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OpenVPN for iOS (iPhone,iPad and iTouch)

Finally, the official OpenVPN app for iOS has been released, now you don’t need jailbreak your iOS to use the world’s leading SSL VPN service on your devices. thanks OpenVPN Technologies and Apple for making this happen.

The app called : OpenVPN Connect

Download : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/openvpn-connect/id590379981

OpenVPN for iOS need special .ovpn file, so your old .ovpn file is not working on the app, you may contact your provider first , i don’t see many provider release the new iOS friendly .ovpn file, but i believe they will do it sooner or later

Now, the OpenVPN is working on all major devices, Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android which makes OpenVPN is much and much better than SSTP VPN, PPTP is working on all major OS too but it is not secure as OpenVPN, because it is not SSL VPN.

We will add a page for VPN provider that offer iOS friendly OpenVPN service, you can check back soon