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How to unblock Facebook/Youtube/Twitter in China

It seems that Chinese G0V blocked Facebook/Youtube/Twitter in China for unknown reason,you can’t access  these website if you are in China,unless you got VPN service.

What is VPN service for? in a short word,for example ,US VPN service let you surf the internet just like your are located in the US,when using a  VPN service,your traffic will be  encrypted,so the Chinese G0v can’t monitor you.and of course the G0v will not block encrypted traffic.

There are many VPN provider in the market,we recommend www.myusvpn.com if you are in China and you wanna unblock Facebook/Youtube/Twitter in China,because they have stuff located in China.and they offer short time plan,you can purchase as little as 1 day service from them,it’s good for the people who have a short time visit to China