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Server Expansion Request Page on IPVanish

The leading Private VPN service provider – IPVanish released their Server Expansion Request Page this week, If there’s not a server in a location you need or your website visitors are asking for, please issue a request via the IPVanish Server Expansion page. Visit it anytime to enter your preferred server region!

IPVanish also added a few servers this week, their VPN network now spans over 25,000 IPs on 180+ servers in 60+ countries and continues to be the fastest and fastest growing VPN network on the planet, the following is the details of this addition

The month of May was a busy one for IPVanish – the fastest and fastest growing tier-1 VPN service in the world – as they expanded their global server reach into three brand new locations:

  • Manchester, UK
  • Quer√©taro Mexico City
  • Auckland, New Zealand

In addition to the new locations, IPVanish also added multiple VPN servers to previously established locations:

  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Johannesburg, South Africa

Now, within just the first week of June, IPVanish has increased its server count yet again by adding multiple servers in the following locations:

  • Frankfurt, Germany (2 new servers, bringing IPVanish’s total server count in Frankfurt to 6)
  • Milan, Italy (2 new servers, bringing IPVanish’s total server count in Milan to 3)
  • Vancouver, Canada (2 new servers in Vancouver, where IPVanish previously did not have any)

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