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how to choose best torrent vpn provider

Many people use VPN to do torrent these days, and there are 100s of private VPN service providers in the market, you may make a little bit research to find the idea VPN service provider for you, for been in the VPN business for over 5 years, i’ll get you some common guides to get an idea VPN service for torrent

1, Go with offshore provider

the company located in the major western world is NOT good for torrent, because they have to follow the DMCA, especially countries like US and UK, they give out your IP on request. you should go with countries like China, Netherland etc…

2, Use specific countries server

Only a few countries’ datacenter in this planet allow their servers for torrent use, like Netherland and Sweden etc… if your provider allow torrent, it must means allow torrent on specific servers, NOT ALL SERVERS, they will ban you if you use torrent on the servers not allow torrent, you should check with your provider before you buy it.

3, Use SSL VPN to torrent

there are a few VPN protocals in the market, PPTP,L2TP,OpenVPN,SSTP and Cisco IPsec , only OpenVPN and SSTP are SSL based VPN, SSL VPN means higher security and higher encryption , your ISP and the 3rd part company can’t know what are you doing, they can suspect but have no evidence


The above is the common guides on finding your best VPN service for torrent, i suggest you contact the provider first, and tell them what you gonna do with their service, they will give you suggestion on their own, it is a better way to understand the service. we also have a best torrent VPN service provider page, you can check it and don’t forget come back and leave VPN reviews of the providers you tried