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PingFu reviews

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Why you would want to use a PingFu product

  • To bypass firewalls that restrict you
  • To bypass proxy servers that prevent you from accessing sites
  • For anonymous surfing of the Internet (Hide IP while browsing)
  • To circumvent traffic shaping that affects your online gaming experience
  • To prevent snooping on your Internet activities
  • Additional security for financial transactions

PingFu’s unique offering

  • Automatic configuration
  • High speed and amazingly low pings for an enhanced internet experience
  • 32 bit (high) security encryption of all your HTTP tunneled data
  • HTTP tunneling of any type of application to include those that use TCP & UDP
  • HTTP tunneling for GameGuard games
  • Highly responsive proven post sales support

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Customer Reviews

3 Reviews to “PingFu”
  1. Tarlach says:

    Ping times to WoW are very good. I really like it except for the fact that the developer left leaving only an admin guy that disappears for weeks. There has been no support for this product since April. Does not support Vista 64 and likely won’t due to the former issue.

  2. Justin Eng says:

    Great software that works well. Only problem is that instead of a standard VPN solution which tunnels all traffic, you need to use their built-in tunneler to funnel the traffic of an application through the tunnel. For applications with multiple .exes you will need to sub to their autotunnel GG service.

    Apart from that the software is near perfect, the only limitation being a bandwidth cap at 20 KB/s for pingfu TCP and 40KB/s for pingfu UDP. Latency is good, and the servers are reliable with no dropped connections or lag spikes of any sort. I wouldn’t play FPS over this however for anything else it works fine.

    Recently support seems to have been abducted by aliens and all support/development for this product seems to have stopped. IMHO I would opt for a different product until the developers return from hiatus.

  3. JustAlex says:

    Hi guys! PingFu don’t working something about 2 mounths. Our subscribtions are lost. They don’t reply any messages for technical support… I think PingFu is dead. Maybe somebody know another application like PingFu?

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