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Is Wireless Safe?

First,let’s look at what broadbandinfo.com says

Going wireless is becoming mainstream and the costs have dropped dramatically. However, as the popularity of Wi-Fi has grown, so have security concerns about wireless networks. Wireless broadband communication provides potential security issues because, by their very design, WLANs afford open access. Similar to cordless phones, they use radio waves to transport data. Unless security is enabled, these signals can be intercepted by nearby receivers.

For most homes and small businesses, Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) provides adequate broadband protection to deter the casual intruder. Large businesses networks typically require a much higher level of security

So,you know that your data may in danger,you wanna a solution?

OK,let me introduce you the solution of wireless security–Virtual Private Network(VPN)

In Virtual Private Network technology (VPN), communications data remains encrypted until it reaches the VPN gateway, which sits behind the wireless access point. Intruders are blocked from intercepting network communications. This is why VPNs have been recommended to help secure Wi-Fi.

Although many hotspot providers and Wi-Fi manufacturers are implementing improved security technologies to protect Wi-Fi users against interception and eavesdropping in public hotspots,i think people should purchase a VPN account to protect your data,remember that privacy is your right,only if you defend it