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Open VPN review

The open VPN might just be the next best thing after the VPN itself, and it also might be really user friendly, but it does have its cons for sure, which will be given out in this open VPN review.

Firstly, the open VPN service might be a heavenly blessing for some, but it can get a bit troublesome if seen and observed well. This is because the risk of having your IP address exposed is just too high, as in, if the case is such that your internet connection through the open VPN fails to connect or is suddenly interrupted due to any error, immediately all your data and your IP address, most importantly will get displayed onto the normal internet connection. So what this would lead to is that, your traffic and your data will be exposed along with your IP address, and all your accesses or the websites you have opened will show up along with your IP. This is very risky if you are viewing or using any websites that have been particularly banned in you region. This problem is easily handled by all your other VPN services, so it is much better you keep an access to both of them while accessing any banned or barred website, so that you are quite safe when any public network connection fails to operate.

Despite all of these loops, it was observed in this open VPN review that the open VPN has excellent privacy options because it offers you 2 static keys, one which could be exposed publicly and one which will just be for you and your system. In such a case, your static key can be completely private. What this basically means is that your open VPN has double VPN services in it, if seen, keeping in mind the ports it offers.

Another very basic disadvantage of the open VPN seen in the open VPN review is that it does not offer automation on its start up. Besides, dynamic IPs and static IPs are not very much available in the open VPN service. Another shortcoming is that the open VPN does not support the IPV6 version and is incompatible with it. Also, the price of the open VPN is almost ten times the price one would pay for software that offers these applications and services.

So in the open VPN review, it has been established that the open VPN has quite a few things for it and a few against it