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Feature Overview

  • Anonymizes your web browsing by obscuring the location of your computer and Internet IP address.
  • Encrypts your Internet activities, protecting your browsing from local network eavesdroppers (coworkers, neighbors, bosses, ISPs, oppressive governments).
  • Prevents tracking and logging of your browsing activity by your ISP.
  • PrivacyBar for Firefox easy to use Toolbar to select from our various proxy servers.
  • Dedicated high bandwidth proxies provides very fast browsing.
  • Fully functional HTTP and SOCKS proxies available for any of your Internet applications that support proxies.
  • Transparent TOR HTTP proxy access for browsing via the TOR anonymous network. (No additional TOR/Privoxy software needed.)
  • Transparent JAP HTTP proxy access for browsing via the JAP anonymous network. (No additional Java/JAP software needed.)
  • Gives you 30 Gigabytes of encrypted, anonymized bandwidth per month.
  • TOR .onion URL Support – Transparent access to hidden servers/services within the TOR Anonymous Network.
  • Offshore servers, outside the USA/UK/China.
  • Excellent Support: Online Documentation, Email Support, and Live text chat with our support operators.

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Customer Reviews

26 Reviews to “MetroPipe”
  1. Scammed says:

    You will get scammed by Metropipe. After being with them for a few weeks, they drop the speed so much pages dont even load.

    They ripped me off. i thought I was using an acceptable service but then i find myself having to put up with 4 or 5 kbps if i’m lucky but even if you get a bit more speed, it is not consistent. You sit there and watch a small download take hours and the speed stays on 3kbps doing absolutely nothing.

    I got scammed with Findnot now I’m scammed by Metropipe! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. EraDoom says:

    I singed up with this service, paid them 4 three month (they don’t offer one month) and never get the service to work. they did NOT reply for any of my 5 emails. you be careful and keep your money in your pocket.

  3. bugs says:

    I’m using them now for 3 months I must say the speed is not bad around 2megs,but my fire wall just caught them trying a port scan and blocked it. Also very hard to connect to the net. you have to keep retring to get brouser to get their IP. real pain in the butt…. time for a new service like the defunk findnot now is called proXPN.com looks like the good old findnot…:)

  4. aStudent says:

    I used metropipe in 2008. I payed for their vpn solution not the encrypted proxy service.

    While the service was a pain to get working and sometimes it would take several attempts to connect, the service did work and provided adequate speed.

    Some times I would have to reconnect multiple times to get a good speed as they seem to have multiple servers you can end up connected to.

    The service does not seem to be a scam but support is non existent so pay with a system that allows you to get your money back if you can not get it to work for you.

  5. Don says:

    We subscribed to Tunneler Pro on November 11 for a six month trial.
    The open VPN gui installed very nicely and worked as advertised masking our two networked computers. The speed was good. We were
    very happy until the week of December 12th when the service
    died-just flat died. The vpn connects but the Browser times out
    on all web sites.

    Emails to both support and orders bounce back undeliverable.
    In frustration we subscribed to ##### which came highly recommended on this web site after three days of no support.
    I sent Metropipe a skype message and have not heard back. Don’t
    really expect to either. The bounced emails were a clue.

    In CONTRAST #### got back to us within the hour on Saturday
    morning when I had a question.

    Either metropipe is inept or they are ripoff artists. The pity
    of it is; they were awesome while it lasted

  6. TM says:

    I paid for the Metropipe VPN Service and was charged $59. but till this day I have not received the software and they have refused to respond to several mails which I sent to them. This has made me believe that MetroPipe is a scam.

  7. tom says:

    These guys took my money, did not fulfill my order and refuse to answer my emails. Do not do business with them.

  8. Jerry says:

    They took my money and did not send me the key or instructions to the download. They have not responded to my emails and i’m screwed. These people clearly are a scam; do not do business with them.

  9. derek says:

    Used Metropipe pro for some years now and very happy with the purchase. Latest portable system works from my usb stick-drive on any computer. I used to be behind a very strict company firewall that blocked all sites except a few work related, Metro was able to tunnel out without any of our whizkid help-desk knowledge. Tested an IT to try find the sites I was visiting and he failed miserably, he could see bandwidth being used but not who was using it or where it was going. Now retired and living in Africa, many banks block IP addresses from Africa for obvious fraud related reasons. With Metro I am able to I-bank with ease as the IP invariably shows up as Europe or USA. As for speed, Africa is a slow 3G and even metro cannot squeeze a greyhound out of a tortoises ass, but speed is much better than without metro. I also buy the cheapest ISP rate @ 1GB/month and am able to download unlimited GB’s, which is probably not so legit, but then ISP rates are extortionate too.

  10. Art says:

    I’ve used the Tunneler Gold service for years before recently moving to the Tunneler Pro. I find it excellent in all respects and just love it.

    Setup is easy and if I can do it anyone can.

    Important to keep in mind is Tunneler Pro works with any standard client with no need to change any settings on browsers or FTP clients. Fire up the pro and everything works under cover.

    Most impressive is it does what they claim to do… they hide you and hide you very well.

  11. Jace says:

    I’ve been with Metro for a few years now… and the only problem that I’ve had is with their support. Sometimes they are no where to be found and I even wonder if they are dead. lol But for the past few months everything has been going great. They have never taken my money and not given me what they said they would! I’ve been able to talk with support on and off, but I’m more used to it being like if I just walked into a Nordstroms or something! 😉 All and all, it was well worth the investment that I’ve made and I will do it again.

  12. liverpool says:

    Greetings everyone! I’ve been using Metropipe to view Netflix movies outside the USA!!! It’s AWESOME! I don’t care so much about people watching where I go on the net… but really, I love Netflix! And because I live in Mexico now, Netflix takes my money, but won’t let me do any live streaming. It sucked till I came across this! I’ve only had to use the support 2 times and both times they were there with the answers I needed right away. lol So, so long as Netflix stays running I’ll keep buying Metropipe! 😛 It’s easy and fast.

  13. Dooley Acres says:

    It probably isn’t a scam, only incompetent with no concern for clients occasional need for help. I had a helluva time getting connected with absolutely no help from metropipe staff. Now that I see there are alternative VPNs, some of them fairly well praised, it would be crazy for me to go back to metropipe. It’s just a lot of hassle to get the service working right and you never know when it might go down. At least that’s my experience.

  14. Harmony says:

    I have to believe Metropipe Tunneler is a scam. I had used the service for several years but on my last renewal the tunneler was still disabled and they will not respond to email at orders@metropipe.net. I felt there must have been a reason since I have been using the program so long. I sent in another payment and they do not give any details on how to download program.

    That is two payments with no results. I tried to go to their blog and it wouldn’t download. I tried to download skype from their program so I could call customer support and that wouldn’t work either.

    Save your money.


  15. Tom Shelly says:

    I’ve been using Metropipe Pro for over 7 years now and recommend them. I simply click on one icon, wait ten seconds and then EVERYTHING done on my computer is encrypted and my IP is masked and hidden. That’s all I have to do. Speed is good and the system is foolproof. They are based in Germany and shred their files every day and are not subject to the Patriot Act which requires companies to keep logs of IP’s for three days )most keep longer, sometimes forever )

    The only complaint is that it takes them a long time to respond after you pay and it takes support a long time to get back to you. That is true. But once you get it going, it’s flawless. One reason it takes long in the beginning is so they can verify the funds are legit that you paid with.

    All the people above complaining that they take their money and don’t deliver just didn’t wait long enough and got mad and posted here prematurely. I’ve heard stories of them taking up to two months.

    Like I said, I’ve been with them for 7 years and recommend them above all others.

  16. Peter says:

    (I submit my review again because it did not take my ratings): I was stupid enough to take a two years subscription with them, $180 gone down the drain. I used their services before and was reasonably happy. However, this version of vpn they use just does not work, and when it works the browser disconnects after a while. Worst even, the connection leaks your IP through multiple disconnection/reconnection. I did get help here and there but they never could make it work. At they end, they just didn’t reply anymore, and my request for refund were also ignored. I feel scammed and ripped off. Don’t do business with them. There are so many so much better VPN services now, no sense having to deal with incompetent and inept people, even if they may not be conscious scammers, but who knows… In contrast I got a free vpn from ProXPN that just works as a dream and of course will subscribe a paid connection with them. Be warned.

  17. Kathryn says:

    I just signed up for Metropipe and have to commend them on the wonderful support I received. They spent a long time helping me get it set up and I appreciate all their diligence in making sure it all worked properly. Yes, sometimes it takes a bit of time to connect with support, but once connected via skype they took all the time needed to get me going.
    I look forward to great service and privacy.

  18. StoneCold says:

    Metropipe is a scam, plain and simple. I signed up in Feb 2011 and it still doesn’t work. Now they want to do a remote support session…..after 3 freaking months???!!! What kind of people do business like this? Scam artists is who. Anyone that says Metropipe isn’t a scam is 1)lying 2) work for Metropipe 3)are super lucky and should buy a lottery ticket. Do not do business with them. Hear me. They are scammers and only their employees are on here saying they are good. B.S.

    BTW, I now have a vpn service (with the same features as mp) and it worked immediately. Metropipe is a joke.

  19. John Castleman says:

    Metropoop is a scam. Believe me or not. I was scammed. 3 months and still no service.

  20. Peter Right says:

    I really don’t know what most of you guys are talking about! And if I would have read this before I signed up for them I wouldn’t have tried them out! lol But I’ve been with them for about a month now. I had some trouble setting it up like you guys did, but their support was online and I got live help right away. The support person did everything for me through a Remote support session and held my hand while I was learning what a VPN is and what it does. I’ve contacted them a number of times and they have always been there! lol Most of the time it’s just because I’m new to Linux and don’t understand really anything about it yet. 100% Recommended for people that are looking. Maybe they got some new staff or something.

  21. PimpingJP says:

    I don’t understand why you people are having problems! lol I’ve been with them for years and if I need help I either hit the live support button on their page or I contact them on Skype. 😛 You guys are doing something wrong. As for me, I won’t use any other VPN. I don’t know much about computers… but they’ve always held my hand and even did a remote support session after I messed up and didn’t know how to extract a .zip. xD In my opinion you’re all probably from other VPN providers. 😛 Grow up and hit the live support button.

  22. Metropipe Support says:

    I would like to ask the people that are giving bad reviews to post the usernames here or any information that they feel comfortable with (Their tunneller ID). Say when they signed up with us and I will make sure they are taken care of. I will be checking these reviews. As was stated above there is live support on our site. People are welcome to click on that also.

  23. SatisifedLongTimeCustomer says:

    I have been a TunnelerPro customer for several years, and 95% of the time Metropipe has worked flawlessly for me. In the beginning I had lots of questions and got great Skype support, although when I now (from time-to-time) Skype them to ask about estimated uptime I do not receive any feedback maybe they would respond if my question went beyond ‘estimated uptime’. I have also gotten response when emailing support@metropip.net. However, the system when down might last 12-24 hrs and is back up again. There was a time a few years ago when they were down for about a week when they were doing major work on moving/upgrading their servers, and I did feel blind-sided but as I recall I think they sent out an email which I did not think to look for until after the fact.

  24. Works great for me says:

    I have nothing but good things to say about Metropipe. I use the Tunneler Pro version with Linux. It did take a little while to get it functional, one problem was that I received the windows version. Once they knew I used Linux it was a snap. I have never had a problem with support, anyone who has isn’t going about it in the right fashion. Once you get a support ticket you can use it over and over. The support staff are extremely versed in all OS’s and will hold your hand and walk you through everything required. If it does go down check your email, there could be an upgrade you need to download. If there is I have found that they keep the live chat open to assist customers. Metropipe is not a scam, I’ve had it for a few years and have had very good service from them. They even gave me a discount on my renewal. My only suggestion would be to use Wester Union for sign up and renewal. I think it is much faster to get it set up that way, I only use Western Union now for transactions with them.

  25. David says:

    Bought Metropipe VPN about a week ago. Have not heard anything from them in spite of both emailing them AND trying to contact them on Skype.

    These people are total rip off artists. Do not trust them with your money. They will take your money and leave you high and dry.

    They are scammers!

  26. James Thenail says:

    I paid metropipe with CC, an hour later, I got a reply that they needed 24 hrs to make sure they really received the money. 36 hrs past nothing happened. I googled “metropipe scam”, and found this webpage. I wish I am lucky enough to be among those who “thumb” at and numb about metropipe.

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