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read VPN reviews before you buy VPN service

One of the most important and truly emerging technologies for our connected world, the introduction of multiple high level VPN service has made a huge impact on our privacy in our hyper connected world. Each and every single day we are bombarded with more and more options to connect to the web, and every single time we use a device to get online we are inadvertently – and through no fault of our own – exposing critical and sensitive information. This information is a gold mine to hackers and identity thieves alike, looking for soft marks that don’t understand the amount of tools out there to keep yourself safe. And it’s not just the crooks you need to look out for – most major governments are spending just as much time watching their everyday citizens as they do looking for terrorists or criminals – and they can do it all electronically and automatically. This isn’t something we signed up for, but as a reality of our times there is only one thing we can do to protect ourselves and our privacy – get a VPN.

But choosing the right VPN service is not as easy as it sounds – not all are created equal. This is why it’s so important for use to pay attention to reputable and reliable VPN reviews, to make sure we make the right decision. You see, as much as these services tout themselves as the be all end all solution for keeping your information private, many of them keep their own records and logs of your activity. So while the outsiders can’t see what you’re doing, the people you pay to keep your information private are a second set of eyeballs watching everything you do. Not exactly an ideal setup, and why VPN reviews are so important.

In the early days of the technology VPN reviews were not nearly as important – it was a minor technology that not too many people were using, and so there was little incentive to scam the people who were your customer base. But now that the tides of online privacy have changed dramatically and more and more people are looking for the perfect privacy solution each and every day, the game has changed. There is a lot of money tied up in the industry, and some less than reputable companies have entered the space. But rather than let some bad apples ruin the whole basket, it’s important  to focus on the VPN reviews to weed out the bad from the good to use  a powerful technology for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe online.