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  • Hide your IP while you’re on-line
  • Access all content without censorship; bypass firewalls
  • Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices and ISP hubs.

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Customer Reviews

44 Reviews to “Hotspot Shield”
  1. Andrew says:

    Straight off the bat, I work for AnchorFree which publishes Hotspot Shield.
    Like solutions, for anything we are not for everybody but our technology is robust and the service is free and we are committed to keeping a free version that allows anyone regardless of location to be secure, private (even from us) and uncensored. If you are in the UAE, or China, or Saudi Arabia you should still be able to be free to choose what you view, or read, or how you communicate. A great benefit is that we enable voip where certain countries may block it. This way your skype account will work in the Middle, or Far East.
    We make money by selling ads. We do not ever sacrifice your privacy or security for any reason as we do this, nor do we allow adware or spyware to enter the system.
    In this way, we can enable people to be online without fear of identity theft, tracking by large search engines, or censorship.
    All feedback welcom.

  2. hlh says:

    I was able to connect to their server until just before Christmas, now it doesn’t work in China. A lot of advertisement, even reload your current web page so you loose your data.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Andrew,

    What is the approximate volume of your users? What is the maximum speed we can achieve by using Hotspot Shield?

  4. Renel says:

    Hotspot shield was the best program before they implemented the Flooding of advertisement. Unfortunately, it sucks right now


  5. Mr. Rourke says:

    I am on a job site in Oman for the next 6 months and up until I found this site I was not able to speak with my wife through skype. Just to be able to see my wife and talk to her for the next 6 months make this program well worth any add that may pop up. Thanks hot spot shield for enabling me to talk to my wife and children via skype.

  6. anonymous says:

    disconnects too much, about every 5 minutes. And that’s the way it works, not worth it even if it’s free. Fix that and it will be great.

  7. Vijay says:

    I have used U995 before using Hotspotshield. When compared with the above I can rate hotspot a rank above it. But however I am just worried about the safety..can anyone help me on this..
    The major disadvantages with all these programs is that it gets disconnected often..

  8. misty says:

    i like hotspot shield because without it i could not talk to my family while i am stationed overseas however after i downloaded i could not check my aol email and that is really aggravating and i can’t figure out how to fix it. i have uninstall it to check my mail then install it again to call my family.

  9. webmind says:

    You can use Hotspot Shield for free and get disconnected every few minutes, threatening the very security you are trying to attain, or just pay about $13 a month for great, fast, uninterrupted service. You choose.

  10. Bala says:

    Help me to view netflix, while i’m in canada… Didn’t disconnected me so far.. I like it.. Security wise, no clue…..

  11. jomama says:

    I’ve used it a long time and find it satisfactory except for one thing. After installing Sygate Firewall and not giving it permission to access the net and even tho it was disconnected, regular internet access was denied.

  12. Maneken says:

    Hi guys, just wanna say alitlebit about Hotspot shield.
    I tested alot of free or trial versions of Vpn and this 1 is best.
    Its freeware and spyware free software, some ppl dont like have adds broadcasted on browser but that is posible to remove with firefox and with anti ads extension.
    If you have guys problem with slow connection just try to disconnect and connect again while trying to get fast bandwith check everytime your connection with speedtest.net.
    Anyway, kudos to guys which made this vpn 🙂

  13. jazzman says:

    I use Hotspot Shield to watch Hulu, which is USA only, from the UK. Works fine with no disconnections at all.

  14. Jacuzzi says:

    Use firefox with Addblockplus and this program will allow you to surf fast and anonymous.
    It is the best free vpn I could find so far and it enables me to visit a lot of websites I could not access before.

    I recommend it to everyone.
    I tested my anonymity with several programs and they all had positive test results, but if some of you have insight on how anonymous this program makes your surfing please share.

  15. Brent D says:

    I installed Hotspot Shield to access Netflix and other streaming sites from Japan. Even if the application works for hiding your IP address, the sites can still recognize that I am not in the USA. Not sure if it ever worked at all, unless it is designed specifically as an advertisement delivery mechanism for bringing Internet activity to a crawl.

  16. Brent D says:

    A follow up to my review in which I said that the only thing Hotspot Shield did for me was deliver advertisements and slow down my Internet connection. Well, it continued providing similar service even AFTER I uninstalled it. Hotspot Shield had rendered almost useless both of my browsers, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Rather than listing the symptoms, I will tell you how I fixed it: System Restore! So far, it seems that restoring my system to the point it was BEFORE I installed Hotspot Shield has erased all signs of the application. Please be warned: stay away from Hotspot Shield.

  17. Auser says:

    I used to use HotSpot Shield all the time on my old Powerbook. I got a new Macbook Pro and it no longer works at all. Many other people have complained about it not working in Snow Leopard even though the site says it does. I have tried emailing AnchorFree many times about the problem and they never respond and don’t seem to care at all. So I am really disappointed with this service

  18. Indian says:

    Hotpot shield is the #1….. THE BEST VPN I have ever seen…. I have never been let down by this software..it’s free and AWESOME…I use it daily and I have not got any problem till date…I recommend everybody to use it…. THIS SOFTWARE ROCKS!!!!! TRUST ME I swear on god its the best free VPN out there ;)…..

  19. Bob Snob says:

    Hotspot worked for about 2 weeks in Saudi Arabia and then got blocked and stopped working while I was there. It seems that its activity was somehow traced and the ability to connect was blocked.

  20. Crunchy says:

    I’m American and have recently moved overseas to Poland….really glad I found this program! So far so good! There is a banner with an ad, which you can click the X on to make disappear, but pffft; who cares? It changes your homepage to theirs but it’s one click to switch back. I can’t speak to support but I gave them 5 stars anyways, because without the shield I couldn’t rock Pandora or Hulu. Thanks shield guys/gals:):):)!!

  21. babu says:

    what about oman? hotspot shield doesn’t working in oman last one weeks. Please help me there are any latest or different verision? If anyone know plzz let me know.


  22. eer says:

    Hotspot shield sux big time…it reloads the current page to their ads..and lots of damn ads over the page..i also lost my network access after i removed it..and had to waste big time to restore

  23. DamnedDisappointed says:

    Never actually got it to connect before it trashed my system. Had to format my hard drive to remove all the crap it left in its wake… BEWARE of this one, it is far more terrifying that the bad boys when it takes a nose dive! I think that it completely corrupted my XP pro registry when it croaked because I found hundreds of pieces of it all over the registry when I tried to remove it after it failed to install.

  24. jo says:

    I can’t even type in a ip address to access web pages, everything goes directly to anchor free web pages, with no other possible ways to obtain other web pages. I’ve tried everything. Congratulations, you have made the internet completely worthless. Hotspot shield infuriates me. I don’t mind advertisements on free software but with Anchor Free, I am only anchored to their website.

  25. pokerztattoos says:

    As previous posters have mentioned, BEWARE of these guys. They take over. Even after uninstalling their crap is invasive. You are stuck with their page and search engine. As someone mentioned…system restore(if you can). What a serious pain..big regrets for EVER installing this $^%#.

  26. Alyson says:

    So, I’m pretty sure this is from Hotspot Shield, because since I’ve downloaded it Internet Explorer pops up every ten minutes, and won’t close unless I open my task manager and close it. It plays a video as well, which is pretty annoying when I’m watching other things. Besides this pop up, its been working pretty well. If anyone knows how to make IE stop popping up in a new window, the feedback would be really appreciated.

  27. Daron says:

    I am currently with one of the most expensive VPN providers out there.. and just found this software today.
    So far so good, it seems to work fine on my MacBook Pro on OS X Lion — speed is fine so far. I don’t see any ads at the moment because I use Firefox with the Adblock extension.

    However, I will have to test it further, because my main concern at this point is SAFETY and ANONYMITY. Not to mention I haven’t restarted my computer yet, and only used it for a few hours.

    Even though their privacy policy says they don’t collect personal information about the users, I highly doubt it because they provide a FREE service (seems impossible or… at the very least “sketchy”, these days).

  28. Giggs says:

    The software tries to take control of your browser, to replace google search by a crappy
    search engine of their own, to flood you with intrusive adds (including audio adds that continue even after you close the window). In addition, the positive reviews above seem way to good and unspecific to be trusted.

    This is evil, pure and simple. Remove it from your computer
    as fast as you can if you made the mistake of installing it

  29. Jooge says:

    I just downloaded this and it seems to be working fine w/o any of the problems that have been mention by the other users. As far as the comments made about it installing a crappy browser and such, it is COMPLETELY optional. You can opt out of it before you install the software

  30. Green Lantern says:

    Hotspot Shield is very slow from Europe. It cuts my Internet connecection from normally 20’000 Mbps down to 2’800 at best. Add to that it disconnects frequently causing TV programs to have to be restarted. It is a serious pain. And I’m paying for their supposedly faster Elite version. If it worked it would be worth the fee.

  31. Orjan says:

    Lovely. It only installed halfways, then the installer crashed. Upon restart, it had replaced my search engine and filled my registry and network settings with crap. The uninstaller did not work (probably because of the crash), so I tried remove everything from registry. No success. The network adapters are all still listed with hotspot shield extensions. Tried to uninstall them to, with no luck (they kept reappearing). I now have a computer full of hickups and crashing browsers, thanks to hotspotshield. My recommendation: NEVER EVER EVER install this software!

  32. Wikus van de Merwe says:

    Installed it on my Macbook (pro 17″ 2.8 Ghz). All my browsers work fine with it (and I have a lot of them). Live in Amsterdam. Speed is very good. I have a Pandora.com account. Doesn’t work in Europe. Now, with Hotspot Shields it does! I am a frequent bittorrent user. Since ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is getting real now I want to fly under the radar. I hope this app will help protecting me a bit. Any comments on that, Andrew?

  33. Rahman Khan says:

    I tried accessing Netflix via Hotspot (as my address on Hotspot is outside US)and it gave me the following message. I have a valid Netflix account in Canada

    Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country… yet
    Enter your name and email address below
    and we’ll email you when Netflix is available.

    Please advise.

  34. Kevin says:

    I am in Europe. I use HSS since a couple of days and can’t complain. Fair speed, some issues with Skype videocalls disconnecting and 90% of the time i get an IP from California. I launch the connection from Internet Explorer, once it is connected I close IE and launch Firefox with adblockplus. No ads and down speed is reasonable (1Mbps average) while upload is very slow (max 400 Kbps) – anyway it’s totally free.

  35. Wayne says:

    I started using the Free version and it worked fine from Australia to the USA
    and from Thailand to Australia and USA,I get just over 1 meg downloads with the the free version. Thats pretty good for veiwing a few ads. You really shouldnt block them cos these guys need to make a buck to give us the service.
    Tried out the Elite version on a short try and was getting 5megs to the USA from Australia. Signged up for 12 months worth every cent.

  36. chris says:

    I’ve bought HS so I can download torrents securely but when ever I try my speeds are slow it’s just not worth bothering with.

  37. Rachel says:

    I was really pleased with Hotspot Shield until recently. About a month ago, their speed tanked. Now, it’s pretty much useless. I can connect and stay connected but the speed is so terrible it’s useless. Nothing is watchable, skype doesn’t function, and forget streaming any audio. I don’t know what was changed where, but I wish they could straighten it out. It was a fabulous service up until now. I’d even considered moving up to their paid for service until this moment. Now there doesn’t seem to be a point.

  38. shipdog7 says:

    Only been using it here in the USA for about a week now. Everything works fine. I use Chrome and Firefox along with Adblock. No ads or popups. Speed seems to be the same as before. Version 2.53
    I can’t seem to find out if their is a monthly cap on the bandwidth. Anyone know?

  39. John Wootton says:

    I have only been a member for two months and have been very happy with the service, Excellent value.


  40. mevsyou says:

    I almost feel like anyone writing such positive reviews about this piece of $@&% program must be getting paid by hotspot shield to do so. this program caused me nothing but problems on BOTH the computers that I installed it on (even after removing it as many others have mentioned). when I googled the problem, it is clear that many others have been having the same problems and are trying to find answers about how to now make their computers work as normal. To top it off, I even had a PAID VERSION so it is not just the free version that will screw you up I’m afraid. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  41. Tim Dwornick says:

    I installed Hotspot Shield Elite about 8 months ago, my honest review of this software is that it is not functional (should NOT have been released into the marketplace) and to make up for that defect, it has been fraudulently marketed (Anchorfree has immorally taken money for their non-functional product)….

    I bought the product to find and fix the leaks in my online privacy, and to maintain a VPN so my actual IP address isn’t identified…..it turns out that this isn’t an actual “product”, it’s a “kit”! Hotspot Shield reveals my actual IP address many times per day (randomly, usually though it defaults to whatever country I’m in as opposed to the one I’ve selected with the software), and allows malware into my computer (trovi for one!)…..

    a “kit”? hmmm…. well, don’t expect Hotspot Shield to fix privacy or IP issues,,,,that’s why they have you and me as customers, to fix their product and make it work! I’m not a computer guy (I’m a high paid goldsmith) who REQUIRES a credit card number from Hotspot Shield tech support for any work I must do on their behalf) (why on earth would I not be paid for my time to make Anchorfree’s product work….I asked tech support to make it work and tech guy wanted ME (wtf?) to click things?….he’s getting paid, we (customers) pay his wages)

    btw, did you notice how the onus to make the product work has shifted from Anchorfree to you or me, their customer? As the customer, if you or I don’t pick up the phone or email the supplier (Anchorfree) for instructions on how to make THEIR product work,,,,then it’s YOUR/MY FAULT that the product doesn’t work.

    My review….Hotspot Shield is a non-functional product if you are looking for online privacy and security. It fails constantly, and erratically seems to “look the other way” when a website wants to know what country I’m in. Web pages do load slower, and sometimes they just won’t load at all. If privacy and security are important to you, and you are risking a lot to be online in your country (to quote Andrew above…UAE, or China, or Saudi Arabia), then for gawd’s sake, DO NOT trust Hotspot Shield to protect you!

    Before clicking “Submit Your Review”, let’s check again…..yup, there it is again…..Hotspot Shield Elite is set on United States, I just clicked “Test Protection” and I’m in Canada! THAT is what prompted me to spend so much time writing this review….and to remind you that HotSpot Shield has a user forum and tech support pages. Check them out….and while you ponder the endless lists of problems, please consider this…..why on earth does one piece of software require sooooo many users to submit soooo many help requests? Anchorfree has spent a massive amount of time and money here…the number of questions and users and splashy tech support website in itself indicates the product does not work right out of the box…

    Hotspot Shield is dangerous if you require privacy and security, it’s a waste of time and money if you require less.

  42. altera says:

    Andrew says:

    June 9, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    Straight off the bat, I work for AnchorFree which publishes Hotspot Shield.
    Like solutions, for anything we are not for everybody but our technology is robust and the service is free and we are committed to keeping a free version that allows anyone regardless of location to be secure, private (even from us) and uncensored. If you are in the UAE, or China, or Saudi Arabia you should still be able to be free to choose what you view, or read, or how you communicate. A great benefit is that we enable voip where certain countries may block it. This way your skype account will work in the Middle, or Far East.
    We make money by selling ads. We do not ever sacrifice your privacy or security for any reason as we do this, nor do we allow adware or spyware to enter the system.
    In this way, we can enable people to be online without fear of identity theft, tracking by large search engines, or censorship.
    All feedback welcom.

    not all of this statement is true, for a start its not free if you pay for the yearly subscription. If your using an add network does that not open the potential for security breaches, (my anti virus demand I uninstall this app from my phone)

    On my PC when I downloaded and paid for hss elite the GOSAVE virus came with it! Took me a lot of work and research to get rid of that little sweetener.

    Another major point is when hss looses its connection and the message “your data is not secure”, does that mean you have just revealed our IP address to the sites we are browsing as there is no indication of a “net traffic blocker” function when the connection is fails?

    For a security application that is unacceptable is it not, we can look but at a site but the chances are when hss goes down, (which happens so often) that site will have our IP revealed to them!

    Can you at least clarify the issue about blocking net traffic when the vpn connection fails in the middle of an session?

  43. altera says:

    I think I stand corrected, after some more use on the mobile app I do believe net traffic is stopped if the connection is broken at any time. I hope I am right in saying that as it is a great relief, a must security wise. Thank you.

    The pc version has been great after the initial “nightmare” of gosave but it has been reliable on the hole. The mobile app I am disappointed in due to the add networks and data access they have. I realise you need to fund the app but that’s a killer for me, (especially as some of us are paid up members)

    Hopefully with more subscribers you’ll come out with something that can stand on its own rights.

    Thank you

  44. Tim says:

    Here’s an update to my earlier review, after Hotspot Shield has done a few updates already….

    My earlier review is accurate and still maintains credibility. Hotspot Shield is a false product that does not work, and did not work from day one, it’s an attempt by amateurs that probably endangers clients in freedom of speech restricted countries….

    The latest version of Hotspot Shield shows the world that I am in the UK, but the software itself is set on “United States”, and I’ve not taken it off that setting in months.

    How about it Hotspot Shield…..how about putting your money where your fraudulent mouth is? (The CEO I mean, the desk where the buck stops!) My real life, empirical evidence shows Hotspot Shield is not working and never did….how about putting out an update which simply refunds $ to your clients? And how about the CEO taking a stand an letting some of the amateur children go and stop pretending to be a real software business because it’s insulting to professionals to pretend to be one of them.

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