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How to find VPN service that works in the Middle East

Many people in the Middle East use VPN service,  but sadly not all VPN service provider is useful in the Middle East. today, i’ll tell you how to find the best private VPN service provider that works in the Middle East

There are generally 4 type of VPN service in the Market, PPTP,L2TP,SSTP and OpenVPN. not all VPN provider can provide all these VPNs, most of them offer you PPTP and OpenVPN. in today’s world, the Gov. in the Middle East knows A-Z about VPNs, they know how to detect and stop your VPN connections. fortunately, they can not detect and stop all VPN Protocals, especially SSL based VPNs, like SSTP and OpenVPN

SSTP is developed by Microsoft, so it only works on Windows platform, not all Windows, only Vista and Windows7 or 8. so if you are using a Mac or some sort of Linux, it is not working for you. besides only a few VPN service provider offer SSTP VPN, it is not a good choice for People in the Middle East

OpenVPN is a widely used SSL VPN service solution in the world, it can choose any port to communication, If the VPN service provider use port 443 to communicate, it is nearly impassable to block,because port 443 is a general HTTPS port, no one can block https connection.  it is an idea VPN service solution in the Middle East countries, and most important is almost every private VPN service provider offer OpenVPN service. it works on Windows,Linux and Mac. however it can not work in IOS and Android

So, The key is to find a VPN service provider that offer OpenVPN service and use port 443 in their VPN servers, if you just can not find one , i can recommend you julyrush.com, their OpenVPN service works perfect in the middle East. if you still not convinced, i recommend you read their VPN reviews first :  http://myvpnreviews.com/julyrush/#reviews