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Mass VPN block in China

During the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (9th – 14th Nov. 2012) , China rises it’s hummer to ALL the major VPN provider. PPTP,L2TP and OpenVPN all three protocal got heavily disturbed. as OpenVPN can easily change the working port, so now the temporary solution is change the OpenVPN working port. this is not the permanent solution,the GFW can scan the port and block the new port easily.

I believe the Gov. do not want comletely cut off the private VPN service access, if they want, they can easily block the complete access to certain IP, they didn’t do that, so we can still breathe the free air.

That’s why i always suggest people buy VPN service from local provider, because local provider know more about the local network and respond faster on emergency issues

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