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If you are in China or Planning to go to China, this is just for you. JulyRush is a China based  VPN service provider, they started providing VPN service back in 2009, they did a great job in the Chinese market. and now they wanna go worldwide.

Because these guys located in China, they can guarantee that their service is working in China. China may have the strongest internet censorship in the world (well, i can be wrong, maybe it is Iran), these guys know what they are doing.

Julyrush now offers 2 packages, price from $5.9/mo to $9.9/mo, bulk discount available

China blocked many VPN providers’ website, in case you can not open julyrush.com (just in case), please visit https://billing.julyrush.com/cart.php to order, If you can not open any above, please send E-mail to support at julyrush.com for help .

JulyRush just released a great VPN client software (Windows Only), Click Here to Download it

JulyRush VPN Highlights

  • Instant activation, support Paypal, Credit Card, LR, UnionPay and Alipay
  • Off shore VPN provider, ignore any Investigation request
  • China based company, 100% working in China
  • Torrent allowed on NL servers
  • We don’t need your grandpa’s name to process your order, all we need is an Email to send you the account detail
  • Easy and powerful client software, no setup needed. of course you can setup manually if you like
  • No bandwidth and speed limitation 1 Gbit/s Connection

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Customer Reviews

22 Reviews to “JulyRush”
  1. Eva says:

    Great speed in China, i can watch Youtube no buffer. 5 stars

    Their PPTP and L2TP VPN working on my iphone. 5 stars

    Didn’t use their support, but since they don’t have livechat, i give them 4 stars

    If you are in China, i highly recommend julyrush, these guys know what’s going on in China

  2. JunHua says:

    the great fire wall sucks, we chinese can not open many great sites in china, youtube/fccebook/twitter, even imdb.com , yes, a movie review site was blocked in china. what the hell……
    thanks god, we have vpn service, i can use great service like julyrush vpn to unblock everything on my pc,mac and android. i have been with julyrush vpn for 1 years, they never let me down.
    recommend to people in china

  3. Parkinson says:

    Good speed, working on multi platform, i only have one problem, i have to try 2-3 times to successfully connect to the UK server using Openvpn. this is not happen on US server.
    I submit a ticket to support, respond me in 1 hour, says it is the problem of the broadband

    overall, a good provider

  4. PandaMan says:

    excellent service, finally find a service that works in China

    i tried several VPN service, this is the best service when you are in China

    keep up the good work, JR

  5. Sun says:

    i am not familiar with this VPN things at all. i just want to access facebook in ChongQing, China. i told them that i can not do complicated setup. these guys send me a client software, and it is super easy to use, all i need to do is type my ID and click the connect button.

    highly recommend this provider to those who are not familiar with computer things

  6. Shaun says:

    excellent service.

    the Japan server works great for me here in Shanghai. i’m an apple fan, i use julyrush VPN on my iphone,ipad,MBP and my ubuntu laptop in the office. so far so good

    highly recommend

  7. Dominic Meissner says:


    after testing some weeks, I want to congratulate you for the most stable VPN that I have ever used in China…I never had a connection problem and the internet is with VPN even faster than without

    thank you guys!

  8. David Lin says:

    After 1 month testing, i subscibe their annually package. this provider beat any VPN provider who provide VPN service to people in China. thats all

  9. Zhu lili says:

    Japan and Vietnam servers are very fast for me. i’m in Chengdu China. i was their customer since they were only do the Chinese market.

    trustable provider, i recommed it

  10. Jim Li says:

    easy to order, submit your email and name, then pay the invoice, done

    US ,Japan, HK servers are good. since i don’t use OpenVPN, i didn’t test Vietnam server

    i use L2TP VPN , work on my win7 PC and Android

    client app is ugly but easy to use

    support guy is nice

    their homepage sometime can not open in China, i have to use https://billing.julyrush.com to access(this always work), i know it is not their fault, but it makes me inconvenience

  11. Romain says:

    I have to say, these guys know a-z of the internet in China, i was first under a reseller ISP, the VPN connections disconnect frequently. the support guy suggest switch to China Telecom, problem resolved. the VPN connection works like a charm

  12. Joanna says:

    finally my kids can watch funny vids on Youtube,very good VPN service

  13. Haiyan says:

    i’m in Shenzhen China, Japan and Vietnam server works really good.very fast

    and i can use 2 connections at the same time, that’s perfect for my PC and iPhone

    highly recommend

  14. Torrent says:

    – Setup and registration is fast and easy, can access VPN internet right away
    – VPN connection is stable
    – Price is cheap if you take the annual deal
    – Speed is a bit slow for bit torrent only 2Mbits Download (need to improve on that )
    – Only one server is allowing Bit Torrent at the moment, the other seems down and its not mentioned on the web portal
    – Speed test on US server is also around 2Mbits, ok for regular browsing and youtube
    – Allow split tunneling so you can access your local area network for printing and stuff
    – No live chat, but support respond fairly quickly to emails
    – Overall good for browsing and watching Youtube video that are restricted in some regions, but too slow for regular bit torrent usage.

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