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How to unblock youporn

Porn websites are usually blocked in educational institutes and in offices. This leads to allot of frustration amongst the individuals especially the students. Now a days it s not only the schools and colleges that are blocking porn websites in fact you will find a large of countries that have blocked porn because of inappropriate content. Sirilanka, china, Egypt, Saudi Arab is amongst such countries. My friend the other emailed me from china telling me how hard it is for him since he does not have access to porn. He asked me for help. No actually, he was almost begging me for help. He wanted me to tell him a way through which he could watch the adult content again and thus began my research.
I sat on the net and searched for hours trying to figure out how you can unblock youporn and other famous porn websites.

After several hours of research i gathered that to unblock youporn is not impossible in fact it is pretty easy. You see there are two ways to unblock youporn. You can either do it through a proxy or through VPN. Both of these ways are well renowned for unblocking websites all over the world. If you have no idea or little information on VPN and proxy then you should continue reading.

Proxy is basically a web page that allows users to view the blocked websites easily. However, through a proxy web page you will only be able to see only the pictures and the text. It does not allow the viewers to see the uploaded videos. The major advantage of proxy site is that it hides the IP address of the user allowing the user to secure his privacy. You will find may proxy webpages on the internet. One of the popular proxy sharing website is ProxyWay. Proxy way is one of the few proxy websites on which you can also see the videos along the files. You can also download videos through the proxy.

Another way to unblock youporn at school or office is youporn. VPN is a paid service in which the company issues you a U.S. IP address. You can use this IP address to view youporn at any time you want. They also provide unlimited bandwith which allows you to watch unlimited porn videos.

You can use either the proxy or the VPN to not unblock youporn but also to unblock several other websites blocked in your country. Many countries block websites which they believe will give negative information to its people. Now you can view all of the websites through proxy or VPN. Since my friend was not willing to pay for a VPN service i sent him a couple of free proxies. I got his email yesterday thanking him. Some of the proxies worked and now he can unblock youporn and watch all the hot chicks!