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No more Google service in China

In the last few month, people in China are hard to get access in Google’s service, including Gmail and google.com search, they are almost died in China, please attention i mean died/gone/nah, i know people said it since many years ago, but in the past, you can actually get these service in China, of course after the GFW (great fire wall) scaned your traffic package and found it “secure” , but now it is completely NO NO. still wanna use Google HK instead? i’m sorry, Google HK was died too, because Google moved the HK server to US, that means the Google HK have no privilege from now on.

Now, the only way to get access in Google’s service is using private VPN service, bad news is GFW have already targeted many VPN service provider, so many VPN service in China simply DO NOT work, only those who optimized their service for China are working. so you have to contact your VPN service provider before you order.

According to the feedback , normal VPN protocals like PPTP,L2TP and basic OpenVPN are no longer works in China, you have to use customized OpenVPN or SSH service (some provider called it OpenWeb). you may have problem on opening the provider’s website, i suggest you use email to contact them directly, here is some established VPN providers’ email address

  • enquiry@purevpn.com
  • webmaster@strongvpn.com
  • support@hidemyass.com

We will keep monitoring the whole situation, you are welcome to check our site for future information