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iphone VPN ?! why you need this?

You may heard about iphone VPN,so you wanna know why people need a iphone VPN.here is the anwser to your big question mark.

Many people access internet via iphone  in the public place,i have to say that Wifi is a great tech,it’s so easy and the speed is good,the most important is : it’s FREE,there are many hotspots out there provide FREE internet access,so,everybody like that especially the hackers.

Why?because they can watch your privacy in the dark,sometimes,it’s your bank account,that means money to them.

Apple knows Wifi is not that safe,so,iphone got a VPN feature,it can encrypt your data and protects your identity and allows you to bypass local firewalls and network filters,it means nobody knows what did you do with your iphone,even the hackers and your boss (some company blocked some certain websites to their employee).

so,i think anyone who  got a iphone and wanna stay online in the public should have a iphone VPN,because it’s your privacy,the privacy is your right only if you defend it.