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How to unblock redtube?

One of my friend send me an E-mail,said that he is now working in China and he can’t watch video on redtube.com because the Gov. blocked that website,and i know that he is a damn big redtube fan.i can image the picture he is shouting the F words to the screen.lol…

So,back to the title,how to unblock redtube anyway?basically,you have the following methods to unblock a website in a certain place


This is just for text and picture content site,you can’t watch online video through a proxy because of the server bandwidth issue.


This is the service for people who like my friend,it will give you a US IP address (watching porn is legal in the US) ,so you can visit any website that any US people can visit,by use a unlimited bandwidth VPN service,you can watch as many online videos as you can and you dont need worry about the bandwidth issue

Come on,folks,go get a VPN account and unblock redtube , start watching some hot chicks now!