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Is Your VPN Service Provider Secure from Heartbleed Exploit

We just got an email from IPVanish that inform us IPVanish is secure from Heartbleed exploit, if you still don’t know what is Heartbleed Exploit and how it gonna effect you, please read the following article


As a privacy protection business, private VPN service company maybe our bottom of line, if they got hacked, we finished. so it is very important to buy VPN account from an established and reputed company. so what is a reputed VPN company?

  • 1, it should be an established company, not fresh ones
  • 2, it should have an updated blog or news section on their website
  • 3, it should have 24/7 live chat service, this means this company is not an one-man-shop

the most important is you should hang around on the net and read some forums and reviews of the VPN service provider you choose, don’t be lazy, it is worthy.

our site have many real people reviews of their VPN service providers, it is your best choice to know a company’s real reputation, we also have updated industry news and reports of the VPN censorship in certain countries, like China. so if you have any VPN service related questions or problems, you can come to us.