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How to unblock Twitter by using personal VPN service

Twitter is banned in certain countries of the world. So this article aims at helping the reader unblock Twitter from his region.

Twitter is the rage amongst everybody these days. It started off as a blogging site for mainly youngsters, and now see the popularity it has gained at the speed of light. It is certainly commendable. So almost everybody, from celebrities to oldies, wants to use twitter. It has turned out to be a very popular micro blogging site and is almost a status symbol for most, to such an extent that most people decide the status of a celebrity by seeing his or her tweets.

Now if Twitter is blocked in a few countries like China, it is obvious its youth will try other methods to unblock it. There are two ways to do so, you could use a proxy or use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. The latter is a much better option compared to the former, firstly, because, VPN does not break the firewall that is blocking Twitter. The proxies will naturally try to break the firewall making it unsafe for you to go through as your IP address might be caught and could lead to dangerous consequences.

Another annoying feature proxies exhibit while trying to unblock Twitter is the uncountable advertisements that they show on the screens. These advertisements are so useless that they give you error messages when clicked on and might hang your screen. So what does one do now? The VPN is quite expensive for a normal youngster, but just browse through the net and you might fetch yourself a good deal. However, it is recommended you buy a good VPN as the better it is, the safer it will be for you to go through it.

Now here comes the real question of the VPN being discreet enough in letting you unblock Twitter. The answer is in the affirmative. As it is the extension of a private network all our data exchange is quite confidential. The use of VPN to unblock Twitter might also give you security from hacking if you are accessing the internet through a wireless network or through Wi Fi. Besides, a VPN will be much faster compared to a proxy so it is much better.

You should use a VPN to unblock Twitter from your region as it is safer and faster than a proxy.