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IPVanish Launches NEW US Server Augments for the Super Bowl

Here is a great news for football fans, i just got an email from Private VPN service provider – IPVanish, they released a special offer for the Super Bowl

The Big Game is this Sunday at 6:30 PM ET and IPVanish is ready for kickoff with the addition of 9 servers throughout the United States! These servers will be in production during the Super Bowl to provide additional network bandwidth and to make sure NFL fans around the world enjoy the fastest delivery speeds.

The servers augments include:

• New York City, New York (2 servers)
• Los Angeles, California (2 servers)
• Seattle, Washington (2 servers)
• Chicago, Illinois
• Phoenix, Arizona
• Dallas, Texas

With the addition of these 9 servers, IPVanish subscribers will have 50 US servers to choose from to watch the Super Bowl.The discount is available until February 1st and automatically applies to all new IPVanish subscribers

So if you are football fans, you’re never gonna miss this promotion. and like always, you can read IPVanish reviews before you order