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Finally free to do what you want to do,

With Perfect Privacy you can anonymize and encrypt your whole Internet. Regardless whether you like to browse, keep a blog, write emails, run a business, transfer money, download images, exchange files or chat, you will always be unobserved and safe.
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Ease of use,

Perfect Privacy provides custom proprietary privacy clients and preconfigured software that do all the work for you. You do not need to be a computer expert to regain your privacy. Simply install and run our software, follow a few instructions, and your connection can be secured within seconds. Experts and particularly paranoid people are of course welcome to use available open source software.

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Customer Reviews

23 Reviews to “Perfect Privacy”
  1. dylan oasis says:


    Perfect-privacy is good, very goog.
    Allow me to change servers as i need, without limitations or other fees.
    Speed is good. You can chain servers without any troubles.
    The cost is cheap for the services offered.
    And the best : it work under Linux, Mac Os X, and windows with opensource softwares (openvpn, putty…) or the dedicated client by perfect-privacy.
    If you look for an openvpn, check this one out, there are really serious.

  2. privacyfreak says:

    Speed is fine! Servers around the planet, good privacy policy (no logging), multi-hop connections or cascading. The service is realy worth it’s money.

  3. foobar says:

    – 27 Server in 19 different locations

    – OpenVPN, PPTP VPN, SSH, squid, socks5

    – no logs

    – very fast and good support

    That is perfect-privacy

  4. Lillme says:

    I tried pp for a month and they’re ok for surfing and protect the privacy on the internet. A few things could be better which are:

    Some of their servers are in israel, iran and russia, although they might not share data with the u.s etc, for themselves i strongly believe they will log every in/out-coming byte (the providers).

    Support is quite slow but friendly 🙂

    And finally, the price, way too much, at least for me.

  5. campariorange says:

    Very advantageous price for the wide range of servers and options it offers. Allows some anonymous payment options. Does not log. Very fast speed. Unlimited bandwidth. Detailed instructions how to configure and use the software. Multiple OS compatibility. Multiple language support.

  6. campariorange says:

    The rating.

  7. Akiba says:

    I have used this service for about a year, the servers are planty and switching between them is no problem. Also when one goes down a new one opens up soon after. The speed however is a different matter, rarely topping 2 Mbit and mostly beneath that.

  8. Jason says:

    Speed is fine depending on the location, PPTP- & OpenVPN is support, great locations and support. Works perfectly on my Mac.

  9. Benny says:

    Horrible Horrible service, I would touch them with 2 feet stick.
    I Was looking for USA ip, I dont care about security or such, i want to watch hulu.
    I emailed them asking if their 25 EURO per month service will be faster then my current 4USD per month service, logically if its costs more it should work better.
    They promised me golden service, best in the world.
    So I paid for one month, got my Log-In after 3 days and 5 emails, apparently they didnt get my paypal invoice.
    Anyway, I pinged all their USA servers, 670ms ping I was shocked!.
    I tried to connect anyway, my streaming speed was 3k.
    1H after I received my Log-In I asked for refund, they told me they dont refund people, and can only refund me 10Euro out of my 25 Euro for my 1h of usage.
    For example Banana VPN refunded me NO QUESTIONS ASKED, they were also slow but im not angry, they refunded me like a proper business should do.
    So please stay AWAY from “perfect Privacy”, the only fast servers they have are in Europe. If you want fast USA server STAY AWAY!!!

  10. kstep says:

    The most relaible connection i ever tried. And they have a bunch of servers around the world. I never got problems with support. Bandwith full used 🙂

  11. Constitution 101 says:

    Tried it for 2 days. Don’t maintain logs, but speed is BAD and won’t refund after trying it for only 2 days. Takes them 4ever to respond to you by email. Don’t waste yer money like me.

  12. fediri says:

    I have registered two days ago to PP for one year subscription and I got all the info to use their services 1 day after I have registered. Before them , I have used many vpn services , such as findnot , purevpn , anonyproz , trustconnect , bolehvpn e.t.c. The first thing to do was to read , there so many tutorials to read , if someones wants to effectively use their services.

    My conclusion until now , is that I am standing behind three of their servers , using also my web sll vpn , traveling through the globe and still I have a decent speed. if anyone wants a vpn service to play games and watch t.v , perfect privacy is not for him. It is for people who takes their privacy very seriously.

    I am glad that I have decided to subscribe to them.

  13. rocksolid says:

    I tried to be honest on the ratings here but the servers are so unstable its useless. I get disconnected constantly. They have several servers, but i cant log into them, only 1 works and i get disconnected once an hour. AND THIS IS IN EUROPE! Being one of the most expensive VPN’s in here, this must be a joke.

    You have blacklogic and tuvpn which i think i would choose for VPN, but i have more use for a SSH-tunnel plus shell so i went for trilightzone instead. Now the line works great, i havent experienced loosing my connection yet plus better speed for a fraction of the price.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m located in Europe and signed up recently with PP for a 1 month trial. Within 24h I got a working account. Swithing between different openvpn servers across the continent/world is easy and unlike rocksolid, I have not yet experienced any issues with unstable servers. The speed of my internet connection under openvpn is acceptable for servers in my own and neighboring countries, although a performance drop is noticeable. Still, watching streaming video from for example YouTube is not a problem. Since I genuinely care about my privacy and do not intend to use PP’s services for filesharing and the like, I find the speed more than adequate most of the time. Although during use I do of course route most of my internet traffic through PP’s servers, and thus provide them with more than enough information that can identify me to them, I like the fact that they accept anonymous payments. The I-want-to-know-everyting-about-you-and-store-it-in-my-database-virus seems, at least at this point, not to have taken control at PP. If everyting keeps functioning as it does now, I’ll consider signing up for longer.

  15. dan brown says:

    i’ve used perfect privacy for over a year now, i initially signed on for their 1 month service and was very impressed with the speed and fast pings i received from there servers in europe along with ok pings to russia, hong konk & russia. I pretty much immediatly signed up for there 1 year service, i emailed them and they refunded me the difference between the 1 year & there 1 month service.

    what can i say about their speed? is excelent, I have 14mb connection, i can max out my connection thru perfect privacy on all european servers, although at peak times this can go down to 5 or 6mb’s (not often).

    when connecting outside europe, i rarly get about 8mb & the us is the worst often below 2mb, still acceptable to watch hulu,

    connecting to the u.k. is very good watching iplayer is very good

  16. doe says:

    For German users:

    Bin sehr zufrieden mit PP. Sie bieten deutschen und englischen Support,
    sehr viele Server in verschiedenen Ländern.
    Aktuell wird das Netzwerk mit Gigabit-Servern ausgestattet,
    man merkt gar nicht, das ein VPN-Anbieter zwischengeschaltet ist.
    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität der Serveranbindung und mit dem
    Kundendienst. Ich nutze PP seit ca. 2 Jahren und möchte nicht mehr darauf verzichten.

  17. Joe says:

    – No logs
    – Servers all around the world
    – Anonymous payment methods available
    – Decent speed

    Definitely the most anonymous/trustworthy VPN I know.

  18. zzing123 says:

    Before finding Perfect Privacy, I investigated several other providers then I found that while PP isn’t the absolute cheapest provider out there, the fact is the value and service they offer put them in a class of their own:

    – PP are the ONLY provider to allow users to simultaneously log on to any/every of their services. Typically other providers will boot you off their service when you try to use another one.
    – PP have an incredibly broad spread of servers. As a member, you have access to nearly 50 different servers around the world.
    – There is only 1 class of service: full member. That means on any/every of those 50 servers, you can access:
    1. SSH2 tunnels (they even provide a dedicated client for this)
    2. OpenVPN (256 bit AES) on all servers
    3. PPTP on all servers
    4. Proxies via both Squid and SOCKS5
    5. Furthermore, some of their newer ones also provide L2TP.
    6. Tor Exit nodes

    Practically all of their servers are 100mbit unlimited usage. Some in the more exotic countries are 10mbps unlimited, while in the more developed countries (US, NL), you have gigabit. Speed is obviously dependent on how close you are to the nearest server, but I have sub-7ms latency to my nearest server. Even on their most congested servers (yes they have realtime reports on traffic usage), there’s no noticeable slowdown to the service. Since I use a fast machine as the basis for my router, I actually see a slight speed increase (around 11% on average) since OpenVPN’s LZO compression means more data goes through my pipe.

    PP are also absolutely evangelical about privacy and freedom, and also dedicate a small amount of each server’s bandwidth to Tor for use as exit nodes. Thus if you’re a fan of Tor, you can use that in combination to your own private internet woven via OpenVPN or SSH for an anonymised service beyond comparison to any other provider.

    Last but not least, there are no usage limits on PP. I for example have 4 dedicated VPNs: one to the US (where I route the entire US IP range), one to the UK (routing the UK IP’s) and one to my local server where I route the rest of the world. I also have a fourth to allow for Remote Port Forwarding and SMTP in a completely different country.

    This means I can see BBC iPlayer with no ads in one window and Hulu in another without pressing a button. Name any other provider that can offer this level of freedom for the 12.50 EUR / mth (assuming 1-year package) they ask for, and you’ll quickly find that PP’s value for money is beyond comparison.

  19. Milito says:

    Don’t believe the lamer complaining, he’s the only one too, probably a delusional psycho.
    This service WORKS. 3 years now with them, never an issue i remember worth mentioning, good speed, huge number of servers, perfectprivacy in a word. and works on my ipad-iphone too!!!!
    smack !

  20. koper says:

    best vpn provider.

    – simultaneous login from different locations
    – OpenVPN, PPTP, IPsec, SSH tunnels, Squid HTTP Proxies
    – unlimited data transfer
    – a lot of servers
    – no logs
    – great speed

    they are not cheap but they offer the best vpn service you can imagine. I can not imagine to not be able to be logged in from the multiple locations at the same time or not have ssh tunnels and proxies.

  21. Jason says:

    How is the service be honest! I haven’t used it for 2 years now but previously subscribed for a year. Let me tell you the speed is crap on almost all servers even Witopia can beat each of their servers on speed & price. I am not saying Witopia is great, I have since left Witopia due to their logging tactics. Nowadays there are plenty new VPN service that also don’t log any activity.

  22. Chris says:

    I started to use their service back in april. The first week was fine than I started having connection problems. Tech took a day to get back to me by email said it might be my provider blocking me. I also have a hidemyass account and have never had a problem. I did notice on perfect privacy certain words whether in a search or in the website address were blocked. The word torrent was block.

    I do not trust them

  23. VPNArea.com says:

    Why on earth would you be paying so much money to perfect privacy? VPNArea.com offers 3 times as many VPN servers, socks 5 and much more, really rare offshore locations are also available:

    1) 31 (and growing) VPN servers in many locations some of which nobody else offers.Switzerland Isle of Man Chile Kyrgyzstan Moldova Japan Sweden Germany Singapore France USA Netherland Panama Egypt United Kingdom Australia Turkey South Africa Russia Ukraine Canada Estonia Malaysia HongKong Iceland Spain
    2) Access to all servers is included with membership
    3) Socks5 proxies with an option to check their status, OpenDNS servers list and custom software developed by us as Proxy Chain and Proxy manager, are some of the features included with the membership. All free of charge.
    4) Instant account activation upon payment by Liberty Reserve or Paypal.
    5) Accepting Liberty reserve and Western union
    6) Hosted in Switzerland and registered in Bulgaria
    7) Keeps no logs of the activity of the users
    8) Has a user-friendly and pretty design of product.
    9) multiple connections from same ip
    10) Instant account activation
    OpenVPN, L2TP/Ipsec, PPTP

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