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Personal VPN service reviews

If you are reading this article it is obvious you understand the need of a personal VPN service, so this article will provides you with personal VPN service reviews that would help you select the right VPN service for you.

The personal VPN service that would be reviewed in this article would be the personal VPN service from StrongVPN.

You would obviously guess from the name that this personal VPN service is used specifically for those who access the internet over the Wi Fi hot spots.  Now, most of us keep wondering why it is so important for information over the Wi Fi network to be guarded. This is because if you access internet normally, that is through local area network(LAN) connection, you might be unaware of the amount of firewalls which are there between your data and public networks hence making hacking a very difficult process with a normal internet connection. However, when you access the same public networks over a Wi Fi connection, there are no firewalls at all, it is all visible to anybody who decrypts the code. It is precisely here that StrongVPN comes into play.

StrongVPN is basically used for transmitting your data over a secure connection, which is a much better option than increasing encryption levels. What StrongVPN does is that it takes all your personal information that has to be transmitted and then sends it over to a VPN gateway through a VPN connection. This would happen through the SSL and PTP tunnels; tunnels are nothing but a secure mode of transmission. It is certainly much more secure compared to an open network channel.

A few good features of StrongVPN are that Witopia is extremely easy to use and very user friendly. Considering the consumer knowledge of VPN, this is a very essential feature. A very complex method of installing a VPN will only further repel the customer. Since it is quite easy to use the installation also is a piece of cake. Once you get yourself an account you will be sent an address, where you have to download the installation guide, after which the process is normal just like any other installation. The account though is a bit pricey at $4.8 for a month, if seen otherwise it is quite a good investment for its specific users.