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My Private Network (MPN) is an UK based company that provides Private VPN services and Smart DNS service , It is an established company for years, We got a lot of their happy customers leave review here, check it out before you place your order.

MPN now have over 200 servers in 44 countries, they offer OpenVPN,PPTP and L2TP VPN service for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Routers, you can have unlimited speed and change to whatever server you want if you order the global subscription, if you want you can ask them for a 3 DAY FREE TRIAL and NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED, this trial account can give you unlimited access to all the services.

MPN also have a bundled Smart DNS service called “MyTelly” which has support for over 200 content providers worldwide, it is good for online TV fans. the payment method they support are PayPal, Credit/Debit Card (Gate2Shop and Stripe), BitPay, Bank Transfer.

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Customer Reviews

428 Reviews to “my-private-network”
  1. Lynn Tremarco says:

    I have been using MPN for many years now and I have always had very prompt and efficient customer service if I have occasionally needed to contact them. Recently, my credit card security was breached somewhere on the internet and therefore I had to cancel the card. As this could have caused an interruption in my MPN service, I contacted customer services who responded within hours. They offered to extend my service until such time as I could set up a new payment arrangement. I have only praise for their friendly, courteous and extremely helpful response. If I could give them 10/5 I would! Well done MPN!

  2. Graham Bathurst says:

    Again MPN support came up trumps when I had a problem recently connecting vpn to server. Speedy prompt service with step by step remedies. I cant speak highly enough about the quality of the service they supply.
    so much appreciate Iplayer out here in Spain

  3. Dan says:

    Fantastic service & product!

    Absolutely recommend MPN without hesitation. Sent support request for basic info (as I’m a non teckie) and the response with clear, easy instructions were in my inbox within minutes.

    Halleluiah! haven’t said that for years…

  4. Joanna Gibbons says:

    I cannot thank the support team enough for there help . They have been prompt to reply and offered different solutions to try. It seems that with connectivity the goal posts are always moving but the support team seems to be thinking outside the box. I am connecting from italy and its not always so easy to obtain computer support but I have found the people from
    my-private network go that extra mile. 5 star service everytime.

  5. Julian Hornshaw says:


  6. tom says:

    The service has been great. I have been trying out something new with the DNS service, and the guys have been very helpful in getting it working.

    I can totally recommend the service (and have done to many of my friends)


  7. JLESR says:


    Thanks for the quick response I have altered the setting on my iphone and ipad without any problem.

    Thanks again

  8. Val Kosh says:

    We have been using My Private Network for a few years. Following a problem with our VPN I emailed the My Private Network team. I had a reply almost immediately asking for further information. A second instant reply gave me straight forward instructions guiding me through a reinstallation and update. It worked and the problem is solved. Thank you team, Suria, Afdzal and Chris for your excellent, prompt and concerned service. Fantastic.

  9. Jill Barrows says:

    I received an excellent service and all my emails have always been dealt with promptly and any issues I have had have been fixed quickly. The service in Saudi is invaluable. The speed hasn’t always been great but I know that is due to problems with the servers this side and our internet connection here isn’t too great. Thank you again!

  10. Jane says:

    Absolutely first rate service. Quick , efficient, friendly.
    Any problems sorted immediately (even my own stupid mistakes!)

    I use it every time we visit France and shall continue to do so, especially as our satellite dish no longer receives UK TV.
    Thank you.

  11. Patrick says:

    These guys are not good their very, very good, swift helpful replies. I think that out of hours they are the support team for Mission Impossible. I have an old steam PC dedicated to the TV, I asked the team to take it over, which they did and I sat back and was fascinated to see the speed in which they fixed our buffering problem.

  12. Harold Reast says:

    As always this service is first rate.Rapidly acknowledge complaints or requests for
    assistance,and are most patient with people like me.At 86 I often struggle and get
    Immediate attention even when many of my requests have been borderline. Often
    due to my lack of experience and failure to keep up with the rapid changes
    in technology.
    Am well pleased, and recommend My-Private-Network whenever I get the

    Best wishes for continued excellent service.

    Harold Reast. (Cyprus)

  13. Janet Davies says:

    I had problems with accessing UK tv over the last few days. Every time I contacted MPN support, I had very prompt, helpful advice, and then later the live support session was very well organised,and subsequently successful in solving the problem. Everyone I came in contact with was extremely pleasant and patient. Thank you again

  14. Ahmed says:

    Had bit of a speed problem last night and at 7.30pm (uk time) someone responded back at that time. In the end the resolution was to setup a DNS all within 12 hours. Now streaming UK TV at full local internet speed. Simply amazing service, been using MPN for five years now, will be recommending to fellow expats for sure. Keep it up guys.

  15. Pedro says:

    Aaron provided great support. A very quick response to each of my questions as we ascertained what was causing the service to drop on my windows 7 machine. He provided a first time fix and the service is back to its excellent normal self.

  16. John Frost says:

    A brilliant service!!!!
    After a stupid administration problem with PayPal my subscription was not paid.
    After I explained to MPN why they had not received payment, they immediately resumed the service without question.In this day and age, service like this has to be admired.

  17. Simon HK says:

    I travel extensively in Asia where internet freedom is not always particularly well respected and have found MPN’s VPN service to have been an excellent investment over a number of years.

    I have recently encountered occasions when an OpenVPN service is required to bypass additional restrictions on standard VPNs. I therefore sent a service request to MPN on a Saturday evening HK time asking how to do this with MPN. I subsequently received a clear and helpful reply from Aaron overnight which solved my problem first time.

    I just want to commend you on your excellent product and service. Thank you very much.

  18. Dot says:

    I took on this service without much knowledge and the website is super useful with exact instructions. When I’ve been stuck the responses have been quick, friendly and effective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MPN.

  19. Peter Crossley says:

    Excellent speedy response to my technical question concerning accessing BBC tv programmes via the i-Player UK domestic service. Apparently there are no reasons I cannot access BBC tv and ITV UK domestic services.

    I will therefore subscribe to this service. Well done.

  20. Maggie Bagnall says:

    The Support Team at My Private Network have always been very, very helpful – it’s me who prangs things up, but over the years the Support Team have always come to my rescue and sorted things out for me within minutes.

    I am delighted to be able to sing their praises and say how very satisfied I am with MPN.

    Maggie Bagnall

  21. Andy Smith says:

    Been a customer for years and always reliable service. On the few occasions where I have had issues, technical response has been excellent and extremely fast and comprehensive ensuring that the problem was resolved first time. Would recommend this VPN – been extremely useful while being abroad.

  22. Sev ferrari says:

    After some 2 months of operating my vpn perfectly out of Greece on an 8.1 OS I found myself unable to access the internet although the vpn indicated that I was connected.
    MPN took over my computor and after a flurry of mouse/arrow movements which left me reeling I was reconnected using a different system and all is now well. Very much appreciated

  23. HAROLD REAST says:

    MPN is tops. Not only do they very quickly respond to all genuine requests for help whenever the problem is purely with them, BUT recently, and by no means the only time they have patiently assisted this old chap (aged 86 and still a novice) with computer and I PAD problems mainly my own fault – finger / password problems mostly. BUT one would never expect the VPN to act as general assistant even when problems are in no way MPN’s responsibility.

    Why would anyone go elsewhere for a VPN with such efficiency,courteousness, and patience that are there within a few minutes. No doubt my age has both hindered and helped me here. Where else can one find this unique service ?

    Hope my recommendations to all and sundry are paying off. This service truly deserves the benefits of outstanding service. Thank you Suria, Chris, Aaron and team,

    Best wishes from a very satisfied customer
    Harold Reast

  24. Marcelas Guyler says:

    My Thanks to Suria – a very thorough and supportive session – valued especially that I was able to test with you the system and iron out any doubts – that is excellent customer service as if Tech.s do not take the trouble then they only have people come back with later problems or misunderstandings that are easy to sort on the spot when fixing a problem!
    So thanks

  25. Mike Oldham says:

    This is the 2nd time I have asked for support from MPN and each time they have responded very quickly and more importantly, it has been accurate and to the point. Just the best VPN Service I have heard of.

  26. David Marks says:

    Excellent product – fast and reliable, no problems in over 3 years use.
    Support also excellent – so nice to get questions answered quickly and to get replies that actually relate to the question. None of this hiding behind a mumbo jumbo of standard phrases, none of which actually relate to the question asked! Well done MPN.

  27. Carol freeman says:

    Excellent service and support. And a good price. A must for anyone travelling.
    If you need a VPN this is the one!

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