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IPVanish Adds 2 New Servers in Johannesburg, South Africa

IPVanish has continuously expanded its global network through the month of May by adding VPN servers in new locations as well as adding additional servers in previously established locations. We’re excited to announce that IPVanish is closing out the month with 2 new servers in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Below is a summary of this month’s server additions as well as each location’s total server count:

  • Manchester, UK (3) New Location!
  • Querétaro Mexico City (1) New Location!
  • Auckland, New Zealand (2) New Location!
  • Melbourne, Australia (2)
  • Sydney, Australia (7)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa (5)

The IPVanish VPN service network now spans 25,000+ IPs on 180+ servers in 60+ countries and provides users with complete online anonymity and access to web content around the world. For as low as $6.49/month, an IPVanish subscription provides priceless peace of mind knowing you’re secure and able to enjoy an unrestricted, unblocked web experience from any device from anywhere in the world.


As a reminder, please visit the IPVanish Server Expansion page between now and June 5th to provide feedback on your preferred server region and be entered to win a Yubikey and LastPass Premium 1-year subscription.