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Ivacy is an established Private VPN service provider in the market, back in the 2007, these guys were providing quality VPN service for the people who want to be anonymous on the internet, now of course they are better.

Ivacy VPN now have many features, my favorite features are “5 Multi Logins” and “Split Tunneling”, the first one is easy to understand, this feature can you use VPN on your PC , Mobile and Pads AT THE SAMETIME, this feature usually to be charged by other provider, but at Ivacy, you get it for free. the “Split Tunneling” can let you control which traffic go through VPN server and which go through the ISP, this is a very good feature, because not all of your traffic need to go through the VPN server, your local ISP has fast respond than the VPN server.

Check out the following Pros and Cons of Ivacy, and if you wanna more details, feel free to check their website for more information


  • The Lowest pricing – makes it easier for the users to opt for a VPN service.
  • 200+ servers in 100+ locations including P2P optimized servers to facilitate torrenteers.
  • Complete anonymity i.e. strict no-logs policy, Internet Kill Switch, IPv6 and DNS leak protection, accept Bitcoin and more.
  • Live Chat Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


  • No free trial
  • Slow customer support service
  • Fewer servers in the USA and UK
  • Tutorials sections requires more improvement and new guides

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Customer Reviews

21 Reviews to “Ivacy”
  1. hypergeek says:

    – no logs
    – secure webmail
    – unlimited transfer
    – price (10eur/mo)
    – instant-torrents.com access included
    – usenet access included (20 concurrent connections, 160 days retention)

    – speed (cannot match xerobank or strongvpn)
    – vendor reliability (ivacy is pretty new and small vpn service)
    – support (probably just one person)
    – problems and downtimes of the internal sites may occur

  2. Huldu says:

    Ive used Ivacy for a while now and its pretty good but not that great. There are many “features” etc, but i rarely use them. The only thing actually interesting about ivacy are the russian access points along with working port forwarding.

    The speed is okay, ive seen worse tho. Im on a 30/30mbit connection and i get about 10-20mbit both directions pretty consistently.

    I do believe that 10€ is too much for this service. Would have rated it much higher if it would cost 5€.

  3. Jorge says:

    I’ve used Ivacy for about a month now with generally good results. Huldu, you are right about price and performance, but the good thing about these guys is that they have a “pay for use” option. You put up a 10 euro deposit and they run your account against that at at O.5 euros per giga used. My volume needs are modest so it’s great for me.

    They have a new monitor that gives you a graph of BW usage in real time, tells you how much of your deposit you have used up until now.

    Support is weak; 24-48 hours and you get a pat “microsoft-style” answer that doesn’t help you. But they have a pretty good forum where you can learn a lot and get answers to most questions.

    To my observation they are pretty good. I’m keeping an account there…

  4. Grif says:

    I’m on the unlimited monthly plan. They let you choose between UK, USA, and Russia. The servers are slow as hell most of the time, and the port forwarding is almost always down, as I get lowid’s in utorrent and emule. There is no support, just look at their support forum.

    I would NOT recommend this VPN provider.

  5. Grif says:

    Some advice for myvpnreviews.com readers: If you want ivacy for their US vpn, don’t do it, their US server is down. And yesterday their UK and RU servers were completely down. I submitted a ticket and got this:

    Answer: Hello,
    Unfortunately, due to technical problems with our American internet service provider, USA access point will be unavailable until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Ivacy Support Team

    photo here: http://i39.tinypic.com/2pzwdq8.jpg

  6. jo says:

    nice concept but reliability could be better
    support is just HORRIBLE!

    might try the service again if they improve

  7. Joseph says:

    Average speed and reliability.
    A lot of services (usenet, private sharing, mail) not very useful.
    Good compatibility, runs with Linux (pptp and openvpn) but no one will help you to configure…
    Very good “volume based” option (1€ for 0.5GB), no time limit.
    Support is so bad so its better to consider it doesn’t exist.

  8. Bernd says:

    Used ivacy for several months now.

    For three days now it is not possible to connect to any server.
    Other customers seem to face the same problem after reading the lastest posts in the ivacy forum.

    But: No official statement. Website shows all server as “up”. Support is not answering. Poor…

    What I liked really much: Anonymous payment using ukash vouchers. Transfered money was immediately available on the ivacy account.

  9. =NlX= says:

    This service is garbage. I paid for one month of service, after 3 days it stopped working for 2 days. Then when it started working again, my speeds before where 26MBPS and dropped to 5-20KBPS! And their monitor for connecting and launch programs in vpn would always crash or lock up. HTTP Tunneling and 2 other servers (russia & UK) Never worked the whole time I had it.

    Now its been 2 weeks at that same speed and I switched to StrongVPN what a difference…

  10. Bajabeachboy says:

    Bad customer service.
    No UK node.
    Think twice before using ivacy.

  11. Marco says:

    The worst provider I’ve ever dealt with. I topped up my monthly account and the money was taken out of my bank account. However, I am unable to use the service. When I contacted them nearly a week ago I was told that they were waiting for confirmation from another department that the account has been paid. I have confirmed with my bank that the money has gone thru. I have since contacted ivacy and but they are just ignoring my messages and I am still without service. I would never use them again and I would strongly suggest to others not to waste your money on them. At $14 a month they are very pricey. I only used them on the recommendation of a work colleague. When you charge that much then you should have much better customer service.

  12. marke says:

    Do not be taken in by the UK flag on the Ivacy site. The UK entry point has not been available for over half a year, and Ivacy do not react to any questions on this subject (see the forum on the Yvacy site). It might work if you need a Russian access point, but otherwise I would avoid it.

  13. Amanda says:

    Ivacy’s customer support has been horrible. After over 1 month, they finally answered my question with a one sentence email that didn’t resolve my issue in any way. And the VPN stopped working completely. Horrible.

  14. Hugo Dheir says:

    Absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with on the Internet. Web site looks good, BUT SERVICE IS NON-EXISTANT. I’m wondering if this isn’t a ‘computer on the kitchen table’ company with a good web site!
    After a 24 hour delay and EMAIL #1, I was finally able to ‘log-in’, but the VPN service didn’t work. I should mention that “Cyber-ghost (competitor)” and my company VPN connections work fine. Sent EMAIL #2 – no response at all. Logged in to website – send log files – no response at all. Send EMAIL #2 – no response at all. Sent EMAIL #3 asking for refund – no response at all. Files a claim with Pay Pal – they have not responded.
    There are many choices for this type of service, whatever you do, don’t give your business to iVacy. I’m wondering if anyone actually works there – or maybe ‘the guy’ just fell asleep at the kitchen table!!!

  15. Mike Segreto says:

    No complaints at all; Only thing that could be better is upload speed. DL is decent. Ive kept it running constantly since I installed 6 months ago and havent experienced downtime yet, or a crash in their desktop application.

  16. Michael Bloom says:

    This VPN is sh*t. They use Plimus as credit card processor which subjects you to all kinds of hoops. They take PayPal but do not acknowledge your payment. They are supposed to take MicroPayment which is not accessible and they are also supposed to take UKash, which, is unavailable in most countries. They do not respond neither to e-mails nor to internal support requests. Their servers go up and down like yo-yos. Their software is crappy including their web interface. Don’t stay away from this group of incompetents, RUN!!!

  17. James says:

    Never had any problems. As for speed when I use Ivacy it seems to stabilize my internet connection. I get 100kb/s without VPN and when using it I get well over 500kb/s. I can’t explain this but it makes my internet amazing and now I can access some russian only site which I couldn’t before.

  18. Pooper says:

    I am wondering what exactly these people are doing who complain about Ivacy???? Did you read the instructions well?

    I found myself in a difficulty when I just started using them, because I did not set up the service correctly, for instance I forgot to put a ticker against “Use for all types of traffic”. When I did it everything works just fine since then and I am very happy.

    Look into your setups before you blame the service which I am very happy about.

    Ivacy is truly a truble-free service with all necessary options.

  19. john says:

    i live in a country in which Internet is strongly censored by government firewalls and lots of social media/political/… websites are filtered and access to them are denied.they also use other methods to prevent us from surfing the web freely.many Security protocols like PPTP and L2TP and programs like OpenVPN are denied (by government) and do not usually work.
    facebook/twitter/youtube/google plus/….. are other examples of websites that are filtered in here.
    lately i use Ivacy that has a feature called HTUN which is a method developed by Ivacy that really works in here.this is the only stable working choice that works here now(and hope it will in the future).
    some say it might be alittle slow.but i’m pleased with it.and i urge the ivacy to continue their great job specially for poor users who are behind Government firewalls.i use “1 euro/ 1 year” package that really fits me.because in my country many news websites and political websites are filtered and sometimes yahoo mail and gmail are filtered or the internet speed for yahoo mail and gmail and also google search engine is slowed down intentionally by government(i want to mention that 50MB daily traffic is really enough for use in countries like mine for censored web).
    so the “1 euro/ 1 year” really fits the use of users in countries in which internet is censored.other thing is that in countries like mine the economy is bad so because of inflation in economy i have to pay thousands for 1 dollar .i mean 1 dollar here is thousands in our currency in our country.so i urge the ivacy company to continue the “1 euro/ 1 year” package both because of the need in here and the money so that web can afford it.

  20. Jan G says:

    I bought volume some years ago at Ivacy and still use it from time to time.

    But not much has been happening lately: The ivacy blog has last been updated in Januaray 2012 – more than two years ago. A couple of days the UK servers stopped working and no one seems to be bothered fixing it.

  21. langdonb says:

    Extremely unreliable webmail and any form of support. There is no way anyone can rely on the webmail service for anything other than problems. VPN works on and off…

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