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How to Find the Best VPN Service Hosting for You

VPN service hosting – whether for your personal use or for business use – can bring many benefits to your networking experience.  However, with the hundreds of companies out there, finding the right virtual private network provider can often be a difficult task, especially if you aren’t sure what to look for.  This article will detail some of the common details to look for when determining what VPN hosting will work best for you.

Customer Service

As with any internet service (or any service anywhere for that matter) great customer service is an important part of not only your buying experience, but also your experience through the duration of the use of the product.  Therefore, making sure the private VPN hosting company you choose has a great customer support team is important.  Look for features such as live chat, average response time for customer support tickets, and whether or not there is a 24/7 number that you can call.  Although customer support may not be important to you, in my personal experience, the amount of effort put in to customer service often corresponds to the amount of effort put into ensuring a great product.


With so many companies offering VPN hosting, naturally there is going to be a wide range of pricing options available to you.  Most commonly, pricing reflects the number of options you get with the package – for instance: the number of countries you can choose as your IP address, how many times per month you can request a different IP address, and the speed of the service.  While the price ranges from approximately $2/month to upwards of $60/month, you can often find a great VPN hosting provider for $10/month that will have great customer service and many of the features you would want.


It would be a mistake to think that all VPN hosting is created equal.  Indeed, there are a number of factors that go into the speed and performance of your virtual private network.  Many companies today overload their servers resulting in slower speeds for you.  To prevent this, be sure to read all of the companies’ policies while you are shopping for a VPN.  In addition, although this article won’t go in depth about the stats of servers, you should look into what type of hardware the company is running.  Make sure that the hardware is up-to-date and not overloaded, otherwise, you’ll be surfing the internet at less than optimal speeds.

Money-Back Guarantee

Although not directly related to the VPN hosting itself, a money-back guarantee on the service you buy can be very important.  There are numerous things that you may find after purchasing VPN hosting that you may not like.  For instance, the simplicity of the interface may not be simple at all resulting in frustration, or perhaps the speeds of the servers aren’t as good as the company claimed.  By making sure there is a money-back guarantee you’ll be able to test out your VPN hosting for a few days and determine hands-on if it’s the best host for you

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