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MYUSVPN is for someone who wanna a lot of IPs in a cheap rate , you only need 1 account to access their 30+ servers in 13 countries , free switches, you can connect to any server in any time with your account . and you can have testing account before you officially purchase .

MYUSVPN is not interested in your privacy, you don’t even need register with them , just send them E-mails and you will get testing account, if you are satisfied after the testing, confirm to them and make the payment, then they will send you your formal VPN account.

The downside of MYUSVPN is they only offer PPTP VPN and only accept Paypal for the payment method.

MYUSVPN Highlights

  • One account access over 300+ IPs on 30 + servers in 13 countries,free switches
  • You not need register to us , we are not interested in your privacy
  • support man located in China, familiar with Chinese network
  • Bypass all blocked web sites, such as adult, poker, sensitive sites!
  • Unrestricted access to the Internet in China, Middle East. eg. UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain Oman and so on
  • Unblock all VOIP Applications include Skype
  • Security for Hotspot Wireless Access Users
  • Anonymizes you at work or at school even behind restrictive firewalls!
  • Protection against your ISP,so your ISP can not spy you

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Customer Reviews

11 Reviews to “MyUSVPN”
  1. okamoto says:

    i am Japanese currently living in China,the Chinese government block youtube and facebook,they are all my favorite website,i find this website by google,and there is an article about how to unblock youtube and facebook in China,the article recommend myusvpn.com because they have stuff located in China.
    i contact Alex from myusvpn.com,fortunately,he is the guy located in China and the most magic thing is WE LIVE IN THE SAME BUILDING,haha..

    i make a visit to him,Alex is very nice,he fixed everything for me,so far so good.

  2. Ben says:

    Really easy to use as they advertised,it’s just like the top up cell-phone service,when you need it,you fill your account,i really like that

  3. Chen says:

    Great service and support,everything works fine,hope you guys can add more servers,especially server in Japan

  4. KJ says:

    their windows app is very easy to use,but if you wanna use this vpn on your mac,you need to setup manually although it’s also very simple.the speed is ok,support is great.

  5. Small Cat says:

    i use it for facebook,everything is great,don’t have a single problem.hope you guys can try this

  6. W.B says:

    very easy to use,support is great,speed is good

  7. Adnan says:

    Awesome service, fast connectivity and good connection speed…these are great qualities of this VPN. I can open Orkut, which is blocked in UAE and talk to my family through VOIP which is also Blocked. The new system offers monthly payment of 7.9 USD per month which is nothing for great service they are providing.

  8. Byran F says:

    you can have free trial account before you buy,this is a good idea.i got my trial account in 10 minutes and set it up in 2 minutes ,works great in China.they offer unlimited free swithes, they have 100+ IPs ,you can use any IP address you want.

    Recommend this provider

  9. Kejoro says:

    Do not offer OpenVPN service, speed is ok for web surfing and skype, not good for video streamming,too much buffering, but let’s be honesty, if you have a poor local network,such as China Telecom, no matter what VPN you use,you always got bufferings. support is good, respond my email in 5 mins.

    like other people says, they don’t have many server locations,but you can switch to any server you want,it’s free. other TOP provider on this site have 100s of locations, but you need pay for that if you want switch to other server.

    no disconnections in the past 3 weeks.overall i give these guys 4 stars

  10. J.K. kuzo says:

    Good VPN providr,their VPN package has so many server locations, especially Japan and Korea server, you can not find another VPN provider have these 2 locations.

    Recommend for online game use

  11. Nani says:

    Price is reasonable, speed ok not fast as some. Problem is it seems to be only PPTP not OpenVPN. I would say OpenVPN is more secure just IMO.

    Please consider having OpenVPN access for customers

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