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How to choose your VPN provider

It’s become accepted as fact that the more you can do to secure your information and activity on the internet the better – and one of the very best tools for doing so is to use the leverage that high tech VPN services offer. One of the true emerging technologies of the modern world, a VPN is basically a sealed vault tunnel for you to use the web in any way you see fit with complete anonymity. The only problem is that as more and more people turn to these solutions to help them protect themselves, more and more shady or less than ethical companies enter the space looking to make a quick buck. This is why it’s so important to make sure that the VPN provider you choose for your protection is actually one of the good guys. Here are some things to look for.


One of the most important things you should be looking at when choosing the best VPN provider is how reliable their system is. In the early days of VPN use there were so few users that this wasn’t really a problem – but today, with estimated millions and millions of people all over the world logging into these systems to protect themselves, reliability is a major concern. The best VPN provider will have an incredible uptime as well as next to no lag or reduction of speed when you connect through their network of computers.


Encryption for the most part is encryption – and as long as you are using recommended high level security and algorithms your data will be protected. While some VPN provider services will throw in some bells and whistles to justify a price hike, the cold hard truth is that they are all offering the same basic service. While you should invest in the companies that you feel will give you the best protection, there is almost no reason to spend a ton of money on the same thing you can find cheaper.


Most important to this search for the best VPN service provider is protection levels. Believe it or not there are some VPN provider services out there that will give you an almost anonymous service – while you are protected every step of the way from outsiders the provider themselves keeps records of your use and information. This means that a single leak on their end would cause the whole house of cards to collapse – not something you should be willing to pay for. Make sure you are getting the highest level protection from your VPN provider.

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