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ibVPN offers 4 types of VPN : PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, At this moment ibVPN have 100+ VPN servers in 43 countries  and counting. they also have Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android Apps so you can use ibVPN easily on almost all your devices,you can even use ibVPN on up to 3 devices at the same time if you order Ultimate VPN package.And if you are torrent lover, ibVPN got P2P/Torrents allowed server for you, you are welcome to torrenting on these servers and of course with no bandwith limit.ibVPN have their own SmartDNS service called ibDNS, you can use this service to unblocking restricted websites and heavy streaming on over 300 channels, this service is free if you order the Ultimate VPN package.

ibVPN have 15 days Money Back Guarantee and they also offer a free 6 hours free trial with access to all their servers, you have absolutely no risk to try their service


Ibvpn Highlights

  • Easy to use, have Windows,Mac,iOS and Android Apps
  • 3 Simultaneous Connections
  • 24/7 support
  • Access country specific sites like Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer even while travelling
  • Hide your tracks from internet monitoring or web filtering applications
  • Protects your computer and network from hackers
  • Great for streaming and downloading
  • Unblock the web from anywhere
  • Bypass Internet censorship

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Customer Reviews

62 Reviews to “ibVPN”
  1. koren says:

    I’ve got this VPN service last month and I was surprised of the Internet speed. It did not slow down the connection. I got US and UK proxies and now the ibVPN team added some new proxies from other countires. Great job!!

  2. ars says:

    Indeed the service is very good. The speed is impressive and the support very helpful. I’m glad the I find it.

  3. Ted Harvey says:

    Moved from another VPN service and was disappointed that it took a few days for my payment to clear the system.
    But it was worth the wait. The system is fast, rock solid and highly reliable. I cannot comment too much on support as I have never had to contact them.
    Well done!

  4. Malek says:

    Great service; nothing bad to say about this VPN: all their servers are fast

  5. Dirk says:

    it is simple to use with the iphone.

    It’s easy to use 😉

  6. WH SMA says:

    i just got a free account from this vpn,fast and stable in my area.simple to set up.

  7. scorpion says:

    I’d agree that when it’s working the speed is excellent, very impressive in fact.
    I seem to be getting constant dropouts though and a lot of times it just won’t connect at all.
    I’ll give it a couple of more weeks and sere how it goes.

  8. Rob says:

    Got this a few days ago, i am seriously impressed, i recommend to all my friends

  9. Sarakanoshka says:

    Was lucky to get a free trial account. NL server had no speed issues & gave me full bandwidth when I needed it.
    Very importantly there are no server logs & this is supported by NL privacy laws (US servers don’t have the same legal back-up in their privacy laws).
    Good value starting from $4-95

  10. scorpion says:

    I must say that these guys are great. Very impressed with the speed and reliability. A+++

  11. wllisn says:

    ibVPN is the best VPN Service I have used.
    High Speed, Stable servers, Easy to use.

  12. Lars says:

    Support is weak and in my view a little slow to respond. Then again, I am setting up my router with dd-wrt so things are a little more complicated. The issue I had is in the response time to my first ticket which in my view was way to slow.

    Besides the support, the speed on the connection was great! Due to my location, I am always having to deal with latency issues so I can get no where near what many other people get. On my 7mb broadband connection, I was able to get over 2 mb per second across the vpn on download, which for me is excellent!

    The cost being at only 4.95 per month, makes this provider a viable option that is well worth the cost!

  13. Hans says:

    I’m so lucky that I’ve got ibVPN in the first that they posted the message.Now I’ve tried it,just OK.It really satisfies me,since in my country,many excellent websites are blocked for political reasons.Now I got a free VPN,good.And really thanks.

  14. msabo says:

    I for one have absolutely no complaints. This is an amazing online service insomuch that it is clear that many will want to have access. Plus that you can’t beat the price elsewhere.

    Great going, kiddos!

  15. brenda says:

    Im very lucky I got one during week 30 nl. Im very happy and very grateful to the staff of supports, they helped me a lot. Good service, more power. nice download speed, stable.

  16. Lionel says:

    Used this on trial and now upgraded to premium. Excellent quality, support is great and very helpful, speed is more than enough so I can watch Hulu, Pandora and other online videos.
    They recently added openVPN which is great.

  17. James says:

    Works very well at from my home in France with the BBC iplayer, I am even happier with the ease of use on my iPhone 4, along with the speed, even on 3G. I have a house in Malta and it is not so good though I use Vodafone wiremax – I am not sure if this is the weeker link or if it is because of server location, I will look into this furthur and test using other connections in Malta. The support is 100% and I know they will assist with any issues in Malta if necessary so I have no concerns. The price is good. I rarely give reviews but they are doing a good job and deserve the praise!

  18. roger says:

    Ibvpn openvpn works great. Fast loading pages. Fast browsing. Good streaming, youtube.
    The support is 100%, fast response. A must vpn recommended to my friends. thank you.

  19. john sweeney says:

    Just trying the service – great to have the ability to try before you buy!

    Works great so far. Speed seems adequate, not stunning – but acceptable.

  20. Vaibhav says:

    Was lucky to get a free trial account. NL server had no speed issues & gave me full bandwidth when I needed it.
    Very importantly there are no server logs & this is supported by NL privacy laws (US servers don’t have the same legal back-up in their privacy laws).

  21. Pedro says:

    I had a very obscure problem with my wireless connection from my MacBook to ibVPN. Their support team worked patiently and tirelessly over several weeks to try and diagnose the issue, and they persisted until the problem was solved. Excellent support!

  22. chadrik says:

    I asked for a free trial and what a fast respond it was, great support team. Installed/setup and run in pptp interface. ibVPN is SUPER SUPER FAST! You can rely on it the connection does not lag like many other vpn providers. I would highly recommend ibVPN to anyone that is looking for a VPN.

  23. G. Gimitrov says:

    I’ll tell you about my case with this VPN provider – ibVPN. I decided to become his client. I paid the entire one year tax. The first time money was returned without explanation. The second experience with other payment provider Avangate, the amount was retained, but the bill of ibVPN remained unpaid. Maybe ibVPN and Avangate works for China, but they asked for my copy of identity documents :-)
    I don’t think that someone is stupid enough to give them their docs. Judge for yourself. I share the last letter from them. Is not this insolence …
    Dear Georgy Mihajlov,

    You have placed an order on http://www.amplusnet.com on 2011-06-04
    (Order reference number: # 9171065), order processed by Avangate as the reseller of Amplusnet SRL, the merchant operating http://www.amplusnet.com, order paid with PayPal.

    Your order is currently under evaluation by Avangate antifraud specialists. We perform this verification to prevent unauthorized use of your PayPal account and personal details.

    In order to validate your payment and complete your order, please
    provide us with the following documents during the next two business days: / expired today /

    – A copy of a photo ID (identification card, driver `s license or passport) of the PayPal account holder.
    – Proof of Valid billing address: Utility Bill.

    All items must be legible and uploaded to our secure interface at:
    https: / / secure.avangate.com / order
    or faxed to 650-963-2973 (US / Canada) / +31 84 725 1599 (International).

    I chose to change my choice. What is your choice?

  24. Emilian says:

    I’ve been using them for about a year without any trouble. I have the US&Canada package. The main thing for me is Hulu streaming, and it does the job very well, without having to pause and wait for it to load.

    The few contacts I had with support were very ok.

    Haven’t tried other VPN Services, but in my experience, I definitely recommend ibvpn.

  25. Eran says:

    Great service for the US/ CANADA package. Streaming is very fast, connection is very stable. support is very professional and I have got very fast response as well.
    Will recommend this superb service to everybody !!!!
    Thank you very much Ibvpn for making life easy …..

  26. Wade says:

    I usually don’t write reviews unless something is extremely good or extremely bad. I was skeptical about ibVPN so I signed up for only one month just to try it out. Let’s just say, I’ve gone to a quarterly subscription now. Using ibVPN has exceeded my expectations. To watch online shows from Britain, I had to go through a proxy. It was always trial & error finding a good proxy that would work. Either it would drop out or just way too slow. After doing some research on the internet for proxy alternatives, I came across ibVPN so I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did. Now I can watch British shows from the US, and the great thing is that it doesn’t slow down the internet speed. I’m really impressed and ecstatic!

    I never had to use support, because I was able to use the instructions on their site for setup. I highly recommend ibVPN.

    Oh yeah, by the way, I’m able to watch my MLB home team on MLBTV.com by using ibVPN which is usually ‘black out’ for me (shhhhhh).

  27. Hulio says:

    Great VPN service, best support, got it up and running in less the 10 min.

  28. Virginia says:

    I signed up with ibvpn while in Canada and was definitely impressed with their customer service. Fast replies to my inquiries … unlike some other VPN providers, in addition to needing assistance with my setup. Speed is great for online streaming, including from L.A. in the US on opposite coast. So – I’m delighted to be with this service.

  29. rez says:

    simply amazing service, everything works as it should …

  30. moody says:

    best service I ever used :)

  31. Mike says:

    I trully recommend ibVPN! Their support is fast and their knowledgebase is user friendly. I use their services especially for streaming and the speed is very good considering the price. Good job guys!

  32. sam says:

    I got this service during their anniversary campaign and I got it with 50% off. I had no problem with the service and I have been using it for 5 months already.

  33. NotHappy says:

    Not what it was. There are no dynamic IPs anymore (what they claim they have is a lie), constant need to fill out Google captchas, forces you into their DNS which depending on server is often Google (which they claim they removed), censors any Web site which has either “torrent” in the domain name like TorrentFreak or even if it’s a Slashdot, Wired, or Ars Technica article with a title like “Torrent site taken down by RIAA”, the domain name or article is blocked. I switched to a better service a year ago.

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