living here in China it is useful, my concern is at times Facebook seems a little slow

  72. Jolene says:

    To be fair, StrongVPN had good speed and was steady for me.. while it lasted. I purchased it for a year as it seem a better deal than month-to-month, I use it to watch Hulu, ABC, and torrents. When I received my first DMCA notice I thought oh no will they disconnect me! So I read through their website and there was nothing about disconnecting accounts due to DMCA notice. However 6 months into my plan my account was “Account canceled due to excessive DMCA’s”, I had DMCA on aobut 4 files. And they give you the shittest email.

    “Due to the complaints lodged
    against you which have affected our reputation in the internet
    community, we can neither allow further service nor
    a refund for being the cause of those complaints.

    Please do not request reinstatement as none can be provided
    and any new orders will be declined.”

    So for anyone that are thinking of downloading torrents via their service, I suggest you save your money and look elsewhere because they don’t want you as a customer.

  73. Timber C says:

    Great speed, great service, nothing to complaint about. i use their PPTP service on my iPhone and on my computer, and both work great.

    This is the first time I have use a VPN,it works just perfect in country like China where they have block a lot of stuff in the internet

    I’ll recommend StrongVPN to my friends who wanna go to China.

  74. Manuel G says:

    ok, honestly, this is a good VPN service provider unless you are not torrent user, fast customer service respond and fast speed, at least i got fast speed, works on all platforms.

    What i don’t feel good is they say they support torrent usage but they forgot to tell you that once they got DMCA complains, they can not ignore it, they will cancel your account.this is what they do now. i feel like i was fucked by the sales guy.

    So, people if you wanna use torrent, just avoid StrongVPN

  75. Lawrence J. says:

    I am very happy with the VPN Services of Strong VPN, from approval to set up it took less than 30 minutes and I was up and running with my StrongVPN connection.

    It is Superb speed ,now I can enjoy services like Netflix and Hulu.will recommend this provider to my friends

  76. Carlo . F says:

    Well, i’m not a torrent user, so i don’t have DMCA problem, so far StrongVPN works great for me

    Overall: easy setup,OpenVPN is expensive and no unlimited switches

    Compatibility: works on my Windows laptop, iMac and iphone

    Speed: very fast in the US

    Support: live support respond my question in seconds

  77. Doug C. says:

    After checking various VPN providers, i chose strong VPN, Setup is very very easy. The server speed is HUGE, connection is almost the same offered by my standard ISP. works on all my devices, i have Windows, Linux and Android

    With A few bucks a month and a quick sign up, you have a great service and assistance, for any promblem they can help you live,real 24×7 live support,better than I ever expected

  78. Stephen S says:

    Although i had a billing issue (possibly my fault), the support team was very helpful. Just using the basic VPN service from Delaware, I connect to servers in NYC and it works well – very fast.

  79. John says:

    StrongVPN – They do lie about not keeping information

    My StrongVPN account was disabled due to DMCA complaints. Just FYI:

    “Hello Customer,

    We have received a DMCA copyright complaint for the following content below:

    Evidentiary Information:

    Infringing Work: The Hangover
    First Found: xxxx
    Last Found: xxxx
    IP Address: xxxx
    IP Port: xxxx
    Protocol: BitTorrent
    Torrent InfoHash: xxxx
    Containing file(s):
    The.Hangover.2009.DDC-P2P.torrent (949,301,996 bytes)

    Due to the DMCA complaint we are required to disable your account.

    You can check our DMCA policy using this link:

    Regards, Alexey
    Reliablehosting.com Support Engineer
    Skype ID: alexey_reliablehosting [Ticket Status]

  80. John says:

    alexey_strongvpn Says

    Hi there!

    Regarding DMCA policy on strong.com
    you can check http://strongvpn.com/dmca.shtml
    We only ask to remove compliant from computer then enable account

    and we have big list of servers, see http://strongvpn.com/locations.shtml

    PS Moscow server dont have DMCA policy at all ))

  81. Satisfied customer says:

    This is a VPN with great service. I had trouble downloading and they helped me through every step of the way. Number one service !!! And it works in China. They do not take your money and run.

    I paid for VPNinchina and it did not worked at all and there was no service or assistant in any way.

    StrongVPN is a serice you should get.

  82. Rob says:

    Service was good, but not what I needed. I need to change my ip# several times per day, and it is very difficult to do with their setup. You are only allowed a certain number of changes in a two week period.

  83. Gusta D. says:

    Used to pay $5 for other provider… you truly get what you pay for. Worst service I ever had, apart from the fact that they never answered a single email and they kept charging me even after I canceled the service.

    StrongVPN’s customer service is no.1, quick response, 24×7 service, live assistance. Although the charges is higher than other providers, but their amazing service deserve it

    Highly recommend

  84. Sean says:

    I have used the service for about 2 months. I randomly drops connections with streaming video on average about twice per hour. After 5 to 10 minutes I can connect again. I’ve tried different servers four or five times and the problem is consistent. I’ve also tried a couple different network providers because these guys were blaming the provider. Problem is the same.

    google them and get past all the top ranking reviews that get affiliate commissions and you’ll find that the dropped connection problem is common with this provider. I have retained a chat history with one of the operators there who lied to me saying I was the only one having the problem. I told him to google his own company and he’d see that hundreds of people are complaining about this problem. He said he’d only told me that it was the people on his chat that were not having that problem. I again confronted him about lying to me by copying his previous comment stating that none of his customers were having the problem and that I should upgrade to their more expensive service because it was more stable.

    I pointed out that his comment proves that he knew the vpn service was unstable but he was also just telling me that I was the only person with the problem and that it could be corrected by purchasing the more expensive service.

    I pointed out that he had been lying to me, that selling an inferior service they either can’t or won’t fix and then upselling was illegal and known as “bait and switch”. I indicated I should complain to the FTC, the Attorney General, and the local police. He said I should speak with his manager.

    I’ve spent hours — you just got the short version. Don’t deal with these guys. They are not worth the trouble. I have a copy of the chat session I related part of here. They try to state on their web site that the people criticizing them are not users but just complainers. I am a user. A very dissatisfied user who hates that he was baited by an inferior service and that even in the chat session the guy just kept trying to upsell me. I’m pretty sure they deliberately have a cheap and inferior service just so they can upsell and make double the money at extra cost to them.

  85. Honda says:

    another happy customer here, i’m Japanese living in Osaka, i want to listen music on Pandora.com and watch Hulu.com videos, StrongVPN works great, i don’t have drop connection problem like the previous review says

    i use Yahoo BB http://bbpromo.yahoo.co.jp/ and the $10 Lite VPN plan , hope this can help

  86. Fei M says:

    strongvpn is the best VPN service in the market.

    i am in China rightnow, the stupid GFW block nearly anything, i have to use VPN to access Youtube,Facebook,Twitter etc.. after use StrongVPN, i just feel i am surfing the internet in my US home. great support and easy registration process. speed is fast to me, but i have to say it really depends on your local network.overall iam very happy with strongvpn

  87. Virtual_Man says:

    Being based in Shanghai with my comnpany, and signed up for StrongVPN in June 2010. In this one year, I have had excellent service with them. Very easy to setup and very easy to change servers – so I can switch between US and UK OR if my server slows down, can switch to another server easily. Hulu works extremely well – I clone my computer to my 50in plasma TV and the picture quality is good/very good, and the sound quality is excellent. Helpdesk is very easy to use as it is a chat system, and very responsive. Overall excellent service, and has allowed me to survive in Shanghai!

  88. Darren says:

    I am pretty happy with their service. There are cheaper providers out there yet I recommend StrongVPN on account of their superior quality.

  89. tom says:

    Has been good in the past..

    But I’ve had a hard time connecting in China recently.

    Even after changing servers a few times, sometimes I need to redial for 5 – 10 minutes before logging on.

  90. Dimitri says:

    I’m overall very satisfied with Strong VPN service. Their servers are always up and running, but sometimes I experience bad connection speeds.

  91. John says:

    Unable to answer a simple question, then the tech support left the chat.

    Now online: Leave a question or comment and our agents will try to attend to you shortly =)Sunday, December 18, 2011
    Friendly Auto Responder [agent]
    We apologize for keeping you waiting. Our operators are busy at the moment, please hold and we will be right with you.
    Alex_L. (accounting in training) has joinedYou are currently being served by
    Alex_L. (accounting in training)
    Alex_L. (accounting in training) [agent]
    Hello, how can I help you today?
    Hi Alex
    I’d like to know if your do deliver the VPN access instant?
    Friendly Auto Responder [agent]
    StrongVPN.com / Reliablehosting.com is committed to providing our customers a quality customer service experience. If at any time you feel we fell below these standards please send a email (and if possible the chat log) to management @ reliablehosting.com.
    Alex_L. (accounting in training) [agent]
    You will get a VPN account within 20 min after approval of your order
    Okay, since we’re sunday today, am I going to get it today?
    Friendly Auto Responder [agent]
    StrongVPN.com / Reliablehosting.com appreciates your feedback on our teams effort to provide you quality support. Please help us reward / evaluate employees properly by giving them a review at the following link – https://intranet.reliablehosting.com/services/intranet/add_staff_review/
    In addition we will reward a credit of $4 on every 10th review we receive. Thank you for your help.
    What I mean is, are your guys working to day? thoses who are approval the orders?
    Alex_L. (accounting in training) [agent]
    Yes you can get it today
    Good. I have another question:
    Are your VPN include port forwarding? or every ports are closed/opened?
    Alex_L. (accounting in training) [agent]
    one moment
    Yes, for openvpn only
    I’m currently looking for a VPN that can be connected from a chinese computer. (Under the china firewall) do you have some offers to introduce me? I want my chineses customers to be able to connect my EU server (which is blocked from china) on a certain port
    Friendly Auto Responder [agent]
    For updates on our service and other news “like” us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/strongvpn or strongvpn_com on twitter
    Alex_L. (accounting in training) [agent]
    For China, our Lite Open would be fine, or our USA-UK Special Open. Lite Open is $10 a month, USA-UK Special Open is $85 a year.
    http://mystrongvpn.org/packages_china.shtml <- here is the special
    We are also able to instantly approve your order and feature a 7 day money back guarantee for any reason
    Oh by the way, I’m located in france, shall I use two VPN? one for US/UK and one to get connected to the US/UK one?
    Alex_L. (accounting in training) [agent]
    If you want to run VPN on several devices same time you have two options:
    1.) You can order several packages.
    2.) You can use a hardware router.
    That’s not answering my question
    Alex_L. (accounting in training) [agent]
    Lite, Standard, Deluxe and Premium has to do with the amount of locations, the closer to you the better speed you can obtain. Lite offers 4 gateway cities in US, Standard – 11 cities in US, Deluxe offers 35 gateway cities in 16 countries and Premium – 19 countries.
    You can also add a second 2$ account – It’s on a Dynamic PPTP server in San Francisco: http://strongvpn.com/2vpn.shtml or “A la Carte” Accounts from $9 monthly http://www.strongvpn.com/alacarte.shtml
    The Specials (USA-UK and Euro-America) are the best yearly price. The downside is once you are on them you can only upgrade and downgrade within specials – no Lite, Standard, Deluxe and Premium will be available for downgrade. Also, with specials NO addon a 2nd account for $2, or “A la carte” for $9.
    What I’m looking for is to get my french windows server (located in france) availible with opened ports for my Chineses customers
    Alex_L. (accounting in training) [agent]
    hold on please, let me invite a tech to help you
    Do you have a phone number?
    Friendly Auto Responder [agent]
    Remember that all of our technicians are able to resolve your issues for you remotely via the application Teamviewer. If you would like that done, just ask your technician to help you remotely!
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) has joinedYou are currently being served by
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training)
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    what is your operation system: windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, mac os, linux, other?
    Windows 7
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    let me check your account
    I don’t have an account yet
    Do you want me to repeat my question to you?
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    please wait a moment, thanks
    May I please have your billing (account) email?
    I didn’t ordered anything yet, I’m asking questions
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    i see
    do you need server for ports forwarding ?
    Let’s take an example: I’m french, I have a radio server at home (in france) I opened port 901 on my rooter. I would like chineses to be able to listen to the music (Chineses located behind the China firewall, you know, most of the servers are blocked for them)
    Alex_L. (accounting in training) has leftAlex_L. (accounting in training) has left the chat, but don’t worry. We will still be able to retrieve any messages you leave behind.
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    That’s just an example, I ain’t going to host a radio server
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    1.) Hot Spots – without a VPN, other users can see Everything you type including passwords. Very dangerous without a VPN
    2.) Unblock Govt. VOIP restrictions – Oman and UAE block Skype and other applications, on a VPN they work
    3.) Websites – Hulu, Facebook and other sites that are blocked, will become unblocked on a VPN
    sorry, but we can not help you
    i reccomend open port on your router
    I already opened port on my router
    But my internet provider is blocked by the china firewall
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    and setup your chineses customs to your open port
    My friend, it seems you don’t understand what I’m talking about
    Would you please like to switch this chat to a higher skilled tech support (no offence my friend)
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    Thank you
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    please wait a moment, thanks
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    wait aa moment please
    sorry, but this question is not related to our services
    Eh, really?
    I thought you were offering VPN
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) [agent]
    Ivan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) has leftIvan_Y. (Vpn tech in training) has left the chat, but don’t worry. We will still be able to retrieve any messages you leave behind.
    Customer Service [agent]
    Hi there! If you have any questions regarding our VPN accounts or packages, please let us know. We are here to help 24 hours a day.
    Last message received at 3:53pm


  92. AR says:

    It looks like about 20 “great-great-recommend!” fake 5-star reviews for every real review that says the system sucks. Of course good marketing is to get your employees to fill up the comment pages with suspicious 5-star ratings, but to be honest for those who have real grievances, you’ve got to admit it’s hard to complain about a system that can never do what it promises simply because the entire internet isn’t ready yet – the more new stuff there is out there just knocks the hardware back to Dial-Up Age speeds. So if you handed over your money to some stranger in Russia without checking (real) reviews) and general internet performance ratings, you can’t really complain can you?

  93. SomeDude says:

    The speed was way better than I expected. Support was ok and the whole setup process was a breeze. So far so good. BUT…

    After a month of using StrongVPN – almost exclusively using it for watching American web-tv and regionally blocked content on YouTube, I’m in northern Europe – I got hit with not one but two DMCA notices falsely accusing me of illegally downloading two movies I’d never even heard of before. I didn’t even get an opportunity to defend myself, just a message that said basically “you did a bad, bad thing. don’t do it again or we will end your account without a refund”. NOT ACCEPTABLE. StrongVPN = bullshit VPN-provider in the lap of Hollywood. I wouldn’t feel safe using their service ever again.

  94. Syed Khawar says:

    I used it for 3 months excellent support in fact live chat support, speed is fantastic almost no noticeable difference. Two thing I don’t like with StrongVPN first you are forced to buy 3 months package(no monthly package), 2nd disconnection I had disconnection issues although in my last support call he changed few parameters and it reduced alot. I would say it’s a good service worth a try. 4+ rating.

    Syed Khawar

  95. Joaquin says:

    I decide to give a try to strongvpn , even if the price is high, i thought i will get a good service and that is what i need.. I applied to lite package 60 USD/6 months, i sent to them 80 USD as i did trought wire transfer i and i was afraid also their bank take also some comission, but ok no .. they received the 80 USD..
    First week speed very good.. then after start to slow down.. really so slow that i cant even surf.. even using a free vpn was 10time faster.. they told me try other servers.. i tried one.. ok.. fast speed so after 1 week of full speed and 1 and a half month of almost no service, ( iwas traveling so no even chance to take time to deal with this , i thought was mmy computer or my connection), y changed to other server .. they told me that service its more expensive..
    ok.. i already have 20 usd as credit so.. upgrade..
    after 20 days they billed me 15 more USD.. and in 1 month service expire!
    so.. 2 months almost no connection, 1 month of ok speed.. and then they want 95 USD for that months!. i told them ok.. wait.. i iwll go back to the old service .. i prefer even not have speed or conenction that pay 15 usd more so.. downgrade please.. ans i still will have 3 more months..
    They just cancell my acounnt and took al my money!!!.. means 3 months.. only could use 1 month.. at 80 USD!.. , i regret not listening the advices.. now i have another vpn .. 50 USD year.. and speed is even 1- times faster than the strongvpn premium one!..

  96. Narly Drunkard says:

    Good service, good speed. Lots of choice.

  97. Dean says:

    I just signed up today and all I can say is that they should be rated over 5 stars. The Tech support is better than anything I’ve witnessed in many years and I’ve been in the medical service industry for 25 years and our company can definitely takes some notes from these guys. I don’t notice any difference in speed although I noticed I might be a little faster (don’t know if that is possible). I do have a slow internet line on my side. A+ rating in my book.

  98. TJ says:

    Great Customer Service.

    The sales and tech reps were very friendly and helpful in providing me with the information on questions I had.

    I ordered; however realized after reading a few of these reviews that torrenting/p2p traffic would not be completely anonymous.

    I contacted their support team and explained that I would like a refund, they refunded me with no questions asked.

    If torrent/p2p traffic were not a part of my normal activity then I would be sure to recommend them.

  99. John says:

    I Have to seed this review with a grain of salt. I am a certified network engineer, and know allot about the technology in question.

    I was evaluating my options for a VPN service to watch this years BBC Series, and happened upon this company. They were the Top rated company and so I checked them out.

    Rule #1 in networking, the speed of a data center connection is key to any operation of this type. Any company unwilling to disclose that information is trying to confuse you the paying customer. After a lengthy chat with their online Chat representative all I was told was ‘buy the total package, it’s the best value, and depending on your local connection and the connections between you and our servers dictates what speeds you will receive.’

    That is a Lie, the Load of the VPN Server, and the Speed of the data center connection dictates THEIR speed at the exit point, the load on the network between your computer and the VPN server only effects the speed of the connection of that link.

    Example 1:
    I have a 100Mbps link, if I connect to a VPN server that has a 1000Mbps link and no other connected clients then I will have 0 slow down.
    1000 – 100 leaves 900Mbps for the VPN server to do my Bidding.

    Example 2:
    I have a 100Mbps link, if I connect to a VPN server that has a 1000Mbps link and 99 other clients each client is assigned 10Mbps(5Mbps for connection and 5Mbps for the Server to do the clients work.)
    Now I have a 100Mbps link that is 95% idle because the VPN server is to busy to do my work for me.
    1000Mbps/100 users = 10Mbps per user /2 again because you have a connection between you and the Server and you have the connection between the Server and the real world = 5Mbps Per User connected.

    this is very important if you are looking for a high bandwidth low latency service.


  100. Bryce Johnson says:

    Thanks to Kate for helping me to get signed up with the right package and verifying the compatibility of my router and DD-WRT firmware package. Have yet to try it out, but I felt confident in the answers she provided and will be moving over from Private Tunnel as a result of our chat.

    Thanks again,

  101. KendraMarie says:

    Thanks for the article. VPN is good if you want to hide your real location. However, about content streaming, I prefer the DNS option. Currently, I am using UnoTelly and have no speed loss which allows me HD streaming with my 10mbps connection.

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