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Linkideo is a totally secure internet facility, it allows users to log on to the website via its conection and with complete anonymity surf the web, use online services and software and browse any sites without fear of persecution and legal proceedings withour the need for additional software and constant updates.

Linkideo features:

Security – In order to provide you a higher level of service and security, Linkideo use 128-bit encryption to protect your information as it travels between your computer and Linkideo servers. Your informaiton travel in a virtual tunnel between your computer and Linkideo servers.

Virtual Firewall – The first thing every hacker needs to know is his targer’s IP address, but with Linkideo VPN Link, hackers, trogan horses, will ouly see Linkideo IP server address. Linkideo become your virtual firewall.

Anonymous surfing – Any time you visit any web page, your IP address is known, websites make statistic about what form you fill, what you buy. etc… In order to provide you a anonymous surfing, Linkideo replace your oIP by Linkideo IP.

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Customer Reviews

8 Reviews to “Linkideo”
  1. Jabber says:

    I was searching for a VPN Provider who could offer me a french IP as I wanted to watch frech TV channels like http://www.m6replay.fr

    Sign up was quick and easy. I paid by phone (i called an expesnive number for 1min 30 sec) which costed me only 2 € (yes really only two euros) for a 512kbit/s which is far enough gor me.
    Speed is quite OK, normal surfing is very very fast. Usenetdownloads go with +/- 300kb/s which is 1/3 of my maximum DSL speed.

    If you need a quick, cheap VPN which is really worth the 2 € go up and sign in, you won’t be wrong.

  2. Ash says:


    I take the 10€ plan for unlimited plan and it’s very good.

    surfing is fast, port forwading is easy to setup. I’m happy of this vpn provider. I test my bandwith with and without the vpn and the speed is the same :).

  3. meh says:

    I have tested many vpn’s and found that this one is the fastest out of all of the other ones I tested. I can actually do more than a few things on my internet connection at once without having to move to a faster isp in a different area. Using my current isp (fastest available is 1.5 mb in my area and only one person within a 15 mile radius can use it without slowing everyone down). Anyways my other provider has to be used with open vpn which was $5usd to get it to work which is the only other service in the area for isp’s here. The other vpn’s I was using made me basically cut off from the world as I would like to download files and watch live video at the same time on my 1mb connection. The competition that I tested basically out of a months usage of each, I had basically no upload (3 days out of month is not good service) & couldn’t multi task. Prob worked out now using this service. I am really amazed at how good this is. I never though that I would be able to use the internet streaming video and maybe download a file at the same time where I am located using a vpn. Way to go!

  4. Geoff Rudolf says:

    I have given Linkideo a fair trial since 20/12/2009 but I have to find an alternative. When its working its good, the problem is the increase to 5-8 disconnections each day that make it impossible to have confidence that your online privacy is not being compromised or that P2P file-sharing tranfers are yet again disrupted. I have not contacted support as I do not use MS Outlook – seems easier to just try another provider.

  5. John Meckle says:

    to Geoff Rudolf on Sun, 7th Feb 2010 6:33 pm “blah blah” to your comment.. All you have to do if you are having disconnects is to go to status properties options then set to reconnect 9999999 times and every 1 sec if disconnects. problem solved. I had the same issue with every vpn I ever had so no big deal. If you do this, nothing gets out through the vpn b/c it chokes the conn till its connected to vpn. Your pretty much chasing wild horses when looking for another provider b/c every provider will have the same issue some time or other. You don’t have to contact using ms outlook either its regular email. I have had fast support and excellent service with them. If you can’t use google (research disconnect etc on vpn’s), how the heck can you use a vpn lol.

  6. Ralph Smith says:

    I have used the $10 plan for months now and get almost/if fast as regular internet speed. w2g I would recommend this to anyone.

  7. Emily Richards says:

    I haven’t had any issues with the service and speed is the same as I would get without vpn using the $10 service. I was given very nice emails when my service was going to run out so I wouldn’t forget and re-subscribed when my month was up. I would recommend to anyone.

  8. illumi says:

    when it is working it works fine.
    i mostly use the usa server for hulu. but for some reason this is down or really slow most of the time. i am not getting what they advertised and i payed for, they don’t even contact their customers if a server is down, and their customer support is as good as non existent. i will never use them again.

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