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SSTP VPN is no longer safe in China

I had a chat with my friend who running a small VPN service company in China last night, he confirms to me that Microsoft’s SSTP VPN was hacked by the GFW, more specifically , the GFW guys hacked the SSL Certificate of the SSTP VPN, so they can identify the VPN traffic and block it.


As their method is targeting SSL certificate, the solution to this problem is of course change your SSL certificate, I’m not familiar with SSL, maybe you can modify your SSL instead of buying a new one, I’m not sure, you need try, by the way.


Till today, as I know, the GFW has conquered ALL the VPN service types in the world, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSH Tunnel, SSTP, Cisco IPsec, their firewall can detect all kinds of VPN traffic and block them, so this makes people feel sucks in China, both customer and companies, the GFW usually DO NOT block one server immediately , I guess that is because the GFW  block servers manually, their system monitor the whole traffic, once it find suspicious traffic, system will tag the server IPs, the GFW guys review these servers and decide whether block it or not, I think people in GFW do not work “very hard” for “some reason”, they block servers in a irregularity manner, to keep the VPN service running, the provider needs keep monitoring their VPN servers, once there is problem, they need make changes.


The internet censorship in China is serious, there is no more so called “stable” service in the market nowadays, the GFW can block any type of VPN service in no time, thanks God, their system do not block servers in realtime, so you’d better have VPN accounts from different VPN service providers, all at least have contacts with them, once there is problem, you can order VPN accounts from them quickly .


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