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How a private VPN server can save the day for business

So you have a business with multiple locations across your state. Each location has several workstation computers that keep a customer-facing operation afloat. The demand of maintaining software and updates for a couple hundred workstations can eat up company revenue. The manpower needed to send technicians to and from one location as software needs develop can be offset by investing in a private VPN service server for your business. In fact, a private VPN server can really save the day – and your profits.

You see, a VPN (virtual private network) is a type of network that uses a host server to securely connect two or more computers and to facilitate remote control of those machines from a distance. Picture this in application as a method by which a single technician, connected via private VPN network to all the workstations in your operation, can log-in to one specific workstation across the state, and install needed software. Likewise, the same technician could remove malware, viruses, or recovery lost or recycle-binned files crucial to your business.

Purchasing and installing a private VPN server addresses the fact that about 90% of all routine computer issues are software based. There is really no need to pay for travel to and from one location in your operation, just for the sake of some software. Short of a total operating system failure, a technician can fix practically anything that arises in a computer anywhere on your network with the help of a private VPN server.

If security is a concern, there is good news in this area as well. Multiple encryption and other security methods are available on private VPN servers. Even if your network suffered an attempted compromise, the encrypted information would only be “understandable” from one machine being hosted by the VPN to another, and would appear unintelligible to a third-party.

A private VPN server also allows you to access information stored in company computers from home, and vice versa. Using this aspect of the technology, you can have a technician “on call” at all times if your business runs round the clock and demands that all workstations are up and running at all times. The technician would simply need to be available to field emails or phone calls from his or her laptop, and respond to issues as they arise. As a business owner yourself, you may find that you’d like to have the same setup on your own laptop.

Modern businesses hinge upon computers to stay in operation. Transactions, manufacturing, recordkeeping, designing, and typing are all essential to an assortment of business. The computers that you rely on to perform those needed functions are always prone to the occasional software glitch or virus. It can rapidly become costly to send a tech every time a piece of software goes haywire. By purchasing and installing a private VPN for your enterprise, you can streamline the troubleshooting and repair of workstations across your whole business.

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