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Relakks provides services to help individuals to assure the security and integrity of their information. Relakks’ responsibility stems from the strong Swedish tradition of protecting the integrity of private life and all forms of communication between individuals.

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Customer Reviews

5 Reviews to “Relakks”
  1. John D. says:

    I’ve been using this cheap VPN from France for 3 months and I am quite satisfied with the service. At first, I had trouble setting up the connection under Linux. I sent them an email but never got any answer. Fortunately I came across a few forums and eventually managed to make it work.
    Their servers are fast and reliable. My extensive use of P2P has not brought up any sort of problem.

  2. Haig says:

    Relakks was the first VPN I tried, some while ago.
    Set-up was easy, but once I wanted to download something on P2P, bandwidth would struggle and would come to a total halt.
    As for Support, it was non existent.

  3. Ben says:

    Do not buy this piece of crap, please, I beg you. Upon registration I set an advanced password with special characters and this is making problems for me when login into the service. And cannot either change this password in my profile at their web site because their web script supposedly parse one of my special characters in the password as something else.

    Keep away, for heavens sake. I’ve also tried contacting them 5-6 times via e-mail and no answer. Not at all.

    I consider this service sololy as a scam. Do NOT buy, you will regret it.

  4. CamBam says:

    for those complaining about no support, try this?

    Q: Who do i contact if i have any questions?
    A: Send an e-mail to support@relakks.com. The e-mail must follow the guide below.

    You should choose one of the following subjects. We want you to write only one of these, no more no less, as the subject of your e-mail.
    • Registration/Unregistration
    • Technical issues
    • Payment issues
    • Press contact
    • Functionality feedback

    In your e-mail regardless of subject we want you to write down your user-ID (i.e. 12345) and your username (i.e. relakksdude) as well as a clear description of your problem/issue. We will not answer e-mails that aren’t following this guide.

  5. Nadir says:

    Can’t seem to be able to signup not sure why! Pls have alternatives besides just paynova.com payment.

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