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HotSpotVPN is a pure VPN service with your privacy at the core of it’s business model. HotSpotVPN does not un-encrypt your data for advertisers or provide VPN service as a means to sell you other services.

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Customer Reviews

4 Reviews to “HotSpotVPN”
  1. some guy says:

    Got it, chose the 11.88 a month plan. seems to be working pretty well so far, no problems, my IP is hidden, my traffic is encrypted, and I haven’t lost too much speed.

  2. John says:

    Trying out the week plan of their PPTP VNN-1 service.

    Works fine, although a few times per day my connection gets dropped and I have to reconnect.

    Speed for the most part is just fine. But a few times per day sites won’t load…but if I disconnect from Hotspot VPN and refresh the browser page, the site loads fine.

    A few times sites just get stuck loading and I end up turning off the VPN software.

    I like how they offer 3 day signup, week signup, month signup, etc.

    I was thinking of signing up and leaving the VPN on all the time, but I’m finding that is too much of a pain when browsing and finding a site doesn’t load or Hulu doesn’t work.

    Quick email tech support is a plus.

  3. Debbi says:

    Not much in the way of support – can’t even access my account online to see when my year expires. Doesn’t get along well with Skype (hotspot2 must open before Skype, which means you can’t keep Skype running). And you can’t select where you want to connect through – it picks for you, and since it sometimes picks the UK, sites which require you to be in US don’t work. That said, it works well in China, and I have never had any issues unlike many of my friends with other VPN’s. I’ll probably renew.

  4. Steve says:

    I am sorry I tried to use this company, if it is not an insult to other companies to call Hotspotvpn a company. I had signed up on a Friday for a 1-month subscription because I needed it for work while travelling that weekend. It didn’t work for that weekend when I needed it the most.

    I emailed them and they said they were down for maintenance at the time I signed up. Lot of good that did me!

    Then, I see a charge on my bank statement from something called 2cocom, which I don’t recognize. I try to find out what it is for, but 2cocom (which is a payment processing company) has no information on which company they are providing the billing service for unless I have an order number, which I don’t have because Hotspotvpn has not sent me anything. (I am assuming this is from Hotspot because it is for $8.88, the exact amount of their 1-month subscription.)

    One month later, there is another charge from 2cocom for the same amount. Emailed Hotspot again to complain and asked for them to refund both charges, as I had not gotten the use from the first weekend when I really needed it. They emailed back with “sorry it did not work out for you” and refunded for one month only.

    These people are not professional and I do not recommend using them.

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