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Overplay’s SmartDNS Adds 80 New Channels

OverPlay, the industry’s fastest and most reliable SmartDNS and VPN service provider, recently announced the addition of over 80 new channels to its lineup. OverPlay’s SmartDNS now provides access to an industry-leading number of US and international streaming services.

Listening to feedback from their subscribers, OverPlay has expanded their service by adding support for the top US sports, music and entertainment channels, as well as a number of highly requested international channels from Australia, France, the UK, and India. New supported services include ESPN, MLB.tv, Pandora, Spotify, AMC.com, Sundance TV, BBC Radio, Canal Play and many more.

The new additions make OverPlay a top choice for users looking for virtually unlimited access to online content. You can view the full list of services on the OverPlay Channels page.

All of these new channels are available to existing OverPlay subscribers today, with no account changes required. New subscribers looking for fast, unrestricted access to global content can sign up for OverPlay SmartDNS or SmartDNS + VPN at any time, with plans starting as low as $4.95 per month.

As always, OverPlay’s additional service features include:

  • A secure global network of servers in 48 countries
  • Access to 5,000+ anonymous IP addresses
  • Unlimited region switching
  • Faster streaming with Turbo-powered SmartDNS
  • Free, easy-to-use software and mobile applications
  • Support for a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Amazon, Apple TV, Boxee, Roku, PlayStation, and XBox
  • Fast, reliable customer service

About OverPlay SmartDNS:

OverPlay is one of the industry’s most innovative SmartDNS and VPN service providers. Offering two ways to access virtually any restricted website from anywhere in the world, OverPlay ensures free reign over your Internet access. With over 5,000+ anonymous IP addresses on secure servers in 48 countries, true Internet freedom has never been easier. Visit OverPlay.net to learn more.