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IPVanish promise keep zero log,effective immediately

The IPVanish team just told us that they promise to their customers they will keep zero log,effective immediately. the following is the original mail we received.

IPVanish was founded on the core belief that netizens worldwide deserve the right to 100% online privacy and anonymity. By offering over 14,000+ anonymous, shared IP addresses over the fastest, most reliable and most secure encryption network on the planet, IPVanish has helped tens of thousands of users worldwide safeguard these rights and enjoy an open, anonymous Internet.

With IPVanish’ founding principles in mind, we’re pleased to announce that the European Court of Justice has declared Europe’s Data Retention directive to be a violation of Internet users’ privacy. The Data Retention directive required EU Internet providers and other telecom companies to log and store their subscribers’ data. You can learn more about this here.

Although IPVanish has never stored any user logs, they have dropped even the minimal service records used to facilitate resolving customer service issues. Effective immediately, IPVanish will no longer record ANY connection data used for limited server troubleshooting. This directive is stated in IPVanish’s new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, along with clear language and main subsection links for easy navigation.

I have to say, it is a very good news for us Private VPN Service users, although there are many providers stated that they keep NO log in the past, but there is a law in the EU countries that require ISP to keep users’ data for a certain time for security reasons, so in fact, it is illegal to keep NO logs, now “The European Court of Justice has overturned Europe’s data retention directive, arguing that it’s disproportionate and a violation of people’s privacy”. that is to say, it is 100% legal to keep NO log now in the EU countries.

If your provider located in the EU and they promise they keep NO log to you, you can believe it now.