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Prospects of development VPN in the future

What technologies VPN service will develop in the future? The uniform standard construction of similar networks will be produced and authorized. Most likely, a basis of this standard will be report IPSec. Further, manufacturers will concentrate on increase productivity of the products and on creation of convenient control facilities VPN.

Most likely, development of construction tools VPN will go in direction VPN on the basis of routers. Such technical decision combines high efficiency and integration VPN and routing in one device. Inexpensive decisions will develop also on the basis of network OS for the small organizations.

Technology VPN is very young, but free vnp is expected with the big future!

All bells inside the Virtual private network share on some types: outside of a network, intranetwork, intradomain.

Receipt of a bell on VPN the system defines type of a call. Then check of the rights, of the causing subscriber on fulfilment of a call and the filtration characteristics determined for the given type of a call is made. Further the call is carried out.

Upon termination of conversation tariff records with the information on type of a call in a format determined billing by system are filled and kept.


–      Support the personal plan of numbering within the framework of each VPN-network.

–      Support  double system of accounts.

–      Support of domains.

–       A filtration of entering / proceeding calls.

–     Support  classes of subscribers, a grouping of filters.

–     Support of mobile office.

–     Installation of short numbers for the subscribers, (virtual subscribers).

–     Support determinant of number.

–     Support of multilanguage format.

–     Option of parameters a network by the manager.

Introduction VPN will allow the company:

–     To supervise all business calls of employees.

–     To limit employees in fulfilment of personal bells.

–     To unit geographically removed objects in a uniform network.

–     To optimize expenses for telecommunication.

–     To create simple system of communication of employees with each other use of short numbers.

Granting of service VPN will allow the operator:

–     To involve more corporate clients.

–     To increase the income from the companies (for example, due to a user’s payment for service and rent of a server).

–     To increase marketing appeal of the company.

Many companies own set of divisions, in different cities, sometimes in the different countries. Before data transmission rented the allocated telephone line for the organization of communication between divisions earlier. In some companies such approach is applied till, now. The network consisting of computers, belonging to the company, and the allocated telephone lines, refers to as a private network.

Private networks work well and possess high security. The trouble that cost rent of one allocated channel T1 makes thousand dollars a month, and rent of a line is many times more expensive. When popular networks of data transmission have appeared, the companies had natural desire to take advantage of them for data transmission.

This reason has led to the invention of virtual private networks (VPN – Virtual Private Networks) which are the overlay networks working atop of usual popular networks, but possessing properties of private networks. They refer to “virtual”, because such networks are almost illusion. Similarly virtual channels are not real channels, and virtual memory is not real memory.

The basic advantage  such organization of a virtual private network will be, that it is completely transparent for all users. Fireproof walls are engaged in installation and management of protecting communications. The unique person there is a business before option of a network, is a system administrator is obliged to configure and support fireproof walls. Others the virtual private network a little than differs from a free vnp on the basis of the allocated line.

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