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IPVanish Launches 5 New Servers for Cricket World Cup

We got an great offer from Private VPN service provider – IPVanish, that they released the Criket World Cup discount, you can’t miss this offer.

Just in time for the Cricket World Cup, IPVanish is pleased to announce 5 new servers! These servers will allow subscribers to enjoy the fastest delivery speeds in the industry and experience uninterrupted bandwidth, while using the most secure and highest levels of encryption. IPVanish users will have peace of mind knowing their online activity is anonymous and they can easily access websites and streaming services hosted exclusively in different countries around the world.

With 13 server additions in 2015, the tier-1 VPN provider is rapidly expanding an already massive global VPN network, and now has over 150 servers globally, compared to 110 servers just one year ago.

The new VPN servers include:

  • Los Angeles, California (3 Servers)
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • New Delhi, India

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