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My Private Network (MPN) is an UK based company that provides Private VPN services and Smart DNS service , It is an established company for years, We got a lot of their happy customers leave review here, check it out before you place your order.

MPN now have over 200 servers in 44 countries, they offer OpenVPN,PPTP and L2TP VPN service for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Routers, you can have unlimited speed and change to whatever server you want if you order the global subscription, if you want you can ask them for a 3 DAY FREE TRIAL and NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED, this trial account can give you unlimited access to all the services.

MPN also have a bundled Smart DNS service called “MyTelly” which has support for over 200 content providers worldwide, it is good for online TV fans. the payment method they support are PayPal, Credit/Debit Card (Gate2Shop and Stripe), BitPay, Bank Transfer.

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Customer Reviews

428 Reviews to “my-private-network”
  1. Margaret ( cornish pixie ) says:

    This has been a long time coming because of us on this side of the world. I have had such wonderful service from the begining and quick response each time as you have tried to help.
    I can’t praise you all enough.
    Now I am up and running and it is brilliant.
    Thank you so much

  2. Barbara Noel-Smith says:

    Although I have still not managed to complete my connection, it is through no fault of MPN who have been exemplary – giving me speedy, helpful, friendly advice at all times. I would highly recommend you to everyone and just wish there were more like you.

    Barbara Noel-Smith

  3. Sue Markham says:

    Excellent service, great to be able to watch UK tv and catch up with soaps. Great documentaries and music programs.

    Sue & Gary

  4. Mary.parnham in Cyprus says:

    Thank you for replying so promptly to my question. Will have to wait before I can get your service until Jan. till my son can visit me to download it for me, as I am computer illiterate and need help from him. Look forward to getting the service when I can.

    Mary Parnham

  5. E McHale says:

    Very prompt response that answered my question clearly. In addition, they upgraded me for a while so that I could check out my question myself. That’s great customer service. For the VPN itself, it’s great and I have had no problems with it in the 8 months that I’ve been using it. It keeps me connected. I like that it’s a monthly subscription that doesn’t tie you in for long periods. Really can’t fault it.

  6. Sally says:

    Brilliant service and support. So easy to set up and use.
    I have recently had 2 weeks of constant problems with Black VPN and eventually cancelled. I read the reviews here last night and decided to try My Private Network, already I have received an answer to a support question I had and am now happily connected with no problems at all. Speed is also very good. I would highly reccommend. Simple, effcient, effective and very reasonably priced. Do it!

  7. Fernando says:

    The service provided is of high quality. No delays in answering questions. The VPN connection is of high standards. I would recoment to anyone wich is keen in good and reliable services

  8. Sally says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Efficient, effective and well priced. Instructions were so simple and easy to follow and support has been an example to others. I sent a query at 11pm one night and had a reply by the time I checked my email the following morning. Cannot fault this service. I would highly recommend.

  9. Brenda Eden says:

    My Private Network is a terrific operation. During the time I have been a subscriber I’ve recommended the service to many expat friends who’ve missed their British TV! I personally connect to MPN everytime I use the computer as it provides an extra level of security. Any queries have been dealt with promptly and efficiently by the Support team.

  10. Sue Mountain says:

    I have been using My Private Network for almost 18 months now and would be lost without it, living in Spain. The service as a whole is wonderful; if you should need to use Support their response is very quick and helpful; you won’t find a better price anywhere on the Internet. I really can’t speak highly enough of this brilliant service.

  11. Nick Marqueemoon says:

    I would recommend My Private Network to anyone who wants to watch or listen to UK based streams. The speed is good, it is easy to set up and it is cheap. What more is there to say?

  12. Mike Hall says:

    Many many thanks for your excellent support service. The system is now up and running. Picture and sound quality is excellent. I can highly recommend the system to anybody in Cyprus who wants to avoid paying over €1000 for a satalite dish.

  13. Julie says:

    I paid for the service two days ago and am still not able to use it. Support have given me two times today that they will contact me and both times I have been waiting at my laptop but no response. I would just like to use the service that I have paid for.

  14. Jo Wordley says:

    Brilliant lifeline to UK TV when living abroad! Easy to set up (even for a computer idiot such as myself) and speedy support when asked for.

    Can’t comment on speed as don’t know how much is MPN and how much my internet provider in New Zealand…

  15. Brian says:

    My Private Network has delivered great service and when Paypal screwed up to disrupt our enjoyment we have been pleasantly surprised that we found MPN Support was easily accessible ,quick to respond and the customer care just right—and problem solved.We will continue to recommend MPN to our expat friends.Thanks MPN Support.

  16. Stu says:

    Thank you everyone for your fantastic and amazingly fast responses to my emails , easily the best customer service I have experienced on the internet !
    As the owner of a satellite installation company here in France I will definitely recommend you to all my customers who are always asking how they can get the BBC iplayer

  17. Colin says:

    Very happy with the support and service I have received. Support questions answered promptly and now I don’t have to use boogeymen at PayPal. Thanks.

  18. Colin Hills says:

    Excellent service and support, can’t be faulted for information, help and speed of attention.
    I liked the remote control access whereby my MPN was installed and checked by a support technician. Thanks for setting it up.

  19. Kay says:

    Spent 8 months subscription and many hours of trying to get something useful out of MPN. Finally had to admit defeat and cancel subscription today. Support dept always repeated same info, none of which worked for me. Very frustrating because I am sure that MPN could be very useful to me if properly deployed. Disappointment all round.

  20. Alexandra says:

    My private network is AMAZING! I’ve never had problems with the connection, speed, site access, its really great. Not only that, but the customer support is so fantastic. I’ve had a couple instances where I’ve forgotten my password and someone got back to me right away (And its always a person, not a computer generated customer service agent who answers you based on keywords) They’ve also helped me with more complex issues like setting up proxy servers and finding MPN suitable routers so I can use my connection on other devices. They reallly go above and beyond and I can’t recommend them enough.

  21. Pepsy Dening says:

    Superb service. Personal, quick, can’t be faulted either for the service itself – including initial problems with setting it up, due to my own cack-handedness – and then subsequent glitches. No traveller or ex-pat should be without it.

  22. Gerry says:

    I was very pleased with the level of support and service recd. I was told that I would be contacted at 14.30 to obtain help in becoming connected and I was actually contacted at 14.29 – so very pleased with that service. Jon was prompt and helpful.

    If I could perhaps suggest that your site lists the times that someone is available to help with problems as I did not realise that it was not a 24/7 service and became concerned when I did not receive a reply on Sunday evening. Thank You

  23. Noreen Carey says:

    I have been extremely satisfied with My Private Network. I have had a couple of queries which have been answered promptly. I would recommend this service to anyone. It’s so nice to still be able to watch my favourite programmes plus some new ones. The price is very reasonable. I have no complaints and am just so plesed that I found this service!

  24. Kate says:

    Many thanks for excellent service and support. Directions to fix my problem were given in a clear and concise manner that was easily understood. I would unreservedly recommend my-private-network to anyone.

  25. David M says:

    Ten out of ten in everything for My Private Network, now I even have my iPhone connected for secure and safe surfing with a UK IP address and all the benefits.

  26. Bob says:

    Signing up with VPN in May 09, was the best entertainment investment we ever made. In Canada we have nothing to watch other than American programming. Now we are with VPN we only watch the news and weather on a local station and all entertainment comes from the UK, by way of VPN. Although Canadian born and bred, the quality of UK programming is so far superior, our local programs just can’t compete.

    Keep up the fantastic job, VPN !

  27. Tom Sampson says:

    Amazing service, every email I sent was replied to almost immediately. When I couln’t fix the problem MPN set up a remote facility and had me re connected to MPN within minutes. If only the rest of the computer industry were half as good as MPN.
    Thank you Chris and Jon

  28. Anne Henry says:

    I have been using My Private Network for over six months now. Fantastic. Love it! Never had a technical issue with it. Works really well. Well worth the money. It’s just great to watch UK TV.

  29. trevor stedman says:

    we are very pleased with the service. please tell everyone, if they are thinking of whether to pay for a vpn or get one free, the free ones are really not worth having – a friend downloaded one and got a virus and loads of trouble getting rid of it, so beware. My private network has worked very well for us and it really isn’t a lot of money to pay for what we get. Very pleased.

  30. Gerry says:

    Delighted with My Private Network – cant believe I have lived abroad for so long without it! Jon from the Customer Support Team has been amazingly supportive and helpful and has made the difference from me worrying about subscribing to an unknown source to feeling I can contact someone who will always answer my queries with speed and efficiency.

  31. Clare says:

    Thank you so much. Had problems with loss of connection. E-mails were responded to promptly. Ended up having to have the problem sorted remotely which was done within 10 minutes. Fantastic. Thanks to Chris and Joseph. Have had the service for 4 months now and don’t know what I would do without it. Totally recommend to anybody

  32. william tyrrell says:

    ihave been using my private network for about six months and although ifound it very good i had a couple of connection problems,however i got in touch with the service dept and a tech guy called chris who was brilliant, nothing was too much trouble,and he stayed online with me the whole way until my problem was fixed. i cannot praise the service enough, they were very quick, very nice, and very very good at thier job, PSmy private network is the best vpn i have used and i thoroughly reccomend it. as i am an expat living in turkey i would be lost without it,to anyone thinking about it, give it a try,you will love it! william tyrrell uk expat.

  33. Deborah says:

    This is by far the BEST online service I have ever used. The price is more than fair for the service, emails are responded to incredibly fast, and technical support is incredibly courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. I cannot praise this service enough – you’ve got a lifetime fan/customer in me! I lived in the UK for 3 years and now with MPN’s VPN I’m able to access internet content as if still there. The BEST VPN service on the net!

  34. Bob says:

    I’d like to thank your great team for the speedy assistance in resolving a problem I had with my reception. Now we are once again enjoying all the great UK programs thanks to My Private Network. Without your fantastic service we’d be limited to North American TV programs, which compared to UK programs, aren’t worth turning on the TV.

    Thanks again for the tremendous service.

    Bob in Canada

  35. Jim Oates says:

    I found the service to be both fast and easy to set up. The only problem I had was having a firewall it was blocking the connection. I sent in a ticket which was quickly answered but I sorted it myself (sorry guys) I put a log on my firewall and it popped up that I needed to allow GRE. TCP was already enabled for the ports above 1024.

    But the support is great. It looks like they actually read the tickets – which is a nice thing indeed.

    One thing I would like to see for future customers is a quick bit about if you have a firewall and telling you which protocol/ports to open.

    Other than this little issue I was watching BBC iPlayer from the USA.

    Being Scottish I miss British Television.

    I have tried a free service but it had pop-ups. This is great value in my opinion.

    Nice product team and thanks for your very rapid activation and support when needed.

    Kindest regards
    Jim (Scotsman in America)

    p.s. I have no idea what “Comp” means for the rating above. Is it Computer or Compatibility or what? I gave it 5 stars as in my opinion everything else is great – even if I don’t know what this abreviation means.

  36. Jim says:

    I have been used to great service from you for years and was not disappointed when, living abroad again for a while, I had a problem with Paypal processing payments.
    You came back immediately with alternatives and all is sorted, which is good because I rely on VPN a good part of the year.
    On the question of speed, since changing from Numericable to Dartybox in France I have found cable speeds from UK are superb – previous problems turned out to be purely down to the local service.
    Keep up the good work.

  37. Vivien Askaroff-Price says:

    I have been using this service for nearly 2 years now and am extremley pleased. Never yet have I had a problem with logging on or the service provided.

    The odd couple of times I’ve needed support (both times with problems of my own making) they have answered me straight away and been very helpful and obliging.

  38. Sue Mountain says:

    Not only is this a wonderful service at a brilliant price but the Support one is given is excellent. Have just experienced payment problems, not of my doing, and it was dealt with quickly along with a lot of patience and understanding. Living in Spain, I would be completely lost without this Service. A big thank you to the whole team. Sue

  39. Kevin L, Brown says:

    I love this service and I cannot live with out it. I am a tv and film junkie and since I live in Germany ( German tv sucks!) I like to get my share of home (US / UK ) programming.

    I gave a 3 star rating for speed because with the internet as a fast medium I feel problems could be solved much faster than they are accomplished. In this, I am sure your company is attempting to provide speedy service to problems.

    Great service and very easy to set up ( am blond 🙂 ) and if I can set up without outside help anyone can! Thanks and keep up the good service, especially for us living overseas.

  40. Peter Powell says:

    I have to say many thanks for your prompt and efficient response to the problem I had in setting up the service on my iPad. I am really impressed with your total service and would thoroughly recommend you. I live in France and really appreciate the ease with which I can keep up with things in UK.

  41. Paul Hancock says:

    I have used My Private Network support on two or three occasions and have always received prompt and helpful advice by return. Each time the problem has been solved immediately.


  42. sheena T says:

    Amazing service, I can even access my own Sky tv from the USA. Don’t get quite so homesick when I can watch Coronation Street and all the programmes I miss when I’m away. I am also not computer savvy in the least and this is unbelievably simple to install. A MILLION THANK YOU’S for this link with home!

  43. Nick Oakman says:

    Support was great. I had a problem with my router and consequently couldn’t get a link to the server. One short mail to My Private Network Support and within an hour the problem was solved. Excellent!

  44. suzi mitchell says:

    I have to say ive come across some great customer service but you guys were better than great! From your speedy responses and being patient with us, whilst we resolved the issues we had, i just cant fault you in anyway! I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you and in helping us you have made me and my family very happy! You should be proud of yourselves!Outstanding!

  45. Paul Weeks says:

    Excellent service!

    I felt a bit dodgy signing up, but it works perfectly! I couldn’t use the primary connection, but they sent me an email within minutes of my question with details of a backup which worked straight away.

    I had an issue due to my firewall and they responded immediately and fixed the issue, even extending my subscription for a few days to make up for the inconvenience.

    Highly recommended!

  46. Guy Slater says:

    In the first instance, when we subscribed to My Private Network, it was easy to set up, and, over the past year or so, we have enjoyed connecting through the VPN. Transitioning to a new computer is always a labour of love and so when I could not reconnect with MPN we were disappointed to say the least. During the past few days, I have engaged with the support folk at MPN, particularly Joseph who has been responsive and informative. Having given me the solutions, the rest was up to me, and this afternoon ‘user error’ was overcome.

    Thank you for all your help.

  47. josfish47 says:

    Hello all at MPN can i say as a new customer i have been pleased with the follow up help and advice i recieved,I have had a few problems on my inititian of MPN but through no fault of MPN, I tried do initialise my connection at the hotel i was staying at with no luck. On returning to my home and doing my first time initian it worked no probs,I was impresssed by the quick responce to my help email to MPN the first time,Thinking the problem was sorted. On Monday i returned to the hotel and the same thing happened on trying to connect to MPN so the problem lies with the hotel WIFI protocol system.I then emailed MPN with the new findings and as quick i recieved a remedy reply well done MPN. I am trying my new advised SSL download tonight wish me luck,I will let you all know my outcome.
    but once again

  48. Tom Devine says:

    To all at MPN

    Having gone through the distress of having my credit card stolen I had to then notify all of my suppliers who receive payment from me of this and await a replacement. The staff at MPN were more than understanding of my predicament and helped me greatly by not stopping my account until I had rectified my payment details. In a cut throat world where nobody waits a second over the time for payment I found MPN a refreshing and comforting change. Well done MPN for putting the Care back into Customer Care. Its not all about the money with MPN its about the service.

    Please give yourselves a slap on the back from me.

    Tom D

  49. Jacqui Port says:

    I managed to commit myself to paying for the service twice over two months. I contacted MPN and they replied promptly, sorting out where I went wrong and refunded me the money I had overpayed (which was actually my fault not theirs). Given that most organisations these days have to be chased at least six times before they take any action, I have to say the service given by MPN was EXCELLENT. – keep it up.

  50. Norman Cooper says:

    We had problems getting connected to the UK but the support staff were excellent and helped us connect and were also very quick in answering our questions. Thank you support staff, good work.

  51. tom halliday says:

    Had trouble connection via normal vpn server contacted coustomer support who replied within a couple of hours, suggesting I try there SSl connection. After setting this up every thing is working fine. FANTASTIC SERVICE.

    Many Thanks

  52. Tony Henriques says:

    Couldn´t connect via normal vpn server so contacted coustomer support who replied within a couple of hours, suggesting I try their SSL connection to which they gave links to easy to follow guides. After setting this up every thing is working again. Top class service, couldn´t ask for better!

  53. Ray says:

    Very helpful in getting me back onto the network. It is a godsend to be able to watch British TV any time any place with internet access. Thank you for your prompt responses and informative guidelines.

  54. jenny tiwari says:

    you guys are just fantastic. your response is fast, and understanding, your help in resolving matters is the best i have ever encountered. youre honest and patient. you guys are the best and i wish you all the best in getting many many more customers!
    thanks to you guys im up to date with eastenders! truely thank you! thank you for all your support in helping me with the few hiccups i had this last month!

  55. John Knight says:

    Very helpful and quick to respond to my initial problem. Great to be back ‘online’ and to be able to watch UK TV from overseas, makes all the difference. The whole process was easy, with great customer support. Something you don’t always get from other companies!! Well done MPN.

  56. Jill MacDonald says:

    I am still unable to download programmes but this is not the fault of MPN support. They have responded extremely quickly and tried to help. I think the problems are my fault!!

  57. Jaroslaw Prytulak says:

    Thank you people in getting me back on track. I had problems downloading, duie to my mobile internet connection. MPN were able to do evrything for me from their end and I am, grateful for all your help. My wife can watch Corrie now.
    Regards Jerry Prytulak

  58. Scott Shortridge says:

    Very happy with the service provided, had an issue with my account renewal, emailed the support team and the issue was resolved in no time at all.

    Queries have always been responded to quickly, very impressed.

  59. Paul Logan says:

    There is no better service than MPN on the Internet in my opinion. The after sales service is second to none and even when, for some reason my Pay Pal decided to go on holiday, my service was never cut off and it was business as usual while I sorted out the Pay Pal issue.

    Thank you all at MPN for making this a fantastic service that has allowed me the Internet experience I need and for being HASTLE FREE.

    Nice one


  60. Colin L(Cyprus User) says:

    Just can’t fault any aspect of the service provided. We frequently visit Cyprus where MPN is invaluable to my wife and me. Any problems the help team are available to provide speedy and effective assistance. For a fiver a month it’s WORTH EVERY HASSLE-FREE PENNY. Other “seemingly similar” (free to download) services can’t hold a candle to MPN in my opinion.In this life you get what you pay for. With MPN that’s brilliant service value for money.

  61. Meryl Edwards says:

    After removing a virus that attacked my computer, I found that the connection to MPN no longer worked properly. I received very good service from Joseph, who was able to fix the problem using the remote Logmein rescue tool. Within 24 hrs of my first emailing regarding the problem, I was back up an running again.

  62. Carol Curtis says:

    absolutely excellent service. I was having a real problem connecting and was contacted very quickly and was given a personal service to sort out my problem. All up and running now and I am so very happy with the service.
    Thank you MPN 🙂

  63. Alan Rouch says:

    I have been using VPN for quite some time and have found the service excellent even using the Greek, internet which is not the fastest. We rarely have any problems connecting, or downloading programmes. Their support team is quick and efficient, always get a reply from them often within the hour even on weekends.
    One very satisfied customer

  64. Matt H says:

    Forgot to update my new credit card details and account got cancelled. Raised a helpdesk call and got a response within a few hours saying they would extend account for a few days more and take new payment in next few days. V.good support. thanks

  65. michael hall says:

    After many months of successful use I was unable to connect to VPL, getting a 619 error every time. Re-loading did not cure the problem. I contacted Support and they responded almost immediately with a solution. It was suggested that I try using the SSL protocol instead of the standard PPTP protocol. This did the trick and once again, I can watch Formula 1 and my other favourite programmes in Cyprus.

    Thank you Support Team for your speedy response, excellent links and instructions.

    Michael Hall

  66. Tom Bramley says:

    Fantastic – have used for over a year now and the product and support is excellent.
    Their customer focus is bang on and massively appreciated.

    Total respect for the support team and the excellent VPN service.

  67. Humbs says:

    Great VPN. I’m from Brazil and use to Spotify and BBC overall…
    Had some trouble at the beginning, but the support was fast and reliable.
    Using Mac OSX i found that in 64 bits mode it will not work. Changed it do 32 bits and work without other issues. Just run the software, connect and done!
    Pay the 5£ month and i’m very happy with the service.
    Thank you Support Team for your speedy response too.

  68. Henrietta Grimshaw says:

    We lost our VPN access when we changed our internet provider, and I felt lost without it. I like to cherry pick the programmes I want and watch in peace on my laptop. Thanks to your swift and helpful advice we were up and running again within 48 hours.

  69. Norman Cooper says:

    Today we had help from the support staff and they were excellent. They sorted out our disconnected problem out very quickly and also answered some questions I needed answers to on how to connect to my TV. Thank you Chris.

  70. Geoff says:

    This is a scam – the software never connects, but in the meantime they’ve got your first £5, and enough of those £5s makes them a lot of money. The testimonials above are carefully tailored by MPN to give credibility to the fraud.

  71. Ian Preece says:

    I’ve enjoyed mpn vpn for almost 2 years now and have been a very happy chappy with the product and the support they give. I recently enquired if they have any plans in the pipeline for a vpn on Android phones, I got a swift reply stating that they are working on it and that there is a beta version I can try! Well i’ve been trying it out for the past 2 days now and it works like a charm, finally a vpn that works on google android!

    Many thanks to the team at MPN.


  72. Paul Hamlett says:

    Fantastic product and support at a great price.

    Needed a solution to allow my un-rooted Android phone to connect to the service. Details came straight back and am using it now as where I live bans this site!

    Keep up the great work.

  73. Roy Johnson says:

    Over the last few years I have been using MPN and cannot fault the service or support. I have been having a lot of trouble with Paypal recently, their fault, not mine, and it has been a minefield sorting things out, as some others may have found out. During this time MPN have given me their full support, even extending my subscription until I got things sorted out.
    Very reliable service and excellent back up.

  74. Paul says:

    I have used this product for over 2 years.

    I am based in Hong Kong and it gives me access to BBC iplayer. The service is easy to setup and works like a dream.

    I pay on a yearly basis using google checkout which is much more convenient for me than paypal.

    The support is always excellent and a response is received within a few hours.

    They also gave me access to the US account for free to let me try it.

    Would recommend their hassle free service to everyone…

  75. Dave says:

    Great service at a good price. Never had a problem with the service, only with Paypal, which was very quickly sorted out, my subscription being extended while the problem was resolved – the support is always excellent.
    I would recommended this service to anyone, and have already done so to many friends here in Spain.

  76. Jo Owen says:

    Excellent service. Prompt and really pleasant with it. So unusual to have such a pleasant experience with any provider of anything these days. Thank you. Great value too. x

  77. Dave says:

    Not happy really.

    Haven’t been helped. Still can’t get this to work on my iPad. I’m reasonably tech savvy….set up my MacBook in 3 mins….this has taken. 3 weeks!!!

    It really shouldn’t be this hard!!

    Why not have a helpline and get someone to talk you through it?..

    Thinking of cancelling my subscription altogether!!

  78. Pat Plunkett says:

    Been a customer for a few years now. Excellent, reliable and fast service. Recently had a problem with slow speeds using their standard VPN. They solved this immediately by supplying an alternative VPN technology using a different protocol. Bingo it works. Have recommended them to lots of friends.

  79. Lynne Young says:

    I was using another system to watch BBC iPlayer and found it frustratingly annoying, with constant ads and my search engines changed, etc.etc. I only started with MPN last night and already have received excellent service and support when the first attempt failed. Keep up the good work.

  80. Paul Griffin says:

    I had a problem with my payment via paypal which resulted in my service being stopped. I mailed the team and they resumed the service within 6 hours!!
    Great product which i would be lost without, and absolutely amazing service which i couldn’t get anywhere else.

  81. Matthew says:

    The service is good but sometimes slow when compared with streaming without the VPN. Most worthy of comment is the support. Instantly acknowledged, replies within the promised time and useful replies from a real person! Other IT service suppliers should take note.

  82. Marc says:

    I have been using this product for obout 1year now. I am based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which is heavily restrictive with Internet content and block many good and legitimate sites. However this product not only gives me access to UK TV service but much more. The service is easy to setup and works like a dream. I pay on monthly using PayPal which is much convenient and safe. When needed, the support from their team has been enthusiastic, genuine and overall truly excellent with a response time in some cases within minutes, otherwise certainly within a few hours.
    I would highly recommend their trouble free service to anyone.

  83. anniemas says:

    I have been using MPN for a few years and have always found them very helpfull if I have any problems,very polite and very prompt.I would recomend MPN to anybody who wants to use a VPN. Very good value for money and as an expat enables me to watch uk tv with no problems.Thankyou

  84. Donna Treneary says:

    Have been using MPN for 3 years, had an excellent response to a minor mistake which has been rectified to more than our satisfaction. If we move abroad again in the future we will sign up to MPN without hesitation. Many thanks

  85. Steve says:

    Being a complete newbie to the world of DD_WRT and routers in general I tried to set up my snazzy Buffalo router to provide a permanent link to the UK. Needless to say, I got stuck and needed help. The attention I received, which included the team logging into my PC and doing all the settings remotely, was quite outstanding. Well done to Jon and Chris – and thanks for all the help.

  86. robert van mourik says:

    After I had some problems with Paypal because I live outside the Uk my subsribtion was not cancelled but kept alive.I asked Harry to help me out and indeed within hours I was up and running again.
    To me the support group wins today’s price well done!!!

  87. Marwah Z says:

    I didn’t have a clue that this service would be this great, otherwise I would have joined a long time ago. This is a trustworthy company. Registering was quick. Their set-up instructions are simple and easy to follow and I’m always able to connect quickly to the VPN, even when I’m travelling around the country visiting different cities. The VPN does not interfere with my broadband speed at all. Their support team are fantastic, replying to my queries quickly (thank you Jon!). I also love that the service is affordable. One month on and I’m very impressed and pleased. It’s incredibly easy to use. I also love the look and feel of the website as it reflects the professionalism and reliability of the service. I’m definitely going to be using this whenever I’m outside the UK. Thank you!

  88. Sara says:

    I have only had to request help from MPN twice; once when I set up a year ago and encountered a few problems, and again yesterday regarding a question relating to iPlayer when I connected a new laptop to the system.

    Although MPN do not support iPlayer specifically, Jon gave his considered opinion from his own experience of iPlayer of what the problem might be and a possible solution. In the event it didn’t help with my problem. However, MPN are very prompt with their responses (overnight in my case) and very honest if they feel they can’t help.

    Keep up the good work!

  89. Peter Dowse says:

    Once again the service provided was excellent. Chris contacted us on time, and despite having to deal with two different laptops, running two different operating systems, in two different languages, was able to quickly and expertly resolve our problems. I could not have asked for a more helpful response, polite and educational. Watching Chris operate the machine I was able to learn how to resolve other problems we were experiencing unrelated to the current problem. Excellent service and a real pleasure to deal with. Peter

  90. Linda Moore says:

    Have just had issues ( yet again!) with paypal….. contacted mpn to try and sort things out and the response from Chris was as always fast, efficient, sympathetic and helpful ( the complete opposite of paypal!) – well done and thanks for your help and support in making sure my lifeline of UK tv is not lost!!!!!

  91. Jon says:

    Very easy to set up. Speed usually good, although a little slower during peak times in the UK.

    Recent support request was handled excellently, with an instant response to problems caused by government filtering and blocking of VPN IP addresses. An alternative solution was offered and I was back online within minutes! Also provided support to a compatibility issue with new Mac OSX Lion and Tunnelblick!!

    Thanks guys, great job!

  92. Christine Price says:

    I have just started trying to establish a VPN so that I can still watch UK TV now that I have moved abroad. I was having very little success trying to set the system up and contacted the help line for advice. I was very happy with the support I was given by Chris who was very polite and proceeded to sort my problem very quickly and efficiently. Within 3 hours of asking for help I was chatting online and a further half hour saw my system up and running. Chris even installed Google Chrome for me to make my system run better and supplied a text explaining how to get my TV system online after I had shut the system down. Many, many thanks.

  93. Helen says:

    I have subscribed to MPN for over two years, and never once had an issue- today I contacted support regarding a VPN connection for iphone and within a couple of hours, I had a response complete with easy to follow instructions, and a VPN connection set up on my phone. Thanks to Chris for a quick and simple response!

  94. Kevin says:

    Have been using MPN for several months now. My initial set up worked well with a wireless conection, however, having changed to a direct connection the initial set up failed to work. I submitted a request for support and received a very quick response, the easy to follow instructions resolved the problem first time. Very pleased with the excellent service and support.

  95. catherine oldenburg says:

    i have to say, the people who work in the ‘aaagh help me’ department, are just blooming brilliant, i couldn’t get connected so they got in touch remotely and took over my computer and solved the problem in literaly 3 minutes, i don’t get this impressed very often, but today is obviously a day to be totally in awe of the nice person who helped me out!!!
    i am a very happy me who can now watch the rugby world cup, YAY FOR MY PRIVATE NETWORK!!!!!!!!! :o)

  96. Paulo Ferreira says:

    I have been using the service for a few years now and cannot fault it’s quality or levels or customer service – on the extreme rare occasion I’ve had need to request support, response has always been quick, efficient and most importantly – any problems have been quickly solved.

    Would thoroughly recommend My Private Network without any hesitation.

    Keep up the great work.

  97. richard says:

    At last! a straightforward, legitimate method to overcome petty bureaucratic restrictions unreasonably enforced.

    Could not be simpler to instal, works very well with my somewhat below par connection and the support department have been responsive and helpful.

    I’m positively excited!

  98. Anthony says:

    I have used My-Private-Network for well over a year to watch British online catch-up programs from the various channels, including BBC iPlayer which was originally closed to overseas viewers, and it has worked well in spite of having to switch VPN applications because I changed to a cable provider here in France. When my first configuration failed to work because of some technical reason that I nover understood, Chris was quick to spot the problem on my Mac and gave advice on how to use another application and with his help I set it up and got my VPN connection working again. On the two pccasions I had to use the support system, I received a prompt reply and a quick fix to my problem. A first-rate service!

  99. steve houghton says:

    The service that you provide is an absolute lifesaver for those of us that miss british tv and also facebook, twitter etc..
    In china these are restricted but with your easy set up and quick response when problems arise we still manage to keep in touch with friends and family.
    It’s without doubt the most worthwhile 5 pounds I spend every month

  100. Brett Young says:

    I needed a UK VPN so that I could bypass the laws here in the Middle East and obtain Skype. Calls now cost me pence instead of pounds, plus I get the video links. I can call my bank when they decide to block my cards and not worry when I’m on hold listening to wonderful music.
    I’m not desperate to watch UK TV or anybody else’s. Nothing much really changes in the UK. I can get Al Jazeera anyway.
    The links did not work at first but I was helped by the support team and now for 5GBP a months I am satisfied.

  101. Jeff Cooper says:

    I have found the speed of contact and information provided by the support team to be excellent. We are currently using the service in Paphos, Cyprus and it is fantastic to have access to all of the tv and radio programmes that we enjoyed watching in the UK.

    I would echo the comments of a previous reviewer and say that it is the best value £5 that you can spend each month.

    Keep up the great work guy’s.

  102. harold reast says:

    Dear VPN,
    It was a very pleasant surprise to work with your support team recently, in particular CHRIS. I have never received such enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism before this, and if anyone deserves to be labelled
    PATIENCE it has to be your staff, even so after several hours of testing and checking ,including cleaning up and sorting my computer, no solution was found. Most tasks done over many hours was well outside what MPN is responsible for. The BBC who one would expect some help /interest did not respond to my e mails. Fortunately I have just acquired a MACBOOKPRO which has VPN working perfectly. I am sorry to say that the computer with all the faults will be sent back to SONY or scrapped (too much hassle ! )
    Again my grateful thanks (especially to CHRIS)
    Best Regards Harold Reast

  103. Pauline Toland says:

    Overall, have always had a great experience with the support service offered by MPN. There’s a very quick turnaround on submitting a query to actually receiving a response.
    So far I am impressed. This is the 2nd time I have used this service, and feel that it works great, my problem is fixed immediately, the only problem I then encounter is that I need help to login again after a few weeks. This could however be something to do with my location, I live in the UAE, where there are issues with using VPN services.

  104. Julia Davey says:

    Very prompt replies and managed to sort out problems with minimum fuss.
    OSX Lion proving to be a problem at the moment for installation on MAC’s, but My VPN technical team aware and found a way around things.
    Great service- thank you

  105. Angela says:

    Your support team are great l am no IT buff so it always takes me forever
    to get things set up but lm persistant at least and they have always given
    me lots of help to very untech questions lve posed
    hope we will have a good experience with the Global plan too
    still at the teething stage of understanding it!
    keep up the good work!

  106. Angie McNabb says:

    l have been with you for nearly 3 years and have always been helped brilliantly as far as you could and l could understand….1
    Its difficult to comment on something you dont have enough knowledge about and thats why lm for ever grateful for your support!
    Afterall its only a bit of entertainment we are after, its not a matter of life and death.
    l’m very grateful for your efforts and service provided

  107. susie kulbicki says:

    I had a slight problem when my husband bought me a new computer for Christmas, we couldn’t transfer your connection so that I could watch English TV on a larger screen.
    Chris, sorted it out, quickly & efficiently.
    I really appreciate the fact that I can send an e-mail if I have a problem, and know that I will get reults straight away.
    I have been using My-Private-Network for a few years now, and it’s the best £5 a month I ever spend.
    Thankyou very much Chris,
    Susie Kulbicki

  108. amanda hopewell says:

    Thanks again for your prompt and helpful service. I was suprised to receive your email with advice at the weekend, but very impressed and grateful too. I have been using MPN for 3 years approx and over this period had quite a few problems with my computer (unrelated to mpn services) the team have always delivered understandable instruction or been available to respond remotely when things have been beyond my understanding.
    Thank you for helping me stay in touch with life in UK, this is a real biggie for me and my young son.
    Cheers to you!

  109. Jonathan says:

    I created a problem for myself in regards to paypal and payment – and on a Sunday. I was concerned I would lose this service, which is quite vital for me. Within a few hours of emailing support (and again, on a Sunday night!) Chris provided me with a thorough response, guiding me through my options. He also extended my coverage for a few days, should I need it , while I sorted myself out.
    Brilliant, timely service and my problem resolved, with no hassle, and a friendly attitude. Greatly appreciated!

  110. Tony Bird says:

    I had subscibed to the UK service for more than a year and decided to change to a free web-based service.
    For a fiver a month saving, that proved to be a bad move.
    I have returned to MPN and up and running on home PC and netbook.
    I was given a few days gratis to download again and try, but signed back up before the free period expired.
    I did have a few issues and received excellent e-mail support which was very easy to follow and resolve things.
    I prefer the SSL setup over the default TTCP protocol which gives me an icon to show connection and IP address. It took well under two minutes to download and instal.
    This is a very good package and excellent support.
    As with anything, you never realise how good something is until you lose it.
    Glad to be back!

  111. Guy Slater says:

    I think this is the third time we have required support, and like the other two we received a quick and accurate response that we enacted immediately to resolve the problem. It is reassuring to know that the service has this type of support as it makes the whole experience outstanding. We have been with you for a couple of years and have had no problems other than operator error on our part.

    Thank you – great job!

    Merry Christmas

  112. Viridian says:


    Just signed up with MPVPN from Vancouver, Canada.

    Signup and logging on very easy – even for an old newbie like me! Initally impressed with service as going the VPN route appeared to be much better than using proxies which were almost unusable due to lengthy buffering every 1-2 minutes.

    But!: I soon began experiencing similar buffering problems. Contacted MPVPN and went through a very helpful diagnostic routine using their on-screen messenger. Using speedtest.net identified that, although my local internet d’load speed is in around 30 Mb/s, connection to most UK servers is EXTREMELY POOR at between 1,5 and 2.3 Mb/s resulting in the buffering. MPVPN were unable to identify what was causing the problem and suggested contacting my local ISP for help.

    Technical Help from them is incredibly bad! Apart from having to wait nearly 6 hours before I actually spoke to a human being, I eventually explained the situation to the techie in great detail. She was helpful but totally ignorant of this problem as she was only able to check my local d’load speed which, of course, showed an acceptably high figure. I then persuaded her to use speedtest.net, not only for my local connection but also from her desk (in Calgary) to some of the London servers. She identified similar speeds to mine. I then suggested that as global internet speeds from Canada to the UK are generally in an acceptable range of 5-10 Mb/s there must be something wrong with their server connections. She couldn’t offer any help but I asked that she refer the problem to those higher up and get back to me. She said that she would and that another person (name given) would get back to me.

    I have yet to hear back from them and I probably won’t. From this, I’m left with the clear impression that, because this ISP makes it’s major revenues from providing TV services, they maybe ‘throttling’ d’load speeds from oversees servers to prevent easy viewing of foreign TV and prejudicing their profits.

    In no way does this reflect upon MPVPN – they have been totally professional in their help and understanding of this problem. I do have two questions:

    1. Have others experienced similar circumstances with cable based ISP’s – not only within Canada but elsewhere?

    2. As these reviews are very useful to intending VPN users, can reviewers please put their receiving location so that potential users can see what their local situation might be?

  113. Michael Harwood says:

    I was living in the US and wanting access to UK websites. My VPN has been first-class. Using it made a monumental difference to our quality of viewing over in the States (ie we could still watch Strictly Come Dancing!). It also helped when we needed to sign up for certain products which would only accept inputs from UK residents. And VPN let’s me be a UK resident.

    The other thing which has made a difference is the quality of support – no such thing as one of those awful automated question & answer systems, with a cartoon picture of a computer which is inevitably going to fail to understand the question. Oh no, My VPN provides a real human being, with knowledge and a real sense of humour! Perfect! I could not recommend the service more and have regularly told other ex-pats to sign up – £5 per month is a bargain.

  114. Annie Haynes says:

    I have been a subscriber to My Private Network for more than a year now and always recommend it to my friends over here.
    I recently encountered problems, not from MPN, but from having to change to a different payment method.
    I have nothing but praise for the fast and efficient advice I received. Excellent service, and a very big thank you to those involved.

  115. Lauren says:

    Fabulous service, speedy response whenever I’ve had a query.

    Yes, sometimes I have problems with the buffering taking time, but I haven’t reported it yet as it hasn’t been so bad lately.

    But I’m more than happy with the online help that I receive.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  116. Alex Macleod says:

    I’m very satisfied with access to British and French TV with My Private Network’s Global Plan. However, the VPN for the US simply doesn’t work. I keep on receiving a message that for licencing reasons the programmes asked for “are not available in your region”.
    This is why my overall score is only 3. The support service is excellent, so I hope the VPN USA service will be straightened out soon and I can give the 5 stars overall that this product deserves.
    I don’t what “comp” refers to, so I can’t really evaluate it.

  117. Nathan says:

    What a sevice..Im having a little issue NO FAULT OF MY PRIVATE NET and im getting same day help by email i was expecting at least a day or so.Im very happy with the help and service.Being in cyprus and due to satalites now being moved around in space im not able to get any tv which means one very unhappy missis.Thanks to my privite net this has solved my problem just wish i found this out alot sooner.10/10 all round if anyone is thinking about using this service and is not sure belive me you will not look back unless your willing to pay 300 euros every 6 months for a dream box then go ahead.I know you get alot of channels but really!!do you watch that much tv?

  118. Jennfer Stedman says:

    Just having recently moved back to the uk from France, I can’t say how much I appreciated the help I got from HMPN and team. It made such a difference to our life in France and made us feel not quite so far from home. Whenever we had any problems the team were always on hand to help out, sometimes going above and beyond their remit. thank you all. I would recommend this service to anyone living abroad.

  119. Julia Davey says:

    Excellent service. Everyone very helpful. Especially useful as I spend my time between 2 countries. Very secure for email etc. when I remember to use it.

    Internet broadband speeds in the US are abysmal unless you pay through the nose, so viewing English TV over there is not always easy. You have to pick times when the ISP is not fiddling with their system. Viewing in the UK is great. Have just switched over to the US VPN, as back in the UK at the moment, so not sure how this is going to pan out, but things look good so far.

  120. Joan Thorley says:

    Hi Thanks for the information re the WDTV box that I bought in the UK to use in Cyprus, unfortunately although your response to my query was to setup a proxy server I have had a computer guy into the house and he says the reason it does not work is because the BBC I-player files are DRM files and they can’t be unlocked. I have sent this response so that if you get asket the same question again you will know the answer.
    Thanks for the help anayway
    Joan Thorley

  121. Mikkel Jørgen-Jensen says:

    MPN is really good, reliable and very good value. The fly in the ointment is PAYPAL. Wish they werent involved. Twice theyve messed up my payment and they are so difficult and hard to communicate with. PLEASE do another way in which we can pay you directly. SIGH.

  122. Mikkel Jørgen-Jensen says:

    MPN support is FANTASTIC. Minutes after unloading my grief, a mail arrives telling me that people are on the case, cracking heads and breaking noses to get me back on track. I´m impressed. Suria you´re a star. Surely a model for everyone else calling themselves “support”.

  123. Stevie2xl says:

    After years of using free UK proxys for tv in Spain, and struggling everyday with them, I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to My Private Network. SO easy to set up, clear, easy to understand instructions, only 5 quid a month, and works like a charm. I am absolutely gutted that I didn´t get onboard sooner, I might have had some hair left! Muchas Gracias Thanks to all concerned.

  124. D4vey says:

    What would I do without it! Excellent!

    Living in Barcelona, I am never, again, missing a programme on UK TV … tried other VPN´s but none compare to MPN. Set up is easy on my iMac AND my Android and for just a fiver a month, who could complain?

    In the extreme case of hiccups, support respond very quickly to concerns and provide step-by-step instructions. It´s nice to know that support is there.

    Thanks very much for a great service. I have recommended to many.

  125. A K Holloway says:

    Everything about this service is just great. I had been using a free service for over a year because I was too tight to spend money on it (!) but when I finally decided to switch to MPN (recommended by a friend) I was so annoyed that I didn’t do it ages ago! It’s such great value for money for what they’re giving us – access to all of our beloved TV channels from home. This is priceless, when it comes to needing those home comforts and cosying up in front of the TV, like old times. The service is fast, reliable, so easy to install (due to very comprehensive instructions) and easy to connect every time. Also, the support team are fantastic! Their email responses are quick, friendly and always with really easy-to-follow instructions.

    I have been recommending this service to all of my fellow expats out here and will continue to do so.

    Thanks MPN, you deserve a medal!

    A K Holloway

  126. Michael says:

    Since switching to Tunnelblick, speed seemed to be a bit slow which meant I was using it less and less, but I wasn’t following up with support because I was busy. Then my connection stopped completely when using Tunnelblick to connect. However, when I finally got around to contacting support, they were very helpful with uninstall/reinstall instructions and I now have decent bandwidth. Sometimes it’s fast enough to watch HD content, which is really nice. Otherwise, I have the option to download and watch offline which is also doable, or watch in SD.

  127. Sheila McHutchon says:

    This service has enriched my life so much – and every time I contacted you for technical support over the years you have responded quickly and sorted out whatever problems I was having. This time I moved to Australia another planet really with very slow upload speeds on ADSL2 phone lines – VPN provided me with the tools to test my speeds and to work with my local service provider so I can still use VPN service. Broadband internet is not scheduled for my area for years so I so appreciate the 2 appointments with the technician to test my speeds and give me advice on what I should be asking minimum speeds etc. Again thank you for an excellent service and professional support staff – I cannot say enough good about your service!

  128. Jonathan Frewin says:

    I can’t fault these guys – setup was a breeze, it works on my iPhone, Android phone, Macbook and PC, and seems to be reasonably priced, with very transparent policies around pricing.

    I have left ‘Speed’ blank in my star ratings, because I don’t know whether some slowness I experienced around the time of the olympics was due to heavy traffic owing to that once in a lifetime UK event, or something else.

    But within 15 minutes of asking a question of the support team, I had the following response, so you can make your own mind up! And I wish I could give a six star rating for support, because I think that level of customer service response is amazing:

    “Whilst the VPN does place an additional overhead on the network connection, this is minimal and should be less than 20%.

    There are many factors that could affect the network speed, this includes the huge number of users connecting to our servers during the Olympics but we could not be sure if it\’s due to the VPN itself or the huge traffic connecting back to the UK that is coming in from various countries.

    From our end, we have at least 45 UK servers which rotates every 5 minutes to ensure that only a limited number of users are connected on one server to avoid slowdown, whilst we had users complained about the speed during the Olympics this is minimal and can be usually resolved by reconnecting again after few minutes.”

  129. Rebecca in Dubai says:

    Absolutely fantastic customer service! Any time I’ve had issues or questions, they reply promptly and are extremely helpful. In this case, it was Chris who came through and saved the day. He offered easy solutions, was punctual with our agreed upon meeting time online, and solved my problem in no time. Thanks Chris! I’ll be recommending you guys to friends here who want a VPN service.

  130. David in Alicante says:

    A truly outstanding company! Seriously: from customer support responses within a couple of hours – polite, helpful and understanding.

    I have tried other VPN´s and not one of them can compare to this one. Price-wise: what a small price to pay to be able to enjoy ALL the programmes from your selected country. Even, to extend viewing in transatlantic countries, the price you pay is small.

    Absolutely no problems whatsoever connecting (I choose mine to connect automatically nowadays) and no “buffering” like with some other VPN´s. Okay, that could well be to do with the internet speed you have but, mine has been relatively stable throughout, and with other VPN´s my programmes buffer.

    Pass the word … I´ve recommended to many people. Well done and thanks for a fantastic service!

  131. Graham Samuel says:

    For a few years I’ve been completely happy with the straightforward VPN service on several devices (IMac, iPad, etc.) but recently I wanted to get the VPN working on non-computer devices like TV sets and set-top boxes. This turned out to be tricky (needs a secondary router which has to have new software downloaded into it). I have computer knowledge but don’t understand networks. MPN support helped me every step of the way, telling what to do, making suggestions when I went wrong, and persisting until we got the system working. My main support person was SURIA – knowledgeable, intelligent, encouraging, responsive. It was not a straightforward process, but with this level of support it was worth doing. Thanks so much!

  132. Harold Reast says:

    Having been getting troubles from a HACKER twice this month I was strongly advised to put codes to enter my computer plus code for Administrator.
    At the time this seemed common sense.
    However, I had to use System Restore to cure a keyboard fault recently and this caused VPN and BBC I PLAYER DESKTOP to malfunction.

    Worse still, when I got MPN to help, these codes seemed to cause confusion and delay. Due to wonderfully efficient service from Suria, this was sorted out proficiently. I am considering taking the codes off,if only to save undue problems with your very helpful support staff.
    Needless to say I am truly sorry, and very embarresed having caused all this.

    Truly grateful for the usual excellent efforts by SURIA and your efficient staff. They are very patient,polite and very understanding to this ery mucvery satisfied customer. At 84+ I am still very much a novice.
    Grateful Thanks
    Sincerely Harold Reast (Cyprus)

  133. Pam Hillier in Cyprus says:

    Fabulous service – after over two years satisfactory UK TV viewing, I’d be lost without it. Fantastic value for money. Excellent support when needed. I’d recommend it to anyone.

    I’m delighted that the largest ISP here has just doubled up our internet speeds, which makes MPN better than ever! I’ve installed MPN on my new iPad and have had a super evening’s viewing (while the computer that drives my tv is away for repair).

    Thank you for everything MPN. You’re streets in front of the competition!

  134. gwenita says:

    Thanks team MPN/VPN!
    I’ve been using your service for more than two years now.
    It’s fantastic!
    Any tiny itsy bitsy probs I’ve had (mostly involving my own computer and lack of IT skills) have been sorted out by your team pretty well instantly!
    Hence wanting to buy the same service for friends!
    Thanks team MPN!

  135. Keith Korthaus says:

    I have had difficulty with iPhone and Android VPN connections in order to watch UK ITV and BBC TV programs. The problems are with the software compatibility with my devices, the UK networks and/or my location in the USA. No doubt in time they will be solved as my-private-network.co has been both professional and understanding with my queries and have solved all my problems with the exception of the UK TV networks systems to adapt to my devices.

    I could not have had more professional and friendly service from MPN UK. Full credit to them in the changing and demanding statistical nightmare.


  136. Colin Dixon says:

    I had changed providers in France and my VPN router needed to be configured. I arranged a remote session, which due to some mistakes at my end, was late in starting. Afzdal was very patient and we successfully completed the change, overrunning the 30 minute session by quarter of an hour.

    I have nothing but praise for the technical ability of the company, and their willingness to provide assistance.

  137. Peter Harvey says:

    Great service as always. There was a delay in payment on my part, however MPN happily provided an extension whilst this was resolved.

    Any issues I’ve had in the past with MPN have been resolved quickly and professionally.

    Would gladly recommend this service to other potential users.

  138. Peter Bagwell says:

    After reading a few of the previous reviews it hardly seems to be worth my while to write yet another. However, I’d like to congratulate the My VPN staff for their caring attitude towards us, their customers. They are quick to respond to us non-nerds and explain how to get out of difficulties in a simple and straightforward fashion. Thanks guys, you’re number 1!

  139. ian jarvis says:

    All aspects of my dealings with mpn have been
    first rate and I would have no problem in
    reccommending them in the future
    Thank you
    ian jarvis

  140. Eileen says:

    Congratulations on the quality and speed of your technical support service. I was having a problem using MPN on my Windows 7 PC. A quick reinstall of a more up to date version and it is working fine. On the few occasions I’ve needed to raise a fault or query over the last 3 or four years it has always been resolved very quickly and easily. None of the attempts to blame other peoples software or hardware. Well done and thankyou.

  141. Alan McTeer says:

    I reported a problem on Sunday evening and by mid-morning on Monday My VPN had solved everything. I had an on-line dialogue with a really helpful technical person who remotely took control of my computer and quite quickly found the problem and repaired it. At all times I was kept aware of what was being done and was consulted about each step. A silky smooth operation! Thank you very much.

  142. Trish says:

    I have found the technical support to be precise and easy to understand. I am currently being helped to set something else up so I can use the service continually and not being a techie person myself I was a bit worried, but have been put completely at ease and each step I am being helped. Since it is still early days (this being my first month with MPN) I can only report on the short term but looking good and hoping to be able to keep MPN for a long time. Keep up the good work and you will have another customer for a long time.

  143. Clare Douglas says:

    I have been consistently delighted with your service over the years. I find your website clear and your instructions on it easy to follow and very user friendly. The same can be said of your support system. Everything may be online but it still has the “human touch” and you know you are reaching real people not an automated system that can only respond to a set series of questions that never quite matches your particular query.

    So, thank you for being there and long may you continue!

    Clare Douglas

  144. Louise says:

    I can’t remember getting an online response in less than 5 minutes before! Really impressive!! When my tunnelblick crashed after an upgrade the instructions from them to reinstall were obviously written by a robot. In contrast to that, your instructions were clear and simple and WORKED. My only hesitation was that I am running snow leopard, not mountain lion – so you should update your Apple instructions. I have recommended your company to many people and brought you several new costumers. I’ll be able to tell the next people I recommend that your service is great too.

  145. HAROLD REAST says:

    What can I say that I haven’t already said SO many times. There are no comparable sites that can offer anywhere near to this one. I am extremely happy (always have been) their patience with this 85 year old “git” who is almost computer illiterate is beyond comprehension. i am always shouting the message to anyone who will listen
    Not only are they super efficient and polite, on many occasions they have sorted problems caused by other people i e especially the BBC

    I am, and will continue to be a most grateful VPN customer

    Many thanks for excellent service and prompt action always

    Regards Harold Reast

  146. John Darby says:

    Have enjoyed a good service for a few years.

    Support have always helped very quickly, but today the excelled themselves. I have purchased a Chromebook recently and wanted to use it with a UK IP address.

    They replied that the did not have a Chromebook to try it on but suggested I try a few things. These I tried and got back to the support team to say they did not work.

    Whilst I had been trying the teams suggestions they had been on to Chrome and got the answers and sent me a detailed instruction and withing 15 mins had it up and running with UK IP address. Well done them.

  147. J C Knowles says:

    I found the process very confusing and net well explained on the website.

    The support was even worse – not answering my questions and actually helping me as a customer but just cut and paste me back to the section in the website that got me confused in the first place.

    Seems like they have my money and unfortunately don’t, so far, seem bothered about actually helping me use their product – I hope I’m wrong and they come good as I could really use their service, but so far its not looking good.

    I would be very wary so far about advising people about giving this company any money – that maybe unfair as I do know other people who have had a satisfactory service off them but it hasnt been my experience of them so far.

  148. connie carrier says:

    I found it very easy to communicate what the problem was. Emails were answered straight away with suggestions and links to solve the problem
    I found the staff to be very efficiant, profesional and quick to reply and encourage to contact them again if the problem still was not solved

    Thank you


  149. HAROLD REAST says:

    As always, This VPN is tops. 5 stars cannot give the truly great performance,professionalism.patience, courtesy and overall efficiency
    they continually display. I shout their praises at every opportunity.

    Get VPN and forget the “has beens”

    Regards Harold Reast

  150. Jenny says:

    Support is excellent. I’ve just got a new laptop with Windows 8 & had a problem with the connection icon going green but the IP address wasn’t changing. Tried several re-installs with no luck so put in a request for help not expecting such a quick reply. I allowed Suria to take control of my latop & the problem seemed to be sorted. Unfortunately the next day the same problem came back. This time I got Chris & it looked as if the problem had again been sorted but before I let Chris go I did a restart & connected ok but then I disconnected & when I tried to reconnect again the same old problem reappeared. But Chris fixed it! Evidently the icon on the desktop & the icon on the task bar were bouncing off one another (no I don’t know how or why!) so Chris set up the VPN connection a different way & everything now works fine. Thank you Support, you’re great!

  151. Dave J S says:

    Have used this service for a few months on my PCs and laptop without any problems – it does exactly “what it says on the box”.
    However, I recently bought an Android tablet and wanted to connect it to the internet via the VPN too, but had no idea if this was even possible. Searching through the “Question” section of the web site led me to step by step instructions to get Android devices “on the VPN”. It worked like a dream!
    As an Android newbie this help was invaluable – thanks Support Team.

  152. Adam says:

    Having run in to trouble trying to configure the VPN on my old router I turned to the MPN support team. Initially I had quick and informed responses by email and have just completed a long session with one of their team who has done a great job in solving the problem and getting everything going interactively.

    Having been a customer for nearly 2 years now, I was already happy with the VPN itself. Tonight’s experience has just made me a champion for the service.

    Keep up the great service and thanks again to everyone who helped!!

  153. PIA TURNER says:


  154. Tony C says:

    These people are truly amazing. After submitting a request for help and advice, I was issued a ticket stating that a response would be had within 24 hours.

    20 minutes later the response was provided and all issues addressed.

    One very happy wife and therefore one very happy life.

    Thank you.

  155. Harry Touzel says:

    Very good service. I needed some help getting started and once I started unfortunately I had used this before under a different name. I would recommend the service as it is very good and does exactly what I would expect from a VPN.

  156. J Webster says:

    I am extremely impressed with the website and in particular the speed and comprehensibility of the responses to my queries and the rapid resolution of my problem.

    In these days of garbled and useless so called ;
    ‘help’ this is exceptional.

    Many Thanks

  157. V. Ery Happy says:

    I would award 11 out of 10 if possible.

    Long reviews take too much time so the basics;

    1) Used MYVPN on PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones for years. Excellent function and service.
    2) Two issues in lifetime. Both cured via MYVPN support centre (emailing).
    3) First issue took some back and forth but the support team solved it in a few days.
    4) Second issue years later (last night) was solved in minutes. I sent them a note at 11:30 on a Sat night. They responded at 4:00 on Sunday MORNING. Their email response solved the issues and included a couple extra notes for other eventualities. I was back online with their service before breakfast Sunday morning.
    5) A free support service better than any forum on the net.

    I can’t recommend this service enough. It’s outstanding.

  158. Susan Hurren says:

    Had a problem with my credit card and had to wait for a new one. Paypal tried to pay and could not access funds. Unfortunately my subscripton was cancelled.
    When I tried to subscribe I found that MPN would not accept the email address.

    I send a message to MPN and within 12 hours I had a reply with a solution.
    They re instated my account immediately and gave me instructions on how to

    Excellent service. Thanks guys.

  159. timothy willis says:

    Excellent; I INADVERTENTLY DELETED the icon, which meant I had to do a system restore. Also, I could not use my credit card, so had to contact my bank and get them to transfer the money.

    Meanwhile, Suna allowed me to access TV whilst awaiting payment. So I will not miss Wimbledon, after all!

    Thank you SUNA!


  160. Bob says:

    A brilliant service appreciated by all us Brits living abroad.
    Keep up the excellent service/support.
    We would be at a great loss without your network.

  161. Justine Kavak says:

    I have had a couple of connection problems over the years nothing I hasten to add anything to do with MPN. MPN have been oustanding in their customer support and speed of service and have always resolved the problem promptly.

    This is an excellent service to use not only could other VPN providers learn from MPN but any company, as the standard and speed of customer service MPN has set can be met by far too few.

    Thank you MPN extremely grateful customer

    Justine Kavak

  162. pravin says:

    I have been using this service for over two years now and have had no problems.The support staff have been very helpful when initially i had it installed, they are super efficient.I would highly recommend this vpn service to anyone.For me it is a godsend.Excellent value for money as well.
    absolutely outstanding service.
    Thanks MPN


  163. Paul says:

    I was suffering from connection problems and set up a ticket requesting help, I got a reply with 5 minutes and was given an alternative suggestion due to my connection problem.

    I was back on line with 15 minutes

    Excellent customer support and response time

    Thank you

    It is a shame not all customer service departments are efficient and professional and have as good a customer service department as MPN

    Thanks again

  164. Mike Powell says:

    Fantastic response to some Tunnelblick problems, which appear to be solved. All resolved within 15 minutes of the trouble starting – I was pretty gobsmacked! That sort of thing doesn’t happen often on the internet – as you well know.
    I was was wary of the service to start with as there’s a lot of snake oil salesmen out there but I started MPN well over a year ago and the backup support has been first class. Not often needed but when I wanted it there it was.
    Well worth every penny and we have recommended it to all our friends.
    Thank you MPN
    Mike Powell

  165. Ian bell says:

    Hi your service is excellent , but there is always one , I feel you could make log/in allot easier .Once the customer has sighed up , I think there are allot of senior citizens abroad me included and we are not computer wise . So If you ,put. Description MPN-GBR and say they are all capital letters or upper casing server. Gbr.mypn.co and say that letter G. Is a capital Account and pass/word are straight forward , I think it would help all concerned , I would have helped me .regards Ian

  166. Harry says:

    July 2013 I cannot complain the response to our issue was quick and simple to follow, In this High Tech world of IT communications all it needs is someone understanding enough to keep it simple and you certainly provide that service I only wish a few more companies out there had the professional approach to customer service and needs.

    Keep up the good work and long may it continue.

    Best Rgds Harry

  167. Mike Powell says:

    Thanks for the great service guys – very promptly got me back in the saddle again and changed my failing Tunnelblick for a new connection which is working perfectly.
    I got the feeling that you really wanted to help and get me back up and running – quite unique in this faceless world!
    A great service.
    Mike Powell

  168. Joan Sive says:

    Brlliant service, helpful and extremely friendly and competent. I had to have a reconnection after a major virus was identified on my computer and I am delighted to say that I now have the service back, up and running and thank you! I realise the staff are extremely busy and slight delays are inevitable at times.

    Thank you all again,

    Joan M Sive

  169. Pantelis Pantelakis says:

    8/9/13, noon. I subscribed for an italy ip for 1 month. Only 5 pounds which is one of the chip est i found online.

    After i followed the instructions i had some small problems making a vpn connection so i sent e-mail to the support. After 5 minutes i got an answer!!!! Did help a lot but not totally because i wasnt specific as for what i needed ( My English are not that good as you can see ). So, i sent them another e-mail with more details. And again in less than 5 minutes i got my answers!!!! I did my vpn connection this time but couldn’t connect to the internet site i wanted the vpn for. So i asked them to help me once more and immediately they connected online and the technician worked on my pc online for more than an hour till he helped me do the connection with the site i wanted, even though the vpn connection was working perfectly.By 6 o’clock we were done!!! everything was in order!!!

    They really care for their clients and i thank you for that. Best support i have ever asked for. Bravo!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  170. Emily Hardcastle says:

    The support team at My Private Network were simply brilliant. They responded almost instantly to my problem and solved my issues incredibly promptly. I feel very confident using their service as things can go wrong but knowing there is someone there to help when they do is very reassuring.

    Overall very very pleased with the service. It was Suria who dealt with my problem, so thank you very much to you Suria…..

  171. Emma says:

    Was having problems using Tunnelblik with OS X 10.8, and I have very limited IT knowledge and so didnt understand things that were being suggested in forums. I emailed support, they answered within about an hour with 2 possible solutions, both of which I tried and one was successful. And I got a cheerful reply when I let them know the problem was solved. Impressed with the support.

  172. Adam says:

    I would select 10 stars for ‘speed’ if they gave me the option for it. MPN never fails to deliver on amazing customer service, they are prompt and informative and resolve any issues instantly. We have been with them 2 years now and for the duration of the time we are out of our home country we will continue to use them. Many of our expat friends use free VPN’s and try to convince us to give the free ones a go but to be honest, we are very happy with the service and price we pay towards uninterrupted access to the ‘outside world’. Thanks again guys!

  173. Tim Shepherd says:

    Embarrassingly I sent a query about not being able to log in and we went back and forth until support realised I was not signed up with them but with a different provider!

    They were very helpful and fantastically fast in replying.

    If I had not already got a subscription elsewhere I would probably choose these guys!

  174. kevin says:

    As I say time and time again, I can not live without my VPN. Its the BEST service than any other I have tried. When you start to sell stock in MPN, I want to me the first in line to buy a piece of such a great company. Please keep doing the things you at MPN do best— Service.


  175. Lynne Elms says:

    A* service, easy setup. VPN doesnt affect the speed whatsoever. Have used the service for over 2 years without a problem and only twice had a small technical issue which was resolved immediately. Customer service second to none, could honestly not be better. Would never use any other VN service. Am even happier as have just discovered I can auto connect when I log on so even better!! Keep up the good work, well worth the fiver a month!

  176. Sheena says:

    Having used My private network for the past 2 plus years I can honestly say that I have found their services invaluable and on the very odd occasion where I had to contact them, their support has been one off the best customer care experiences I have encountered.

    Keep up the good work MPN and I for one am very happy to recommend you guys to fellow expats.

  177. Helen says:

    I’ve been with MPN for over 5 years now, with not one single problem- the reason I’m writing the review now is because in addition to the excellent service provided, I just wanted to highlight the outstanding customer service. Yesterday I had my first connection problem in all the time I’ve been with MPN. I sent an email (at about 10pm on a Sunday night) fully expecting my query to be dealt with the next day at the earliest. Imagine my surprise to receive a very apologetic email from Jon detailing the problem, 2 hours later, just after midnight! The problem was dealt with efficiently and very quickly- I’m very happy to say!!
    Thankyou, and keep up the great work!!

  178. Calum Coubrough says:

    I have very rarely been subject to such excellent service and professionalism.

    The agents are courteous, extremely helpful and more importantly patient, even more so in difficult situations, i.e. when customers don’t always understand! In a previous life I taught computing, I would like to think that I was of a similar disposition then. Hence my commendation.

    The money paid for this service is ‘more than value for money’.

    I would highly recommend this organisation to everyone.

    Calum Coubrough

  179. Carole Garton says:

    I would like to thank the support team (again) for their promptness and efficiency.
    As a soon-to-be elderly lady, I could very easly back away from anything complicated however welcome MPN services are. Having a support team like this is hugely encouraging! I actually understand their instructins!

  180. Howard W says:

    I got in straight away with my PC using the instructions on web site, but I wanted to be able to use other devices without having to go through the login procedure each time. I decided to flash an old router with DD-WRT – not that easy! I needed technical support to get the right version and the setting correct. I sent my request on Boxing Day evening expecting a reply in the New Year, but no. At each step I had replies within an hour, usually quicker. They were friendly, none of them making me feel inadequate, despite me being well outside my comfort zone and within 16 hours my problem was sorted out.

    I lose a bit of speed in comparison with my direct cable connection, but I think 6mb will do!

  181. jane mainwaring says:

    It would help greatly if there was some way for you to notify us BEFORE our subscription expires instead of us having to contact you with a query as to why it is no longer working, or even to ask if we want the subscription automatically renewed at the end of its period. Other than this, we are very happy with the service. Thanks. Jane

  182. RpG says:

    We’ve been using MPN sporadically for a few years and have been extremely pleased. The info on the website is clear and easy, and the network functions flawlessly (we’re using it on Mac, iPad and iPhone).

    Any queries to customer service have been answered *incredibly* promptly, and in a most helpful and friendly manner. They aren’t just extremely competent, they also seem sincerely pleasant.

    I really can’t say enough good things about MPN. 🙂 There’s a reason they are the VPN of choice in my circle of ex-pats.

  183. David Prentice says:

    Many thanks to Chris on the Support Team for his help in resolving my problem with being unable to stream UK TV programs. Using LogMeIn Rescue, he was able to resolve a conflict between 2 connections which were causing the connection speeds to drop below usable levels, as well as pointing me in the direction of another connection method which is proving very useful.
    Customer support of this quality is almost unheard of in this day and age, so 10/10 to the support team – I have recommended MPN to other people in the past, and will continue to do so in the future!

  184. Carole Garton says:

    Hurray! All sorted! It took a little longer to get what has been until now very speedy responses to my problems. Having downloaded an update on my computer, I was then unable to connect to MPN causing great distress and perplexion. But all sorted now and am once again delighted and thankful for this wonderful thing… tunnelblick and MPN!

  185. Kaz says:

    Only been with this company less than a month
    I stumbled over them on the internet
    I foolishly forgot my password and needed some advice regarding future payments
    Within 30mins I had received a reply from the customer services team
    Excellent response and they solved my problem
    It’s a pity the banks and other leading organisations don’t employ quick responders

  186. Robert Sedgley says:

    I had a problem transferring my subscription to my new netbook. I got a very speedy response telling me how to do this. Unfortunately I still had a problem accessing this. Nevertheless, within a few hours the support team had booked me a session on remote assistance and the problem was resolved quickly. Also as I didn’t understand the process of changing over on my first attempt I inadvertantly took out another subscription. When I realised this, a couple of weeks later, the support team cancelled it and refunded the money instantly.
    what better service could you wish for?

  187. Christine says:

    We have been customers of MPN for 4 years now and cannot fault the service. We recently bought a new computer and had difficulty installing MPN but after contacting Support it was very quickly and efficiently sorted. Thanks MPN for a brilliant service and special thanks to Suria and Aaron.

  188. Elaine says:

    Excellent service and such a quick response. My question was answered in layman’s terms that even I could understand!! A very pleasant email informing me that if this did not help then to contact them immediately.
    Highly recommend MPN, even the setup was easy!

  189. John Hughes says:

    Hi, Recent problems with my Laptop have caused a loss of the MPN service for me and I have had to call on the assistance of the team. So, with the help of Suria and Afdzal the problems have been repaired. An excellent service and no hesitation in giving the 5 stars.
    Many thanks.


  190. Thora says:

    I was very happy with the prompt support I got when my VPN malfunctioned for some mysterious reason. I was given a solution and when that did not work, the technician promptly replied again and after analysing the log, gave me a simple tip that helped. I still don’t understand why the problem occurred, but I am glad there was someone at the other end that replied.

  191. Jan says:

    I had forgotten that I had used this service 2 years ago, what an amazing service, I haven’t got a clue when it comes to computers, and when something goes wrong, my stress levels increase ten fold…………….then remembering I had saved this service somewhere in my saved info file, they managed to sort everything out within 5 minutes, truly amazing, thank you very much a wonderful team, you should be very proud!!!!

  192. Ian Melville says:

    I have had this service for a couple of years now.. with no problems at all.

    Recently I have had some problems, emailed for support… got almost instant reply… unfortunately that didn’t solve my problem.. so emailed again.. got almost instant reply offering different method.. problem solved….

    What great service…..

  193. Gill says:

    Thank you for saving the day! I have been very happy with your service and have just renewed my subscription on a monthly basis after a four week trial run. Your support team have been very helpful and quick to respond and help when I made a mistake with my initial subscription. I shall certainly recommend your network to others.

  194. Nasreen says:

    Really appreciate the help given in order to solve issue.
    Quick and easy to understand the instructions as another user stated before me. Best thing – the instructions worked and I needed no follow-up.

    Good wishes to all.

  195. Martin says:

    Thank you to the support team for sorting my initial problems setting the service up. Quick, competent and friendly!

    Just getting started on Mac and ipad. So far all seems to work fine. Minor issues with speed but I suspect that has to do with my DSL access rather than with the VPN service.

  196. Angela says:

    This really is a great program, and i have it on my iPhone and computer. I travel all the time and so can watch/catch up with my favorite programs, from all over the world (but mainly UK TV) whenever i have a minute to myself.
    Great, friendly service with speedy communication.
    Highly recommended.
    Thank you from a very happy customer.

  197. david hayens says:

    We all know that there are many VPN services out there. However it would be impossible to find one that provides the service,back up, and quick response that MPN is able to offer. This is I think my 5th year and any problem has been meet with kindness and understanding. If you are unsure about which provider to choose, go for MPN. It really does what it says. d a v i d (oronsay)

  198. Barry Guy says:

    I have just returned to the UK, after many years of living abroad. I would like to thank My Private Network for an absolutely excellent service, which enabled us to stay connected to the UK media. We only ever had one minor problem, which, after some patient explanation from the support team, I discovered was something I had caused!
    I have recommended MPN to many friends and hope their business continues to grow. Well done guys – keep it up!

  199. Mandy says:

    I very rarely have problems with the MPN service but on the rare occasions the MPN support team are always first class – fast, positive and friendly. The step by step instructions are very welcome to someone like me who lacks IT knowledge. Thank you MPN for such great service.

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