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PureVPN is another key player in the Personal VPN service industry, they started provide VPN service back in 2006, and now they have over 2000+ servers in 141+ Countries around the globe, you can use any server you want.they do not restricted the downloading speed and the most important is Purevpn now offers 5 Multi-logins which is the main reason i choose them, because i can use my VPN account on both my PC and iPhone and other devices at the same time, this is usually a paid add-on in other VPN provider

PureVPN allow P2P traffic in certain server,and they offer “100%,31 Days Money Back Guarantee”, they also offer dedicated IP VPN service, which is very good for gamers and poker players

The main benefits are :

  • Total number of countries: 141+
  • Protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2
  • PureVpn now offers 5 Multi-logins
  • 63% Discount on Annual Packages with Free SmartDNS
  • Over 300,000 IPs to Hide Behind
  • 2000+ Servers
  • Assigns a completely new IP for each user
  • Compatible with Skype and any other VOIP software available
  • Well-managed and easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Offer most secure features like Internet Kill Switch and NAT Firewall
  • Uncapped services with no limitations on Speed and Bandwidth
  • Dedicated and highly optimized servers for online streaming that offers HDX streaming up to 20Mbps
  • 24/7/365 friendly customer support available

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Customer Reviews

71 Reviews to “PureVPN”
  1. Mandy says:

    I would like to thank you for your work. Purevpn.com has the best support I have ever had.I want to thank you and everyone on the support team for all your hard work on helping me out.

  2. Cindy says:

    I agree with Mandy, support is perfect but speed is varies, on some servers I get very fast speed on but on some servers I have slow connection .
    BTW I like using 12 servers at the same time just by single account 🙂

  3. Stephen says:

    Began using PureVPN six months ago on my MacBook Pro and I’m quite pleased.

    I’ve used it in California and Taiwan, mainly to encrypt file sharing activities, stream video, avoid censorship, and prevent ISPs from throttling my traffic. PureVPN works well on all accounts for a great price ($14/3months for a shared IP).

    PureVPN is not perfect. Speeds can be inconsistent, especially from Asia connecting to servers in Europe. Also, I’ve had a consistent problem with VPN disconnects using Bittorrrents at download speeds over 200 Kb/s. As a consequence, I’ve been using AppleScripts to automatically restart the VPN service if it fails.

    The best aspects of PureVPN are it’s first-class customer service, the access to 14 different servers around the world (available with their cheapest service), and their efforts to ensure your privacy. They do NOT automatically charge credit cards. Each and every time you must resubmit all payment details since they do not store any of this information. For this reason, it can take 24 hours or more from when you submit a payment until you can begin using their VPN service. This is a fair-trade off for the added privacy.

    All and all, I think PureVPN is a great service, but I imagine that it is most rewarding for the customer who has a little technological know-how.

  4. jiank says:

    thanks for pure vpn this is best and secure vpn company i would like to recommend it to others also in rates…

  5. NK says:

    I’ve had only good experience when using PureVPN services. Very easy setup, fast connection, multiple locations to choose from, excellent support and very affordable prices. This is everything I need.

    If you ever need to unblock some websites and services which are not available in your region, like in my case, then PureVPN would be a perfect choice.

  6. Magnus Skarvoy says:

    PureVPN has for me been a great experience. Especially the support, which is fast, helpful and intuitive. Absolutely recommended!

  7. Sanj says:

    I’ve tried a few VPN/Proxy providers over the years including XRoxy, UK Proxyserver etc and really have been surprised at how much better service and value I have received at PureVpn. The servers in different countries is a great bonus to me as i can stream US, UK, Canadian etc content and multiple servers seems to make the service as fast as my home internet. The live help is a good feature in that people actually respond which is a problem that i’ve had at other sites so for me at least PureVpn has been a positive experience.

  8. Behnam says:

    Pure VPN is the only best VPN service provider that I have ever seen. Their supporting service is the best. Their customer care service is the best. Their quality is the best too. I am using PURE VPN services for more than 7 month and I have no headache with using their services. I would like to say my thanks to Pure VPN team for providing us such excellent services.

  9. Eddy says:

    Fraudulent! Don’t use these guys! Never even got to test the service. Signed up for the trial ($2.50 for 3 days). Paid through their pay site, which linked me to PayPal. Then I get an e-mail asking me: “in order to process your order, we request you to kindly send us a scanned copy or photograph of your credit card’s back and front end”! My card had already been charged! Highly unusual practice, highly doubt this was for “verification” purposes. STAY AWAY!!!

  10. PureVPN says:

    Dear Eddy,

    Due to the increasing number of fraudulent transactions we are facing, we have to ask for such a documents in order to confirm the identity of the person making the payment. We took this step for our mutual safety.


  11. George says:

    Indeed unusual practice. If as PureVPN say it was only for mutual safety, then they should first complete all the verification and then charge the money. Charging the card first and then asking for more documents to be provided is not a fair practice and as Eddy mentioned is quite fraudulent.I was considering trying this service but after reading this I will surely not go for it.

  12. Faiq says:

    I travel alot within Asia and have so far tested service in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Dubai. Some times on some ISPs one of the protocols are blocked this is where PureVPN gets in – they support PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols. 100% of the times at least 2 protocols are working.

    Then again they offer 30 servers from 13 countries which is just great.

    Support staff is helpful if you get them on live chat or at least via support ticket system.

    My Rating is 9 out of 10 for this provider.

  13. Nello says:

    I was please with their initial service and I decided to upgrade to their “package” ($9.95/month) so that I could access other servers (like Switzerland).

    For a whole month the IP was instead pointing (and still does at the moment I am posting this) to Iran.

    Basically we (with support) went back and forth trying to solve the issue which ultimately is that the IP database was not updated…

    They promised some compensation for the subscription that could not be used… but what I got was the bill reminder.

    Bye bye…

  14. Peter says:

    I completly agree with Eddy and George above. I paid by Paypal, They took the money and then started into this verification process which they should have done before taking my money. Now they won’t even refund the money they took and I will not provide them with info that would allow them to steal my identity. All they say is they have been having trouble with fraudulent accounts. Well, if anyone is fraudulent it would appear to be purevpn.

    Stay away from this company if you value your privacy and isn’t that what you were trying to protect in the first place.

    Purevpn, if this was legitimate you would have completed the verification before taking money as George says,

  15. Peter says:

    I have finally received a refund from Purevpn. Nevertheless I still stand by my opinion that they should let users know that they have a verification policy and that they need the identity info with the application or in advance. I also feel that we may have had something of a miscommunication on just what sort of identification is required and how much info is needed. For example, if i send a scan of an identity card may I remove all info except my name. However, i still feel that it goes against any training on Internet security to provide proof of identity to someone you don’t know.

  16. Dave says:

    previous poster, Eddie, experienced similar issues to me. However, I do not believe they are scammers or fraudsters – just paranoid “in the name of security”, it would seem…

    Long story short, I signed up for the 3 day trial and after several hours and multiple ticket posts requesting they re-send an email I never got anyway, I was finally issued the refund I requested.

    I cannot understand why any company would do the following:

    a) securely take a payment first;
    b) next, not send a so-called verification email (I got a payment confirmation only);
    c) leave me to raise a support ticket two hours in to ask why the service is not switched on yet;
    d) they reply by reminding me I must verify the ‘nebulous’ email that never came;
    e) me to reply AGAIN, asking what they needed, perhaps they can ask again in the ticket(?);
    f) me get a response telling me to send a scanned credit card (with numbers blanked out), or a Government I.D. (e.g. Licence);
    g) me to give up, then request a refund after 4 hours of said drama;
    h) them to reply, stating they gave me options to “verify” but anyway, “just send us an email”, “we hope you understand”, and ignoring why email and document attachments are less secure, etc. I faint on the floor, get back up, ask for that refund again;
    i) …then finally, me repeat the refund request, which came through very promptly after that.
    j) time for lunch 5 hours in. Gosh, I’m ready for bed I am so tired.

    Moral of the story? They have issues with their ‘new customer subscriber’ process. I really wanted to give these guys a shot and the reviews are generally very positive. It’s a shame I didn’t get the opportunity to try the service out and comment on that instead. This seems like a classic case of “block-heads” somewhere in the bowels of their company, decreeing it is OK to force new customers down this unnecessary and very time-wasting path – especially when I consider how other VPN providers are doing the new customer thingy. I had no choice in the end but to go back to another provider who may have occasional issues with connectivity/speed, but nothing like the off putting experience of signing up to their new service.

    I don’t believe in telling anyone reading this what they should do. All I can hope for is that a user (YOU) is sufficiently aware before you get into this sign-up process. As I stated to them, with today’s users expecting things to happen in a timely manner, how can any company act with such apparent indignation – or worse – stupidity, which will cost them new customers like me? Do I care they screwed up previously and let fraudsters in? Not really; they take money from customers – they can look after the process better if they tried hard enough; it’s not like the technology and common sense has to catch up first. If any company chooses to do online payments for “instant” services, they need to be geared up for it, right? There can be no excuse, in my humble opinion, for a company to behave this way. How often do you buy a service or product, pay for it, then spend several hours convincing the company you are real, and you did actually mean to do business with them? Why should I be treated like this because they seem to have a very unhealthy paranoia towards fraud, aka any new customer that comes along with his custom?

    I really hope my review helps you. I especially hope it helps PureVPN to revisit its sign-up process. I’m a realist, which means I probably won’t bother coming back to this forum or PureVPN (but I will, anyway, because I am sad like that). Like or dislike what I say, and go have a fantastic life – whatever you do. Do what makes you happy, but don’t say you were not forewarned or forearmed by a really cheesed off bloke who still thinks its April Fools Day in August. Wow, thanks again PureVPN.

    If they change their sign-up practices and make all this go away for new customers, I will definitely be willing to consider them in future, but not before.

    PS: I kept a log of every communication, just in case my review is torn to shreds with an inaccurate response from Pure VPN.

  17. TW says:

    Had troubles installing PureVPN, but the Online chat was very efficient and quick in fixing the issues. The Support is very good and quick.

  18. SH says:

    I had trouble connecting but the support person was very efficient and helpful. I highly recommend this service to everyone else who have trouble. Thank you!

  19. Himanshu says:

    Very good support from Nauman! Well speed is the main issue. Most of the servers suggested are blocked in Middle East countries so I have to rely only on one server.

  20. Peter says:

    i have also been asked to provide a copy of my driver license AFTER having already paid with PayPal. and then i was told that i did not pass the security screening because they were not able to reach me on the phone. but they did not tell me they would be calling me and i was away on a Saturday evening.

    now i am concerned about the details of the information they already have about me.

    very dubious practices and a poor level of customer service (unresponsive over the phone).

  21. Tom says:

    I was also very disappointed about the verification process, which was time consuming, troublesome and unnecessary. In addition, it took 2 days from my account subscription because I couldn’t use it for two days despite having paid.
    They should have let users know beforehand.
    Once using the system, I am very happy. I had a technical query and a brief chat with a support rep named Tariq solved it in a super-fast time..one of the fastest, easiest support experiences I have ever had online. The service has so far been reliable and fast.

  22. Kylii says:

    Thanks Peter, Eddy and George

    I was about to sign up, so glad I didn’t.

  23. Former client says:

    Their 2nd level of support is just useless. I am sorry for them, the service is working wonderful, but when it comes to a really technical problem like setting the VPN on a second router they are just…rude and useless.

    A former client.

  24. tamimi says:

    I have been using the vpn for about 6 months, the only problem had is setting up the vpn initially but with the help of support it was solved in seconds. the vpn is fast and I really like it.

  25. Beata says:

    Am new purevpn user. Its amazing especially if you live in China 🙂 The best support I’ve ever met…:)

  26. VPN-sy says:

    great service, especially the online help 🙂

  27. Brian says:

    I have been using their service for almost 18 months now and have just renewed my 6 month subscription. Setting up is a little bit confusing to someone without any teccy knowledge (L2tp v’s PPTP – what???)However I can highly reccomend their online chat service, Tariq asked me to instal “Teamviewer” A few moments later he was in control of my desktop and had it up and running for me. – Top marks for service.

    The only downside I see with them is sometimes the servers are too full, but then. there are pleanty to choose form and if you do find your self having trouble getting a server in the country of your choice, they ask you to let them know so they can add more -you cant say fairer than that.

    As an ex pat I use it mainly for keeping up with whats happening at home via a certain world class broadcaster, nuf said! I would, & have reccomended it to my ex pat friends.

  28. Chris Brown says:

    I can watch Hulu and Vevo now..Yahooooooo..Thank you Purevpn..Your speed is good and the support staff is really effecient..I hope you remain like this forever..Thanks.With love from Malaysia 🙂

  29. Kris says:

    I have had only 2 problems over the span of 9 months using PureVPN. Those problems related to having issues with logging in. With both events, I submitted a trouble ticket and received a prompt response and within 24 hours the technical support team resolved my problems. I have to say that the tech crew with PureVPN is by far the best support I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

  30. Noli says:

    I have bought 3 days trial to test PureVPN’s service… A total mess, after I paid via PayPal i got an message that their system rated me as “HIGH-RISK” User. I verified with an non free email like in their email explained, but nothing happened after 2 days I ipened a support ticket and asked what happened? 2 of my 3 days are gone and I have no VPN access… The support just said to me, I should send something where they can veryfie that I am not a fake costumer… Again… I made a screenshot of my bank account where the money was transacted -1,92€, now i wrote in the ticket that they can keep the money and detet my account, after they didt give me access. So I dont know if they just handle trial users like that but I just say NEVER USE TRUST OR TRY PUREVPN!!!

  31. M J says:

    Ive been using it for more than 5 months now and so far it has been outstanding..The best thing is their support staff. They are so efficient and quick in responding that it amazes me..Personally, I love the unlimited server switch option..
    Highly Recommended..

  32. Luzumsuz Lazim says:

    These crooks charges for the service (PayPal) first, and then asks your ID verification for the payment you already did. For that, they want you to send the copy of your ID. Why would I trust them? So, I chatted with one of their support guy for a refund. He was repeating himself over and over… It was so boring and unhelpful. I opened a dispute ticket at PayPal. I’ll see if PayPal will be able to correct this. I would stay away from these guys…

  33. m says:

    Stay away from “security by stupidity” id picture strategies. The only thing you can really be sure of when you see this kind of thinking is that no self-respecting security professional will go nearthe place.

  34. NewVPNUser says:

    I just started using purevpn.com few days ago. first I signed up for the 3 Day trial. I also got email saying I need to send something in for verification. I had three options in the Email. 001: A Non-free email address. 002: NON-CONFIDENTIAL Document (Anything with name and address on it). 003: Blacked-out Copy of Credit Card showing only last 4 digits. So I took a picture of my drivers license and blocked out personal photo on the ID, My License number, Signature and height and weight. Basically everything personal info except my name address and ID issued date and expiration. and that worked. they sent me my username and password for the VPN service. PPTP and L2TP work ok but I have trouble with SSTP opened a support ticket as live chat support couldn’t help and still waiting been about 3 days now and no solution for SSTP. as far as speed goes my main connection is very fast so using VPN is fast for me I can download up to 1500Kbps per second on some servers so other servers not so much.but the good thing is you have lots of servers to choose from.

    I like the service and the speed but support is good when you have small problems when it comes to real technical problems I don’t think they have good support.

    Now I ask everybody to excuse my bad grammar as English is a second language to me.

  35. NewVPNUser says:

    I Wrote a review before and this is just an addition to it. I do not like that the Servers of purevpn.com never change IP address. for me that creates a problem as I like the IP to change a lot. Yes they have many servers to choose from but some don’t work and most are very slow. I find the servers in US to be good speed and like to use them but that brings me back to IP not changing the only why I have is to keep bouncing from server to server and as I said I have only few useful servers to work on. about 4-6 good servers speed-wise.
    I wished they would change the server IP at least once a month.

  36. Chris says:

    Same as the above comments with the bad reviews, charged me then said I need to send a scanned credit card (with numbers blanked out), or a Government I.D. Why? They still charged the account? Who were they trying to protect? Better yet the NEXT month they send me another Bill for their service. Tried to cancel, which im still in the process (battle) of doing now. They are on my top 3 list of worst companies to cancel service from. PureVPN, AOL, and XM.

  37. Anthony says:

    I have for the past 2 years been a very satisfied custome. The service has bee generally very good and if there were issues with servers, speed etc these were very quickly resolved, or a new server was offered.

    However for more than a month now I have been experiencing very slow and often patchy cover. Each time I have submitted a Custer support request I have received the automated response, follower a day later by the standard we have not hear from you in the past 24 hours so assume the problem is resolved. Having told their CS people that I’ve received no response, there is still no positive response or solution.

    Whatever has happened to the smooth efficient service and quick resolution to issues?

    In fact now the service is so slow and the lack of response so frustrating I will not renew my subscription and will try another provider.

    I would strongly caution anyone who is considering Purevpn and suggest they try it for a short period before committing to a long term sign on.

  38. Olive says:

    6 months ago I would have given PureVPN 4 to 5 stars across the board. But as the reviewers above have noted, as of late Nov. 2011 I have had continuously poor bandwidth speeds and extreme latency issues. I am still hoping that this will be resolved as I have another two months in my subscription, but if not I will not renew. I am also checking out other providers.

    In the past, they were absolutely great. I could stream programming from UK without interruption. I have a dedicated account, which provides me with static IP and also the server is suppose to have fewer users than the dynamic servers. But I see no difference in speeds when using their various UK based servers.

  39. Rodrigo Balotin says:

    Awful service, Awful support and Awful attitude. It was the only company where I’ve tried to set up the VPN and I couldn’t. When I asked for help, they told me I had to wait 30 minutes for assistance. After that I wanted to get a refund and they accused me of having used their services during one day to do what I had to do and trying to get a refund after that. Overall one of the worst services I have received in my life from a company.

    I wouldn’t recommend to anyone even if this was the only company in the market.

  40. PureVPN Support Team says:

    Hi Rodrigo,

    We offer remote support to our all customers, if you take it positively then you can easily conclude that you were asked to wait as our team members were busy in assisting other customers. Can you support remotely multiple systems / customers at a time?? We have humans on support but not the robots.
    Moreover, we offer manual configuration as well as software support which are as easy as 1,2,3. I don’t know why you were facing problem. We do hereby offer you to join us again and we will show you how fast and easy it is.

  41. Whozready says:

    i got the same email asking to provide more information i used my isp’s email and got setup right away guys what email are you trying to use???

  42. Whozready says:

    i can also stream HD from netflix just fine and the buffer goes to HD right away might have to do with my internet package mine not i have 22/5 from comcast

  43. charlene says:

    PUREVPN.COM is the best out there. I’m very impressed doesn’t slow down your internet speed. If your like me and like to watch canada restricted only streaming videos it doesn’t make you have to wait for the video to buffer before you can watch it. Very impressed. All i can say is give this place a chance. i give it a A+. I was with hide-my-ip.com off and on for 5 years. Really high priced and also you had to pay more monthly to have premium ip’s and the speed still doesn’t compare with purevpn.com. Also the tech support is very nice and solves every problem you might have 24 hours a day. Not a scam place either. Sign up today. Charlene

  44. ufik says:

    I signed up for, and paid for through PayPal, their 3 day trial for $2.50 and my PayPal account was charged. I then received an email from PureVPN support stating that they needed a scan of my credit card to authenticate my identity. Uh, no. That’s not going to happen, obviously. I answered their crazy request with a request for a refund of my $2.50. Their reply stated that I needed to login to the PureVPN website and request a refund there. Uh, no. I went to PayPal and immediately reported this insanity and disputed the charge. This company absolutely positively cannot be trusted. I’m not sure if it is a cultural difference, or if they are just plain stupid.

  45. fred says:

    i was looking for a swiss vpn to watch wilmaa.
    purevpn came up and i bought one month because their website says ‘ 3 days money back guarantee’
    after a few hours i cancelled because it did not work. i got delays of up to 30 seconds on wilmaa. finally they blamed me and refused to pay my money back.
    i use hidemyass and swissvpn without any problems. beware this company!

  46. Jeff P. says:

    Have a stable UK connection with other VPN provider, but decided to try PureVPN, great results on various speedtests, but could never watch 30 minutes of UK television without multiple dropouts/spinning balls, etc. Each time my “usual” VPN performed flawlessly. Asked for refund after 1 day of use. Denied this refund. First denial said one could only claim 3 day trial refund if total usage was less than 50 MB!! Try doing that when watching streaming TV. Ridiculous. Responsive, but weird tech support which only wanted to go on and on about trying to identify the problem. Wanted to install some virtual terminal software on my computer. You don’t want these wackos having virtual terminal capabilities, or at least I don’t. Problem is not with my connection nor PureVPN lack of good speedtest results. Have to conclude they have internal tech issues and that coincide with misbegotten customer support. They do assign your VPN a subnet address. Other VPN providers just give you a direct ip. Maybe their subnet approach is having issues. Bottom line their 3 day guarantee is baloney and their customer support, though responsive, is crap.

  47. Peter says:

    In general I’ve had no problems with PureVPN and had great assistance from the support teams when I have had the odd issue (mostly on my side). The speed of the service has been stable and working well for me. I regularly use the service to watch american such as Hulu and British tv such as BBC iplayer, the streaming has worked fine ever since I got it.

  48. Ahmed says:

    Honestly speaking the support i received while adjusting the VPN to work with complex systems was great. It took some time but the support engineer didn’t give up until it was working perfectly.

    Thanks a million.

  49. Kris says:

    Amoiz is the best support ever 🙂 , helped me out and provided me all the info i needed.

  50. Ed says:

    Having consistent issues with poor connection, keeps pausing and waiting when watching BBC or C4OD from the USA. Worked well when I initially got it but now it sucks. Online help suggested flipping between the different protocols but it made no difference neither did manually selecting the different servers. I think Ill be asking for my money back.

  51. Chris says:

    Performance not impressive for streaming China sites. Contacted them and now it seems like getting my refund is a problem. Poor business practice…beware.

  52. virgil says:

    Ok read this from down upstairs, at Hide My Ass you won´t getting robbed and they have stable trustful servers with lower speed but purevpn speed is due tu their ip routing without trustful geo location changes. this means you can step into the internet trap pure like the name says, no money back only if you get mad JUST LIKE ME NOW!!

    you should really start reading customer mails and reviews, I do not accept any cent to stay with you, I will move in 10 minutes to the next important page and start to post there but I have now that much of unique reviews I guess I will be very fast and I guess I setup also some macros to do it automated do not think you are offshore and god I am out of mind and secure 😉

    On 10.12.2014 22:49, PureVPN Support wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Please check the points and suggestions below:-
    > 1. You purchased 4 annual accounts then ask them to merge to a single account having 20 multi logins
    > 2. I confirmed you that 20 multi logins are allowed on your sigle account on 29th Nov 2014
    > 3. Regarding Germany location you will be assisted and shown wit proof that there is no such issue, if you need
    > Anyhow, keeping in view that you never used 3 accounts we may refund you in full for 3 annual accounts and 50% refund of the 4th account. You do not qualify for refund though having 39 GB usage as listed below but in order to get it you need to remove the reviews you just did. We may also paste these as a comment but we will not. We broken our policy to allow you on exceptional basis and to make it work for you i.e. 20 multi logins
    > If you need the 100% refund of the 4th account too then you need to have a remote session with us after which your case will be reviewed.
    > PPTP 105 28,717,444,507 bytes (27,387.09 MB)
    > OPENVPN-UDP 1 43,741 bytes (0.04 MB)
    > L2TP 34 12,286,450,336 bytes (11,717.27 MB)
    > Total Bandwidth
    > 41,003,938,584 bytes (39,104.40 MB)
    > Best Regards,
    > Q. Nauman M.
    > Manager Customer Service & Support
    > PureVPN
    > ***** We apologize for the delay, might caused in replying your email. We are experiencing an excessive load, unexpectedly, due to customer interest in the services. Our 24/7 live chat is available to assist you on immediate basis.*****
    > On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 2:37 AM, My Email wrote:
    > I told you I won´t invest any minute in comunication with you because you are too lazy to read my issued mails to the support and their answers and that I got ignored totaly you fucked me arround enough I won´t stop until I get my money back because I am a real person and can proce it you know what I´ll start to post now also screenshots online screenshots to prove it even more. just save my time and yours and the time your webmasters and supports investet in advertising your crapy semi vpn and return my money I will not stop it and this is my last mail bye bye
    > On 10.12.2014 22:33, PureVPN Support wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> Please contact us via live chat and ask for the Manager, I will assist you and clear the confusion / misunderstanding we have.
    >> Best Regards,
    >> Q. Nauman M.
    >> Manager Customer Service & Support
    >> PureVPN
    >> ***** We apologize for the delay, might caused in replying your email. We are experiencing an excessive load, unexpectedly, due to customer interest in the services. Our 24/7 live chat is available to assist you on immediate basis.*****
    >> On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 1:45 AM, My Email wrote:
    >> I need no assistance from you give me back my money or I distroy your business by reviews and I can prove it just get your ass in front of my whole emails and read them I was in time and I had really troble not that lousy multi login but I got ignored I swear I will invest every day 4 hours of searching pages where you advertise and write down reviews until your income decreases to a little student
    >> On 10.12.2014 21:36, PureVPN Support wrote:
    >>> Hi,
    >>> Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems you did not notice what I wrote in the end “Still we are keen to assist you for which you may contact us any time.”
    >>> Best Regards,
    >>> Q. Nauman M.
    >>> Manager Customer Service & Support
    >>> PureVPN

    Read more: http://vpn-services.bestreviews.net/vpn-comparison-hidemyass-vs-purevpn/#ixzz3LY0r4vaW

  53. Hannes says:

    Worst VPN ever! Speeds are horrible – not usable inside Mainland China, support only send you automated answers to the FAQ of the website – demanded my money back but no refund, as I opened a file at Paypal they suspended and terminated my account. As I am also based in HK I will involve a lawyer to get my money back – stay tuned.
    Good alternative if you are in China : witopia – much better speed and very good service – they will provide “secret” IP addresses to you if you have speed problems at your location.

  54. Martin says:

    Okay let me start off by saying that I have tried many VPN Providers and by far purevpn is the best of them all. I’m saying this because they have the best addons like smart dns, dedicated ip, Internet kill switch, stealth browser and my favourite DDoS protection. I’m a gamer and I hated the idea DDoS attacks. I love this addon of purevpn.

    BTW PureVPN has 89+ countries and more then 77,000 Ips NOW..That’s what I know from their recent email.

  55. jnksd says:

    Dont ever start with PureVPN. They are a ripoff, cant deliver speed. Didnt even reach 10% from my actual speed. Asked for a refund, passed the 500MB data limit, NO REFUND. How can a company use a 500MB data limit in three days? Are we back in 90’s?
    Bought a annual subscription, they dont give a rats ass… Worst provider EVER!

    I offered to pay for a month even if i used it just for 3 hours. They dont care, no refund, at all…
    Never put trust in this company.

  56. Michael chin says:

    Mckenzie understood my problem immediately n was able to recommend appropriate actions. Great to have such good people in your staff. Thank you

  57. eddy says:

    Had been using vpn services for a while, guess this is the best to me so far. Especially split tunneling. Thanks Albert and company.

  58. Ali says:

    Reactive and comprehensive support team

  59. Wanderzirkus says:

    Well, there were several issues at creating my account and establishing a connection.
    There is no better VPN when it comes to speed at the moment and the UI is handy.
    Support was great.

  60. Francis Dean Ampon says:

    i asked everything i needed to know about purevpn. and i got what i needed. great support and because of that, i will subscribe now.

  61. anders says:

    MCKenzie is the man. He helped me setting up my VPN correct after severel times. Great. Speed could be better. My isp line isd 90/90mbit. With VPN on it is only 16/10mbit

    thanks 😉

  62. Devon says:

    This has to be the best service I have ever tried! Thank You and I love you all 😀

  63. prasanna says:

    very best vpn service i have ever had.hats off ot pure vpn.

  64. Timothy says:

    MCKenzie is great. Solved my problem in minutes. Thanks a lot. Great service and really know his stuff. Cheers

  65. Terry Sean says:

    Hi, After a lot of frustrations attempting to navigate the web site for things that weren’t readily obvious to me, I was join in a live chat with MacKenzie.
    With His/Her patience I was guided through to a successful conclusion. I am now feeling much better. The one thing I really like about PureVPN which is unlike others I have tried is that it is very fast. Keep up the good work. Thank you MacKenzie

  66. Déaglán says:

    Asked McKenzie to sort out an issue and it was dealt with right away and only took 2 minutes from start to finish. The service was very good. The speed isn’t the greatest though, I have 5/3 Mb usually but only getting 3/0.2 via German server.

  67. jlegourd says:

    I used the live chat to understand how to set my router, the implication for my users, how to select location.
    The answers were fast, clear, and helpful.
    Impressed by the service for such a competitive price.

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