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Private VPN service that works in China

In the recent world, VPN become more and more popular because of many reason, people love to use private VPN service to do many things, such as unblock websites and VOIP service in countries like China. But there is a problem, the Government like China Gov. doesn’t like people use VPN service to access sites they “don’t like” , so the Gov. will obstruct people to get the VPN service, like block the provider’s site, cut or disturb the normal VPN traffic, etc… so basically you need a service that is optimized for China user


Because the industry is growing fast, there are many VPN service providers, good ones and bad ones are all there, they both claim there service is good for China user, but that’s not true, in this post, I will teach you how to find a good private VPN service for China user instead of just recommend you some VPN brands.


First, the provider’s website better can be loaded in China without VPN service, this is for convenience , please note that many provider have special URL for China user, so these providers’ homepage can’t be accessed , it is very normal, you just send them an email for the special URL


Second, the provider must have China optimized servers, usually you can use command “tracert” to see the backbones of specific servers, in the tracert results, the less spot the better. If you don’t know their server address, you can check their server locations, For China user, US west coast, Japan, Singapore and Korea servers are idea servers.


Third, the provider must have SSL VPN, like OpenVPN or SSTP VPN, because the Great Fire Wall of China often disturb the VPN connection, use SSL VPN can avoid this problem, you don’t like your VPN connections drops every 5 minutes right? And BTW, SSH tunnel service works in China too.


Fourth, the provider better have support guys in local working times. I’m 100% sure you will have problem using VPN service in China, a local time support guy can save a lot of time.


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