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Is it ever possible to unblock YouTube on your personal computer?

These days a lot of students and workers alike are getting worried about their inability to access a number of websites on their computer. This is because either the school or the company has allowed its network administrator to block some of these websites. One of such websites that has attracted such attention is that of YouTube. It is for this reason that one has to come to terms with the possibility or ways in which one can unblock YouTube on your computer.

One of the first things you should do when you want to unblock YouTube on your computer is to try the usage of another type of internet browser apart from the usual Internet Explorer. It would interest you to know that there are a number of schools that are not very smart when they set up their networks. They therefore forget about blocking a website like YouTube on other browsers. Some of these browsers include Firefox, Safari, Netscape and Avant. Indeed when this is able to work effectively, then you would be ready and then be on your way to using YouTube and any other blocked websites. Surely there is an easy way for you to unblock YouTube on your computer.

Apart from the usage of an alternative internet browser, you can always try out the usage of a proxy server. These would always work and are very effective for thus kind of situations. A lot of them are available for free or very cheap on the internet but they do work very well. You can then use it to easily unblock YouTube on the computer. When you are using the proxy server, it may appear like you are using the server of the school or company but the truth is that you can always access YouTube anytime you want. With its use, the YouTube website you access would not even show up on the server of the company or school and you would therefore be able to change your profile, watch videos, and listen to music and any other thing on YouTube.

The good thing about this whole process where you can unblock YouTube is that you can apply it other social networking websites on the internet. One thing that you can do with regards to this is to make use of the Virtual Private Network or the VPN. This is because YouTube may have been blocked in a number of countries that practice Internet censorship. A typical example is that of the country of China that has a population of internet users more than even that of the United States. Even though they can access YouTube, there are certain features that are disabled, and when you are able to unblock YouTube with the use of the VPN, you can always take advantage of all it has to offer. The VPN would change your IP address and give you one that is from either Germany or United States.