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There is no shortage of internet connected devices in our modern lifestyle – our computers and laptops are a given, most of us have smartphones and tablets, and even our TVs are getting into the swing of things. And while this internet connectivity has changed the world in so many ways for good, making communication and research accessible and instant, there is a dark side as well. Without the proper safeguards and technologies like VPNs, every single time we use a device to connect we are sending out millions and millions of pieces of sensitive and critical data – data that hackers, thieves, and even our own governments can use to track our every move and steal out personal information. This is a huge problem, and with the proliferation of free public WiFi and other technologies we are becoming less and less safe by the minute.

That’s where private VPN services come into play. Essentially a completely sealed and encrypted “tunnel” for all of our internet traffic, these services are the best way to make sure that what we do and what we share online stays as private as we attend. Using the same style encryption standards that our own governments use for their most sensitive and classified information to protect and shield everything you do from prying eyes looking to cause you harm, a private VPN today is not only easy to sign up for but even easier to use.

While the private VPN service of yesteryear were complex setups that took a lot of time and money to get up and running, the gigantic surge in interest for protecting our personal data has meant a boost in the technology and adaptation of the service – causing innovators to make it easier and cheaper. Now you can expect to protect everything you do from all prying eyes (hackers, thieves, and others) from people able to steal your data for whatever ends they decide. A private VPN plugs all the holes while keeping your anonymity safe and secure – your electronic footprints won’t have to be erased because they will have never been created in the first place!

It’s important that you do your research into the best private VPN providers though, as some will offer higher levels of service and the price range can be anything from $5 to $25 a month, depending on the perks. Speed shouldn’t be an issue if you’re using a modern broadband connection, and if you’re serious about keeping your information out of anyone else’s hands you need a private VPN account.

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