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PPTP happens to be a network protocol that is utilized when it comes to implementing a VPN or Virtual Private Networks (VPN). As for instance, RFC 2637 happens to be the PPTP technical specification. As a matter of fact, PPTP works onto the client server models and PPTP clients usually are incorporated by default within Windows environment and they are also widely available for operating systems like Linux or Mac OS X. The newer technologies of VPN (e.g. L2TP, IPsec) might swap PPTP someday in future, but despite all that, PPTP is a highly trendy network protocol on computers that run on Windows operating system. PPTP technology can actually expand the PPP or Point to Point Protocol, which is a standard for the conventional dial-up networking.

PPTP usually operates only at the Layer 2 of an OSI model. Since it works as a complete network protocol, it is for granted that PPTP will suit best to the applications that call for remote accessibility. Then again, it supports the internetworking of LAN as well. No wonder people as a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. You should understand that there are both sides of the coin when it comes to deciding whether you should set up or use PPTP VPN.

Did you know that the PPTP VPN client usually comes native with virtually each and every one of the major operating systems like XP and Vista or iPhone. Then again, the PPTP VPN makes use of a TCP port 1723 (in addition to something known as the GRE 47 protocol). Then again, Port 1723 happens to be a standard well-known port utilized by Ms PPTP VPN clients / servers. Thus, it’s very improbable that such kind of a port gets blocked by any of those wire-line ISPs. But cellular, as well as wireless operators shrewdly mess up or block VPN traffic until or unless you’ve paid them the extra monthly payment to use the VPN traffic un-interrupted or unblocked.

Also understand that the software expenses for the PPTP VPN server utilizing Linux fortunately is – low! As for an instance, Server 2003 of Windows with five client-access feature comes with the $999 price tag, whereas Ms ISA Server 2004 comes with a street price of $1975. Needless to say, such products will actually comes with multiple other extra features. Hardware cost is low – Linux can run happily on very low end hardware platforms.

But wait, there’s more! In the world’s developing countries or in the small towns in which the log cabins / garden sheds happen to be plentiful, hotels might find it convenient and more practical to utilize old routers which allows zero (or may be just one) PPTP VPN session on each hotel. When the road warriors happen to be in such locations, just zero or single user will get to enjoy PPTP VPN any time. And the reason here is simple… PPTP VPN makes use of the GRE 47 laden routing protocol that doesn’t work with the obsolete NAT routers.

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