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OverPlay has high speed VPN servers in 12 countries, you pay them $9.95 you get unlimited access , this is a good VPN for UK online TV , many people use OverPlay to watch BBC iplayer outside UK .

This provider allow P2P traffic. and of course they have instant account activation

The downside is OverPlay don’t have SSTP VPN and they don’t have live support

OverPlay Highlights

  • High Speed VPN Servers – most with 1000Mbps dedicated bandwidth.
  • PPTP or OpenVPN connection options available – we provide a custom build of either TunnelBlick or OpenVPN-GUI to connect to our service and to auto-update when new servers are added.ย  This feature is quite unique.
  • Dedicated support from the UK
  • $9.95 per month with unlimited bandwidth
  • Single site account sharing permitted

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Customer Reviews

93 Reviews to “OverPlay”
  1. Connor Steward says:

    Signed up for this about a month ago to access BBC iplayer, and since then to watch some World Cup soccer qualifiers that weren’t being shown here.

    Had some trouble getting the PPTP option to work, but they’ve got a download for an auto-updating version of Tunnelblick and that worked fine so I gave up on PPTP without spending much time on fixing it.

    No issues at all with the speed, BBC HD streams fine, RTE player works well and those were all I wanted.

    Looks like there’s 3 US servers, 2 UK server, and an Irish server.

  2. Thanks for the review Connor, glad to hear its working well for you. We actually have 3 US, 3 UK, and 3 Irish servers currently.


  3. Paul Hirsh says:

    I signed up a month ago, its working fine on both my iphone and my Mac. The client software is pretty impressive – i had to contact support because the US server was a little slower than the others, and they managed to fix the issue by ‘pushing’ a fix via the connection update feature.

    I have been using the UK servers mostly – no trouble with them at all.

    I struggled to get an openvpn connection running on Ubuntu, but PPTP seemed to work fine.

  4. Garry Whiting says:

    I’m actually amazed; I’ve tried a few OpenVPN solutions over the past few years but i’ve finally found one that my grandmother could install. No messing with certificates, no copying configuration files or setting routes. It just works. Nice job guys.

    Windows 7 / 64-bit.

  5. Alex B says:

    Very simple, very fast. Helped me get rid of my Cable bill so the cost is well worth it at present.

  6. Before Overplay I used another VPN vendor but their service was very intermittent and not stable.

    I’ve been using Overplay’s OpenVPN with considerable success for over two weeks. I live in Florida and use this VPN service to access the BBC iPlayer and Zattoo. Both work flawlessly.

    I had one setup support question which Overplay responded to within 60 minutes.

  7. Samuel says:

    I am impressed with the reviews of this company thinking to give them a try. But before this I would like to know how old is this company?

    I tried looking on their website for any contact email, but couldn’t fine one, this is the reason I am asking here.


  8. Hugh says:

    Hi, I have been using overplay.net for about 2 weeks, I find it an excellent service, getting all channels fro tvcatchup.com, and Zattoo, on Zattoo I can get all Northern Ireland regional programs, and can connect to their Irish server, quality excellent. Their help line provides an excellent service.
    Before, I had tried 2 other NPN setups, problems with buffering, and help facilities not good.
    I am extremely satisfied with overplay.net,

  9. Keceli says:

    For a week using Overplay. I must say that I am with the Lesitung of Overplay completely satisfied. Above all, it’s wonderful to be able to use different VPN connection. When using Zattoo Wilmaa and tvcathup had no problems. Very fast connection and speed, just great.


  10. sloop says:

    I’ve been looking for a Danish VPN provider for a few weeks, and found Overplay provided just that.

    I’m running OSX 10.6.2 and had a bit of trouble with the OverplayVPN software at first,but seem to have resolved that with an updated kext that their support provided me with.

    Speed from the UK to Denmark is incredible, almost no loss at all – i’m getting around 16Mbps on speedtest, so overall very happy!

  11. Robert says:

    Just signed-up with OverPlay having previously used another provider whom was totally unreliable in almost every way.

    This is simply just a great and very straightforward service, with clear instructions and good layout. I’m not a tecchie person, and wasn’t looking forward to the set-up process, but in fact it was all so very simple and fully automatic/’hands free’.

    Everything worked fine from the first ‘click’, and I’m sure this is the provider I’ve been seeking for a long time; no need to change ever again!

  12. John says:


    I like this but sometimes it slows down the pc something terrible.

    discovered safe mode in the uk doesnt work and some of the sites are picking up the fact its aproxy server. if these are not fixed overplays days are numbered

  13. Overplay says:


    Give us a yell at vpnsupport@overplay.net and we’ll help you resolve the UK safemode connection – the server is accepting connections fine.

    Regarding the proxy detection, I suspect you’re refering to TVCtchup – they’ve blanket banned UK datacenters so unfortunately all VPN providers are affected. Google ‘tvcatchup ukvpn’ for some interesting Reading on the background to this!

  14. P Smith says:

    Feel a bit dissapointed with Overplay. Lots of servers easy enough software, no problems with the UK servers, but the US servers are buffering a lot, may 3 out of every 4 times I log in per week its slow, fingers crossed it gets better.

    I am with them 6 weeks now after ditching Lamnia for always being down, although I am now thinking of trying somewhere else, if things dont get any better on the buffering on the USA servers, makes watching tele online tedious.

    Come on OverPlay!

  15. Overplay says:

    P Smith,

    We have 6 servers, with multi-gigabit connectivity in 6 different datacenters, in 5 different states, I’d have to conclude that the problem isn’t necessarily our end!

    You’ve not contacted support either, perhaps that’d be a better use of your time rather than rating it 3/5 without using it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. P Smith says:

    Hey buddy dont critize me, I am paying for a service which I would expect to be able to use without have to contact customer care for. FYI I have been on with your customer service guy David, assisting him in diagnosing the problem.

    Now in all fairness I will say that David was excellent. The problem is not on my end, he will confirm that. It was completely random, some servers connecting other not, until now only 2 of the 6 US servers gave me internet access, but now all are fine, whatever David did it seems to have resolved the problem for the time being. Although I repeat no changes were made on my end.

    Fingers crossed it stays that way. Because you do offer a great range of servers that have not been blanketed by Hulu ect.

    If I am all good after a week I will come on here singing your praises to all who care to listen ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will say one thing, my experience with customer service was top notch. David deserves a raise, perhaps they could knock a few quid of your salary and top his up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Fernando says:

    the easiest fastest service ive ever used,, thanks overplay,, working perfect

  18. Rosetta Johnson says:

    I’ve used plenty of VPN servers in my time, but the polish on OverplayVPN, particularly the quality of connection options (I found out about them on the Boxee forum, where they provide a plugin to login via Boxee’s UI) and the speed of the connections themselves leaves pretty much everyone I’ve tried before throughly lacking. Combine that with a response time of 3 MINUTES on a support ticket regarding the boxee plugin on my AppleTV… outstanding.

  19. Michelle says:

    I’ve used plenty of VPN servers in my time, but the polish on OverplayVPN, particularly the quality of connection options (I found out about them on the Boxee forum, where they provide a plugin to login via Boxee’s UI) and the speed of the connections themselves leaves pretty much everyone I’ve tried before throughly lacking. Combine that with a response time of 3 MINUTES on a support ticket regarding the boxee plugin on my AppleTV… outstanding.

  20. Amy says:

    the easiest fastest service ive ever used,, thanks overplay,, working perfect

  21. Gwen Campbell says:

    Delighted with service. Have tried at least 6 other UK VPN servers and was totally fed up with buffering. Was trying to stream BBC iplayer but just unwatchable, especially in eveings and weekends, with every other provider I’d tried.

    This is the best I’ve found by far. Many thanks


  22. P Smith says:

    Just to update on my previous post. Like I said the support response were excellent, they got my connections issues sorted, so I could connect to all the servers.

    However, I have had a lot of problems streaming live. Constant buffering made it impossible to watch. In fairness, buffering on the US servers was slightly better than the UK servers. I gave it the past month to see if it worked itself out, but it didnt. I found myself having to hop from server to server trying to find one with no buffering. Or watch at ungodly hours of the morning when there was lower traffic. In the end I decided I would try some place else. I waited over the past month to see if it ironed itself out, but it didnt. I thought maybe it was on my end, south american internet and all.

    So I signed up with another provider to test it out, UKVPN, and hey presto the buffering has disappeared. I am watching Zattoo and Iplayer at anytime of the day, no buffering. So the problem wasnt on my end.

    For me the variety of servers and customer support was great but the streaming / buffering problems let it down.

  23. Mohamed says:

    I’ve been subscribed for nearly a year now and I’ve seen overplay grow a lot. Aside from the odd login timeout I’ve never experienced a problem. I recently took the opportunity to upgrade to their latest OverPlayVPN software, which throughly sets them apart from other providers I’ve used before… a simpler connection you can’t imagine.

    It looks like they’re now offering a free US VPN service, nice touch.

  24. Michel Erlandsen says:

    It’s a thrill to use your service! It is simple to use and a very powerfull tool, which make the web unfold. I have already recommended it to all my friends and I will keep doing it! Great service – works perfect!

  25. Paul Gordon says:

    Is anyone using this service from Hong Kong? I have a terrible connection to the BBC iPlayer from Hong Kong. All streams drop to 480 kbps and most still buffer. Live streams such as the world cup games are unwatchable. Now I don’t blame Overplay for this – their customer service is excellent but they couldn’t fix the issue. It is more likely to be a problem with my ISP (Netvigator) or Hong Kong’s links to the rest of the world. However, I would very much appreciate any feedback from customers using this service in HK. If BBC iPlayer works fine for you, then that makes it easier for me to identify my problem. Many thanks.

  26. Bex says:


    Overplay is awesome! It has opened up a whole new world for us! We have not had TV for over 2 years, and previously wasted a shocking amount of time online searching for streaming programs that we’re interested in watching.

    We also subscribe to Megavideo for $20 every 3 months, but might do away with that now that we have discovered Overplay.

    My husband is thrilled about all of the Irish programming, especially the Gaelic football coverage available through RTE. He usually has to pay $20 into a pub in Toronto early on a Sunday morning just to get seeing the matches……I might regret getting Overplay for this same reason mind you!

    Anyways, I’m excited to play around and see what else the service has to offer.



  27. Sam says:

    I’ve used OverPlay for about a month for the sole purpose of online gaming until the IP was blocked by the game server. I’ve used it pretty much everyday, which meant that unlimited bandwidth was a huge plus. The speed was not that great; just barely playable without lag most of the times and sporadically disconnecting when there were too many users on the VPN (but this is for gaming purposes; you might not lag at all if you just want to watch streaming videos or other media content on the Internet). The best thing about this VPN provider is the ease of use of their client (software) and their customer service. The client is easy to install but more importantly easy to use. You just pick whichever server you want to connect to and click connect.

    Any questions that you have regarding their service is replied within a few hours. Now that is extremely RARE for a B2C VPN provider that is in the market right now. I’ve e-mailed many other VPN providers for questions about their servers or free trial accounts; most of them take over 24 hours to reply (one even took 3 days). Most of these providers are fourth rate trying to make quick money for undeserving service but OverPlay has been my only exceptional experience in my search for a VPN provider so far.

    Highly recommended for uses other than gaming.

  28. Vern says:

    I was looking for a vpn providing a server giving a japanese ip for games and websites that blocks foreign ip and after a long search I have finally found overplay. So far I have had no problem with overplay.net, I just wish that the japanese was a bit faster. Maybe adding more server from there would help ?

  29. massaluke says:

    Perfect thing for people not living in their homecountry to stay connected in watching local TV.

  30. Donald Casey says:

    Did a search on the internet for a VPN provider for the UK and Ireland.
    Came upon Overplay and I am very happy with this service.They have plenty of servers and I have not have had any difficulty getting ITV player,BBC player and RTE player.There service supplies everything I need to connect to from the USA.

  31. Alex says:

    excellent service. does what it says on the tin.

  32. Omar H says:

    I have had overplay for about a year now. when i first signed up with them, the service was amazing. i was able to watch Hulu without any buffering time. it hardly impacted my connection speed.
    in the past 2 months, the service has now not been all that. i would have to try different servers till i get connected. once i finally connect, the connection is super slow. not sure why the service went downhill but i am shopping for another VPN now.

  33. OverPlay.net says:

    Hi Omar,

    Please open a ticket at https://www.overplay.net/support and we’ll work with you to resolve this. We’ve more bandwidth available than ever so i’m confident we can find a solution.

  34. mala says:

    i’m having a problem connecting to my account since yesterday,i have done everything to ractify this problem but all i could get each time i try to connect was waiting for the server and it keep doing this since yesterday..

  35. Sion says:

    Great website and a easy to use but is slower than the other provider i use.
    Im in Australia and its buffering all time on iplayer.

    Its a great price (half of what i normaly pay) and great to have the use of other vpn around the world but no good if its slow.

    Its a shame!

  36. Surinder Ramesha says:

    Closed down 3 accounts with other VPN companies and consolidated with a single Overplay.net account. Not had any glitches, just works, is fast, and is a bargain.

  37. Chris says:

    I love this service after using it for the past couple of months, I’d really like to know what “Safemode” is and what th “US Free” server is. and under what circumstances I’d need to use these servers

  38. Bryan says:

    Good service most of the time, and I like to be able to choose different countries/servers. But it slows down something terrible whenever there is a big football match on, so I never get to watch them ๐Ÿ™

  39. Sion Jones says:

    I can’t say enough good things about these guys!
    Customer support has been great with that personal touch.
    I had some problems at first but they sorted my problems right away.

    I personally think it’s great value as you have the full use of all the international VPN servers. Just great!

  40. TTLP says:

    I’ve just subscribed to Overplay. And I also have a subscription for Zattoo to view German programs from Australia. It has been very disappointing due to the beffering delay every 5 seconds! Anyway to improve the results?

  41. Julie says:

    No fuss, simple to get working, great range of servers to connect to and fast enough for me. Happy.

  42. Rick says:

    Wow, Great server speed globally. Great support and easy to install. I didn’t do my research at first and ended up with a awful VPN service. I found Overplay from this site ratings and could not be happier.

  43. Thunder says:

    is there a problem that people are complaining about buffering ?

    Please can a VPN provider support can shed some light on why it is happening ?

    i would like to signup for a VPN and once you can tell me that these reasons or any solution to this would be great.

    thank you

  44. Melvin Emmanuel Chan says:

    Just signed up for Overplay VPN service today connect to their VPN server in Hong Kong to access online TV programs in Hong Kong.

  45. Alexe says:

    WOW. Fantastic speed and very easy to use GUI, I have used Anonymizer for a year and OverPlay is 10 times faster. I also like the ability to have IP’s from different countries – Anonymizer only had US IP’s.

  46. Bitti says:

    the easiest and fastest service i’ve ever found!
    Thanks overplay!

  47. Dave says:

    Really love being able to watch 6 Nations Rugby online!!! Overplay is so much easier that the other provider I used last year. It was a pain in the rear…… kept messing with my firewall and antivirus, causing my computer to lose my connection. Had this program for a week and works great!! Thanks for making a product I can use to watch my rugby games online and enjoy! I will definitely renew my subscription in April when it expires.

  48. Stephen says:

    Been using Overplay VPN for about a year. Form USA to UK. On a PC or Mac it seems to work. But on the iPad I have problems. TV Catchup detects it and doesn’t work on iPad. New BBC iPlayer on iPad doesn’t work either.

  49. Jac Nielsen says:

    After looking for a VPN that could grant me acces to UK and US, i found Overplay after it was showed on a swedish IT program on SV1 where they showed just how easy it was to use from US to SWE.

    And after trying out their service for about 2-3 days i have to say that this is the fasteste and most stabile connection and can only recommend it

    I have giving it 4 because sometimes it seems that the connection becomes slow and it buffs alot, if that was not the case i would have giving it a 5 in all.

    Havent rated the support since i havent tried that out yet.

  50. Kelly says:

    I was using overplay for watching swiss tv on wilmaaa, it worked before but unfortunately it seems that wilmaa blocker their IP addresses, only swiss 2 works but that one is way too slow to watch live tv ๐Ÿ™
    I’m getting back to swissvpn

  51. AQ says:

    I signed up to overplay after reading the reviews. Firstly I have nothing but praise for the swift reply to my emails to the support team. I also am currently subscribed to vpnuk and having sent an email to their support team over 6 days ago, I have yet to receive a reply. In contrast the longest I have waited for overplay to send a reply is around 15minutes.

    Having said that I tried overplay as I was unhappy with the speed of vpnuk and the constant buffering. Unfortunately using overplay is no different. It may well be that this is to be expected for a service connecting to the UK from Australia but I remain disappointed with the speed of the server. I cannot really watch iplayer or skyplayer even after selecting the option for a lower bandwidth connection. I have tried all the suggestions by overplay support including using the special Aus to Uk server, both using the overplay app and the customised tunnelblick version. I have not been able to connect to the PPTP despite following the video tutorial on my mac.

    In summary, excellent response to any questions, but from Australia at least, my experience is of very poor speeds

  52. jamesclandestine says:

    NOTE: this review is written based on the use of overplay for accessing streaming content in other countries. I have no experience with using torrent etc. via this provider. Note also that my internet connection allows a max downstream of 5.5Mbits. I reach this velocity on all the VPN servers that I tested but I naturally cant comment on any higher possible bandwith.

    I stumbled across overplay in the search for a VPN provider which offers servers in Norway. After registration (free) i downloaded the software – which alone is already worth a big applause, i tried other vpn providers for sweden before and they (e.g. relakks) need you to configure an individual connection which did not work in my case (and yes i know how to handle my firewall) – and tried their US test server. The stuff worked. So i bought the 10bucks monthly prescription (for which u get access to a ton of servers allover the world) and started the streaming.
    Then however when I went into the Norwegian VPN servers, the streams were VERY slow – unwatchable. I contacted the support and they took up the problem just one hour later. Over the following days i was contacted by them EVERYDAY in order to come with problem solving suggestions and to keep me updated on their investigation. Finally a couple of days later they figured out that the problem lies in the fact that many norwegian tv channels host their content in Sweden and there seemed to occur some problem via the routing from sweden to the vpn server location in norway. (As a sidecomment: the connection to servers in norway, from the norwegian VPN provided the usual high-speed overplay guarantees). The support then let me know that they cant solve the problem immediately but rather some more internal troubleshooting will be required.
    Now as of today (only a week later) they hosted two NEW Norwegian servers and the issue has been resolved.

    I must say that i am pretty impressed by that quality of customer service! Not to mention the ease of use software and the wide availability of servers to connect to. Therefore I think this offer is worth the 5 stars rating!

  53. Stew Fair says:

    Not very useful for iPlayer usage in Canada. My downloads to any UK VPN server cap out at 1Mb/s, not really good enough for VPN. US speeds are 2.5 Mb/s.

    Support is horrid. The priority to is to close the ticket, not solve the problem. I raised the speed issue twice, and both times the tickets were closed without resolution.

    I picked up another provider’s account, and my UK VPN downloads are now 2.3 Mb/s.

  54. Roland says:

    Wow! I am super glad I found out about these guys. You just can’t go wrong with OverPlay. First and foremost the speed is amazing. I have a 15 Mbps cable connection and there is absolutely no noticeable impact, not even negligible! I’m on a Mac and OverPlay has a simple software program that you download and it connects using OpenVpn. No configuration of any kind is needed. Just download, enter your username and password and click connect, that’s it. You can however manually configure your VPN setup if you like though. At a Price of $9.95 a month you just can’t beat the quality and value. It’s also nice to know that OverPlay is not a fly by night company. There are reviews here that date back to 2009.

  55. ty engul says:

    Have used overplay for the last 3 weeks, and I must say CRAP! Slower than a snail and like the poster above there support is horrid just interested in closing the tickets and not resolving the problem. Going down hill very fast, maybe back in 2009 they were good but now very very slow speeds.

  56. Kristen C says:

    I use it only to watch online videos. The service in average is good,80% works without problem 20% you need to wait about 1 minutes to buffer and then watch the full episode.

    support respond fast, but they don’t have any solutions to the buffering problem, say it’s just because the service is too busy

  57. Doris T says:

    It was great to finally get a provider that was fast and effective, i use VPN to watch online shows, such as Hulu. i have to say i am happy with their service, i didn’t get much buffering when i use VPN to watch the show. i don’t know why some people get slow experience, maybe they are on a busy server, just try another one

    the only downside is the price, they don’t have bulk discounts

  58. Jim Rease says:

    Bought overplay to use with my xbox through my dd wrt router after reading good things about them on the dd wrt forums. I have to say it – wowww. This dd wrt application is just amazing.

  59. RicK Goss says:

    I have been using Overplay from Hong Kong for the past several months to watch US television programs on Hulu,com and similar services like tvduck.com, and sidereel.com. It worked smoothly and without problems. Back in the country now so have cancelled, but will sign up again next time I’m overseas.

  60. rick says:

    Guys i am trying out your vpn, the free usa server wont connect.i was considering this or the more popular strongvpn.i like this company so i will see how soon this issue is resolved and will keep you posted(cant pay for a vpn that goes down often.

  61. rick says:

    Now that’s service…good job guys.response time is impeccable and i get more free service.End of the month you will see my wallet open only for you David. Big up.

    — On Tue, 6/21/11, David Allonby wrote:

    From: David Allonby
    Subject: [#ZVP-354-90531]: cannot connect- authentication failed
    To: mcintosh_rick@yahoo.com
    Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 7:00 AM

    Hello Rick,

    We have taken the US-Free server offline for the moment due to abuse, however I’ve credited your account with 48h of full service access in order for you to test.

    David Allonby

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: ZVP-354-90531
    Department: General
    Type: Issue
    Status: In Progress
    Priority: Critical

    Support Center: https://www.overplay.net/kayako/index.php?

  62. David says:

    Love this service! Tried the freebie US server for 3 days then took out a subscription. I switch servers daily to make sure Im totally anonymous and no-ones tracking me. 10/10

  63. Joe says:

    Used this for a good 5 months for an online game where client usage was restricited in the Uk, it started of really well but in the last week the Brazil and Egy servers which i had to use got really slow and random drop outs from the connection.

    Though supoort is top notch, a good overall VPN which works best using european IPs.

  64. MrJohn says:

    Set up was automatic with no complications. Clicked connect and I was off to VPN land. Since I work in remote areas of the world this VPN is perfect for avoiding local servers and connecting to US sites. It has my five stars so far.

  65. jcarter says:

    Just got a 1 month subscription. Im in Singapore. Installed on a Mac Mini running Snow Leopard. Watching a “fake or fortune” on BBC iPlayer at the moment – perfect. Trying hulu and pandora internet radio later: hope it works as well.

  66. Rick says:

    I’m really pleased with Overplay. I use this type of service infrequently…usually at the public wifi sites on vacation and so flexibility in commitment is huge. Previously, I used Witopia while on vacation in Aruba…slow slow slow. It was my first experience with this type of service so I thought “that’s just the way it is”. This time (I’m currently writing this review through the server in Argentina), I used Overplay and what a difference. I love the app which makes connecting a breeze. With Witopia, I had to custom enter config settings in Network Preferences. Not a big deal for those that are mildly computer savvy, but why make it so difficult? The Overplay app works great on my mac and does all the work for me. I can choose from multiple servers to find the fastest. In Aruba, Argentina was the best and my web sufing experience felt no different than back home in the states. Love it!

  67. Marco Brambilla says:

    I am little bit puzzled.
    There is supposed to be a “demo”, slow server in the US, but on their own web page the server name is misspelled.
    It only shows as “vpn1-us-free.overplay.co” which by the way is incorrect, it does not resolve (even if fixed to be “vpn1-us-free.overplay.com”)

    It resolves to the same IP address as the small connection utility only if modified to vpn1-us-free.overplay.net, but in any case I never get a response from the server.


  68. Matthew says:

    The service has become very slow in the afternoons lately. For the last two days it has showed lower than modem speed. Late nights and mornings are still perfect with very good speed. Possibly Overplay have received too many new users and have not upgraded their hardware fast enough.

    (Turning off the tunnel makes full speed return so I can rule out any other components in the setup.)

    A graph on the website for each VPN server showing current load would be very useful to help us choose which path to select for best performance. Also this would make error handling a lot easier as we could instantly identify the tunnel as the cause of slow traffic.

    Otherwise a very neat service! Hope things get back to “normal” (or faster ๐Ÿ™‚ soon…

  69. OverPlay.net says:

    Matthew, that doesn’t sound right, possibly your ISP attempting to throttle unknown connections at busier periods – drop us a line at vpnsupport@overplay.net and we’ll help you out with that.

  70. Rick N says:

    I have been with Overplay for one year now. The service has been excellent. Recently, I have suffered from slow connection speeds which the support team at Overplay analyzed within a minutes of my support request. My ISP was severely throttling my traffic to the VPN. Overplay had the solution and I’m back to high speed once again.

    Special thanks to Dave at Overplay.

  71. Peter Cunningham says:

    Simple to set up, excellent speeds, worth every penny!

  72. Ian says:

    Been using Overplay for about six months now, all has been fine, but recently noticed speeds have really reduced, now it’s almost impossible to use them to watch streaming video. Disappointed. Contacted support, but they haven’t responded (they’re not very fast at responding in general).

    Maybe time to find another service?

  73. Alex Norton says:

    Now been over a year using Overplay (after trying vpngates and lamnia) and everything has been working exactly to expectations. I am in the US and I use their service to view UK and some Italian servers. Speed has got better over the past 6 months and many times we can watch BBC HD streams directly (a year ago we would be limited to SD) I also use their service on ipad and iplayer app and that also works reliably.
    They added a yearly fee which makes sense rather than going month to month.

  74. William says:

    Purchased this service in order to play US/JP only online games only to find that all the servers are already IP blocked in a large number of games. Since I can’t use the service for what I purchased it for I am going to have to give a bad rating. I would warn that if you are buying a VPN for the purpose of playing foreign games, this might not be the best choice.

  75. Allen Grove says:

    Basically, this service is complete rubbish. In Qatar all sites blocked by the government are still blocked when using Overplay, so for TV streaming, it’s fine, but if you live in a country like this where the internet is censored, it’s utterly useless. I would guess this means that all your internet use can still be tracked, too. I signed up for three months but a week later I am now removing it. Very disappointed. Not had this problem with any other vpn provider.

  76. Noel Clinton says:

    im retired and needed a new way of life. I amwith Overplay for 12 months.
    it is a new life as I now watch tv from RTE and all the UK sites. since i became familar with Overplay i am trying to expand my day to a 40 hour day.
    giving five stars for each catagory is a great understatement.
    you will find that those nasty comments about overplay are more likely by some opposition VPN provider. we are no longer isolated in Australia as we now have OVERPLAY.

  77. Leo yohros says:

    I hooked up with overplay about 2 weeks ago, beacuse i bought a boxee box and wanted to get the us and uk sites from panama. The speed has been a real problem, cant watch anything, not even pandora works. When i connect without the overplay vpn in youtube i can watch it with out any problem, when i connect to the vpn it dosent run.

    I would appreciate if you can help me.

  78. Brian Dunlap says:

    As of Feb 10, 2012, no longer able to access RTE Player in Ireland from the USA using the Overplay.net VPN service. I just cancelled my account. This service worked without a problem for over a year. But alas, no more.

  79. Damo says:

    Good native VPN options, no clients that need installing – which is why I bought it. However, just tried to use it to watch some Olympics coverage… couldn’t even load the speedtest welcome page, let alone run a speed test! BBC iPlayer has also identified and blocked their IP each time I’ve tried it. Maybe I’ve picked a bad time, but for what I want, it’s basically useless.

  80. Sandos says:

    good speed and access but…
    Could not access some key sites through SmartVPN.
    Did not reply to customer support query about this.
    Site crashed or was overloaded during key event (Olympics opening).

  81. Damo says:

    After I tried Overplay support, they contacted me immediately – their support was immediate and very detailed; can’t fault them for that. They directed me to their SmartDNS service, that I understand re-routes selected traffic via a UK PoP, which is basically less load for them than a full encrypted VPN, but also should be faster.

    The difference was remarkable – less congested, and faster. I was now able to watch some iPlayer at reasonable speeds, sometimes. TVCatchup was, as always, savvy, and rejected me.

    I then tried Expatshield; I hate their native app and ads, so I ran it on a VM rather than have its nasty stuff all over my laptop. Expatshield worked faster and better than Overplay. So, still not great. TVCatchup still rejected.

    Finally… I sent a plea out to friends on Facebook. One of them offered a VPN login to their home router and broadband connection, so I could log in via their home network on both my laptop and iPad via PPTP. Suddenly…. everything worked. Streaming video was clunky, but continuous and worked. TVCatchup, of course, couldn’t tell the difference, and had no complaints at all. Right now, I’m watching the Olympics Eventing on my iPad.

    Moral of the story? Friends will always help you more than almost any paid service, if you can impose. And Overplay have some cool services and support…. great features. They just don’t have enough capacity to work worth a damn.

  82. Ian Groves says:

    Customer service sucks, no effort to try and work with you on problems, just feed you canned information irrelevant to your problem and then ignore you. Avoid.

  83. Coz says:

    I recently subscribed to this service. First two days everything worked perfectly. I was very impressed. Two days in I was unable to access my account. I contacted customer support for help. They told me they sent me an email. Unfortunately, I did not receive this email. After some discussion a new email was sent to another of my email accounts (at my request) explaining the issue.

    The email explanation was very cryptic. They essentially said they wanted more ID from me due to “risk scoring in my IP area”. Further discussion with customer services on the day did not help. After all, I wanted to have a clearer explanation of the issue and how my ID would be used. The explanations provided by customer support person were incomprehensible. She went on to talk about Level 2 authoritisation and so on [now it is important to say I consider myself as a fairly intelligent person – I can keep up with most things, including quantum physics…]. So I decided to reflect on the issue. I contacted customer support the following day incase a different member of staff could provide a better explanation but to no avail. However, he did say that upon submission of the ID the issue would be rsolved within 24 hrs.

    Eventually, I decided to submit my ID. 24hrs passed but my VPN account was not working. I contacted customer support again. On the live chat, I had to post the question 3 times before I got a response! After 30 minutes, I got through. Apparently, they had not received the email containing my ID. I reviewed my “sent items”. Both the email and the attachment were still there. We then went through the email communications. Interestingly, the first email they sent to me was after I spoke to customer service and not before as they had claimed. Cut a long story short, we agreed for me to send the ID again. When I asked when the issue would be resolved (i.e. timeframe) the answer I received was ‘sometime soon’. When I pushed the question (i.e. hours, days, weeks) the customer support person left the conversation.

    So all in all, very disappointed and very frustated. I think a couple of lessons for Overplay:
    First – I think your frontline customer support staff could benefit from more training. Some tips:
    – Simple, clear explanantions work. Cryptic explanations containing acronyms and internal definations do not.
    – Work with the customer – if the customer has a query, work with them help them understand the issue. You are not advesaries.
    – Be specific – when providing feedback to a customer be specific about what you are accountable for.
    – Timeliness – close out issues quickly and efficiently. A customer that chases you to close out issue is a customer that leaves.

    Customer service is a differentiator.

  84. Joakim says:

    I’ve seen a lot of bad feedback for their support, but in my experience it was excellent. Quick answer during a weekend, rapid follow-ups and very helpful.

    Their SmartDNS service works great for the sites that it supports (all the larger ones are covered). They’re also able to add more sites on request, if you find a site that won’t work. But only if they have a SmartDNS server in that country (e.g. they had none in Spain at the time of my request).

    I also like the fact that their VPN service may be used from any number of devices, as long as it’s “mostly” from one IP at a time. You can even use different servers on different devices simultaneously. This flexibility is great for my use, and what made me choose them in the first place.

  85. J says:

    Terrible. The worst customer support I have every encountered. If you stop using it, you are in trouble! The software PREVENTS you from accessing pages such as the BBC outright. I can’t even check the news on BBC, SKY, etc as I get redirected to a page that tells me my overplay subscription had expired.

    To start: I downloaded the overplay software and reconfigured my connection. All worked ok for a month. Then overplay said they needed extra billing information – a photo of my credit card! No chance! My credit card is real, I’m real. But I’m not giving a random company a photo of my credit card – it goes against all banking advice to avoid fraud. A company’s assurances are irrelevant if your bank says it leads you open. So – my account was then suspended, which lead to the above issues.

    I contacted the Overplay customer support on several occasions to discuss the billing issue. I got a copy/paste response of send us your credit card photo. No attempt to go around the problem.
    I contacted Overplay again to ask for support in restoring my computer settings…nothing! Not a whisper. Despite several emails.

    Overplay have a decent product, but their business model is flawed as they care not one bit about their customers. It’s a shame because if they had responded professionally to begin with, I’d be giving them money every week. As it is, they have limited my internet experience.

  86. ndawg says:

    Works fantastic. My main use to watch live GAA games on aertv.ie streamed
    from Ireland which are impossible to get in Colorado and previously where I lived in Idaho, not even any bars/pubs to show the games which would cost $20 anyway..
    Also able use to view BBC iPlayer and RTE media player also was able keep up with World Snooker Championship and even watched some great BBC shows not easily available here.
    Very reliable service. Extremely easy setup.
    I have recommended to Canadian friend, Irish friends and some American friends all living in US.
    Great service please keep up the great work!

  87. Lorio says:

    Worked great at the beginning, but too much repeated problems of connection – even as to pay ! -> I want to get out, but stil haven’t find the way to get competely rid of it ! (on Windows 7)

  88. Albert says:

    Be careful with OverPlay. They are not fair people.
    I have had it since june. I have been able to connect with the country I needed to, Spain, for about half the period, forcing me to waist planty of time with complaints to them.
    Besides, by mistake, I have been paying for the same service twice from the very beginning, until I found out about it 5 months later.
    I have made a complaint for both things and the only compensation I have received is 4,95 dolars reimbursment for all the troubles. Since I feel like being stolen I have stopped my subscription.
    Enough is Enough.

  89. Kendra says:

    Great article. The DNS option is better than using a VPN regarding content streaming because you can achieve direct connection with the media station ex. Netflix and avoid the โ€œmiddle-manโ€. Personally, I am using UnoTelly which is similar to OverPlay DNS. Perhaps you should check UnoTelly as well if you havenโ€™t done so.

  90. nick says:

    signed up this morning around 0800 and am still trying to get the VPN working on Windows 7 complete waste of my Sunday ( now 2200) their support has been very patchy I’ve now dealt with 5 different consultants . Have requested a refund but that’s not company policy , more than frustrated !

  91. Dedicated servers says:

    Remember, all that is required is an OverPlay subscription and a few minutes to reconfigure your DNS settings. Their JetSwitch technology and Turbo DNS infrastructure make them the best SmartDNS service available today with over 200 channels available and over 150 being controllable within JetSwitch.

  92. Dedicated servers says:

    Their JetSwitch technology and Turbo DNS infrastructure make them the best SmartDNS service available today with over 200 channels available and over 150 being controllable within JetSwitch. OverPlay provides manual tutorials and visual setup guides to connect to their VPN service using Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and DD-WRT and Tomato routers.

Visit this VPN provider for details

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